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Season 4

91 :04x01 - The Brothers

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Guest Stars: Hal Baylor as Corporal Jobie | Fred Carson as Cut Hand | Myron Healey as Sgt. Cohane | Henry Hunter as Defense Attorney | Jess Kirkpatrick as Marshal Dawes | Robert Lansing as Matt Denning | Loyal T. Lucas as Gunny | Andrew Prine as Will Denning | Bill Quinn (1) as Prosecutor | Stuart Randall (1) as Judge Clayborn | Kurt Russell as Andy Denning | Jan Shepard as Ellen Denning | Brad Weston as Private
Director: Anton Leader
Writer: Dick Nelson

92 :04x02 - Day of the Scorpion

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Guest Stars: John Anderson (1) as Adam Tercell | Tim Donnelly as Tippy | Edward Faulkner as Proctor | Harold Gould as Lacey | Jon Locke as Abel Tercell | Sean McClory as Cobb | John McLiam as John Pierce | Maura McGiveney as Reagan Tercell
Director: Robert Butler
Writer: Don Ingalls

93 :04x03 - A Little Learning

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Guest Stars: Harry Townes as Cal Beesom | Dub Taylor as Walt Cooper | Albert Salmi as Rafe Simmons | Bruce Dern as Bert Kramer | Alice Frost as Mrs. Kolbey | Craig Huxley as Kenny Beesom | George Kirgo as Bartender | Susan Oliver (1) as Martha Perry | Ed Prentiss as Warden | Dave Willock as Hank Jessop

94 :04x04 - The Claim

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Guest Stars: Don 'Red' Barry as Man | Darlene Enlow as unknown | Strother Martin as Finley | Jackie Russell as Irmetta | William Shatner as Luke Milford

95 :04x05 - The Awakening

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Guest Stars: Ford Rainey as Claypool | Jack Lambert (1) as Pine | John Doucette as Calder | Glenn Corbett as David Henderson | Virginia Christine as Mrs. Claypool
Director: Leon Benson

96 :04x06 - Ring of Silence

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Guest Stars: Edward Binns as McCormick | Pepe Callahan as Manuelo | Royal Dano as Daniels | Joe De Santis as Juan Pablo | Earl Holliman as Wiley | John Hoyt as Mr. Marshall | Norman Leavitt as Ragpicker | Perry Lopez as Shotgun | Kevin Tate as Young Boy | Joyce Van Patten as Mary Stewart | Guy Wilkerson as Jackson City Sheriff | Heather Ames as Lisa | Joe Price (1) as Bartender

97 :04x07 - Jennifer

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Guest Stars: James MacArthur as Johnny Bradford | Hal Needham as Bounty Hunter | Michael Stanwood as Deputy | Boyd Stockman as Stagecoach Driver

98 :04x08 - Nobility of Kings

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Guest Stars: Russ Bender as Doc Linell | Charles Bronson as Ben Justin | Edward Faulkner as Andy Proctor | George Kennedy as Tom 'Bear' Suchette | Robert P. Lieb as Mr. Howell | Lois Nettleton as Mary Justin | Robert Random as Will Justin | Davis Roberts as Stationmaster | Vito Scotti as Gilly | James Sikking as Sanders | Charles McDaniel as Harper the Storekeeper |
Uncredited: John Mitchum as Bartender

99 :04x09 - Show Me a Hero

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Guest Stars: Richard Beymer as Frank Colter | Lane Bradford as Deke | Douglas Fowley as Sheriff Ben Tolliver | John Harmon (1) as Trivett | Rex Holman as Lonny | Sherry Jackson as Lois Colter | Ken Lynch as Philip Leland | Mort Mills as Bert Devlin | John Mitchum as Sam the Bartender | Leonard Nimoy as Keith Bentley | Lee Patterson as Midge Conway | Hinton Pope as 1st Townsman | Sue Randall as Sarah Bentley | Russ Whiteman as 2nd Townsman
Director: Leon Benson
Story: Alvin Boretz | Teleplay: Frank Chase

100 :04x10 - Beyond the Border

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Guest Stars: Chris Alcaide as Howard Heller | Michael Forest as Zach Wheeler | Thomas Gomez as Fedencio | Joe Mantell as Aaron | Gregg Palmer as Cal | Joan Staley as Maggie

101 :04x11 - The Dream of Stavros Karas

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Guest Stars: Louise Sorel as Eleni Niarcos | Michael Constantine as Stavros Karas | Russ Conway as Charley Cousins | Vicki Malkin as Sophie Karas | Joey Russo as Yanko Russo | John Anthony Hayes (1) as Sam Cousins

102 :04x12 - The Laramie Road

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Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Hezekiah | Margaret Blye as Velvet-Rose | Shug Fisher as Mr. Peterson | Leonard P. Geer as Ranch Hand | Berkeley Harris as Arnold 'Crouch' Hudkins | Jimmy Joyce as Bystander | Leslie Nielsen as Harry Lightfoot | Marge Redmond as Mary Clinchy | Rory Stevens as Timothy Clinchy | Harold Stone as Ev Clinchy

103 :04x13 - The Horse Fighter

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Guest Stars: Stuart Anderson as Stratton | Don Dubbins as Albi | Harry Guardino as Sam Willock | Nolan Leary as Doctor | Kelly Thordsen as Mace
Director: Anton Leader

104 :04x14 - Letter of the Law

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Guest Stars: James Best as Curt Westley | Davey Davison as Joan Westley | James Doohan as James Francis O'Bannion | David McLean (1) as Governor | Simon Oakland as Charles Sanders | Bryan O'Byrne as Caldwell | Paul Potash as Larry Chase | Ron Soble as Hoby Porter | Don Stewart as Kip Lathrop | William Tannen as Conductor | Michael Harris (2) as Drummer | Jack Pepper as Raymond Jerez

105 :04x15 - Blaze of Glory

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Guest Stars: Rayford Barnes as Smith | Hal Bokar as Stuart Kelly | Jim Boles as Henry Wirtz | Leif Erickson as Bill King | Joan Freeman as Judy King | John Mitchum as Bartender | Noam Pitlik as Bert March | Michael Sarrazin as Sam Coates | Karl Swenson as Ben Wallace

106 :04x16 - Nobody Said Hello

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Guest Stars: Steve Carlson as Davis Pritican | Frank Gerstle as Milt Shiffman | Virginia Grey as Laura Pritican | Wesley Lau as Mat McLain | John Mitchum as Bucky the Bartender | Jackie Russell as Saloon Girl | James Whitmore as Capt. Piper Pritican | Peter Whitney as Ansel Miller
Director: Alf Kjellin
Writer: Herb Meadow

107 :04x17 - Men with Guns

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Guest Stars: Peter Coe as Adrian | Coleen Gray as Pearl | Douglas Kennedy as Sheriff | William Phipps as Hans | Telly Savalas as 'Colonel' Bliss | Brenda Scott as Gina Larsen | Jeff Scott (1) as Wilber | Robert F. Simon as Eric Larsen | Buck Taylor as Lem Bliss | Andy Albin as Ernie
Director: Leon Benson

108 :04x18 - Long Ride to Wind River

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Guest Stars: Michael Burns (1) as Noah MacIntosh | John Cassavetes as Jonah MacIntosh | Richard Devon as Beamer | Robert Karnes as Hobey Kendall | Quinn Redeker as Benjy Davis | Carlos Rivas as The Indian leader | Pilar Seurat as Hapamawa | Dub Taylor as Runty Bojohn
Director: Paul Henreid
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

109 :04x19 - Chaff in the Wind

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Guest Stars: Ed Begley as Micah Ellis | Tony Bill as Clipper Ellis | Lonny Chapman as Clemmet Ellis | James Kline as Laramie Townsman | Linda Lawson as Becky Ellis | John Mitchum as Bartender | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Poker Player | John Pickard (2) as Sheriff in Laramie
Director: Herman Hoffman
Writer: Joy Dexter

110 :04x20 - The Inchworm's Got No Wings at All

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Guest Stars: Lou Antonio as Niles | Anthony Caruso as Pa Tait | Angela Clarke (2) as Ma Tait | Ed Deemer as Evans | Jack Dodson as Henry Brodie | Stacey Gregg as Marcy Tait | Gregg Palmer as Peters | Michael Stanwood as Jennings
Story: Allan Sloane | Teleplay: Herman Miller

111 :04x21 - Morgan Starr

After being elected territorial governor, Judge Garth bypasses the Virginian and selects a man named Morgan Starr to run Shiloh.
Guest Stars: Paul Birch as Mack Lewis | Roy Engel as Wingate | Edward Faulkner as Proctor | Pitt Herbert as Telegrapher | Ken Mayer as McDuff | George Mitchell as Noah MacMillan | Peggie Castle as Melissa | L.Q. Jones as Beldon | Frank Sully as Waiter | Brad Weston as Ben | Buck Young as Walker
Director: Anton Leader

112 :04x22 - Harvest of Strangers

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Guest Stars: Rick Arnold (1) as Fourth Metis | John Anderson (1) as Jeremiah Chilton | Val Avery as Jim Sunderland | Émile Genest as Brule | John Dehner as Morgan Starr | Geoffrey Horne as Regan | Eddie Little Sky as Cut Knife | Robert P. Lieb as Stacey | Fabrizio Mioni as Jean | Stuart Nisbet as Bartender | Willard Sage as Charlie Davis | Jan Shepard as Connie Burns | Vince St. Cyr as Third Metis | Barbara Turner De Hubp as Louise Devers

113 :04x23 - Ride a Cock-Horse to Laramie Cross

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Guest Stars: Fred Carson as Indian Leader | Steve Gravers as Valera | John Harmon (1) as Barman | Harry Harvey as Horatio | Myron Healey as Lomax | Rance Howard as Luka | Ken Lynch as Johnson | Alex Montoya as Dom | Nita Talbot as Melinda | William Tannen as Ely
Director: Anton Leader

114 :04x24 - One Spring Like Long Ago

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Guest Stars: Martine Bartlett as Margaret McKinley | Clive Clerk as Tonka | John Dehner as Morgan Starr | Eduard Franz as Two Hawks | Warren Oates as Bowers | Charles Seel as The Store Proprietor | Vince St. Cyr as 1st Guard | Garry Walberg as Harry Weatherby | John War Eagle as High Sun
Director: Herman Hoffman

115 :04x25 - The Return of Golden Tom

A legendary outlaw, paroled after 30 years in prison, returns to Medicine Bow to see the daughter he's never met.
Guest Stars: Kimberly Beck as Laura Tedler | Larry J. Blake as Keel | Marvin Brody as Fat Jim Potter | Dee Carroll as Sarah Tedler | Linden Chiles as Ira Lom | Med Flory as Ingram | Ross Hagen as Stacy | Jean Inness as Widow Hazard | Victor Jory as Tom Brant | Don Keefer as Ross Tedler | Dennis McCarthy as Frank Shaw | Dee Pollock as Willie Cade | Kelly Thordsen as Amos Coe
Director: Anton Leader

116 :04x26 - The Wolves Up Front, the Jackals Behind

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Guest Stars: Michael J. Pollard as Georgie Sam | James Farentino as Frank Colby | Jay C. Flippen as Pa Colby | Peggy Lipton as Dulcie Colby | Donnelly Rhodes as Ben Colby | Bing Russell as Donovan | Jack Ragotzy as Billy Nolan

117 :04x27 - That Saunders Woman

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Guest Stars: Stuart Anderson as Billy Conklin | Tol Avery as Rutledge | Douglas Henderson as Jenkins | Sheree North as Della Saunders | Stuart Randall (1) as Judge Franklin | Stephen Roberts as Alfred Krebs | Victoria Albright (1) as Diane Ballinger
Director: William Hale
Story: Edward de Blasio | Teleplay: Don Brinkley

118 :04x28 - No Drums, No Trumpets

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Guest Stars: Julie Adams as Marian Clay | Barry Atwater as Senator Mills | Eric Braeden as Augustin | Eduardo Ciannelli as Father Carlo | Edward Colmans as Governor Delgado | Richard Devon as Ed Beal | Michael Fox as General Howard | Rex Holman as Harmon | Mark Miranda as Golindo | Leslie Nielsen as Cleve Mason | David Renard as Barrega
Director: Arthur H. Nadel

119 :04x29 - A Bald-Faced Boy

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Guest Stars: Royal Dano as Uncle Dell Benton | Andrew Duggan as James Claiborne | Harold Fong as Cook | Kay E. Kuter as Razz Benton | Kent McCord as Hotel Clerk | Barry O'Hara as Bartender | Andrew Prine as Brett Benton | Michael Stanwood as Peck Benton | Karen Jensen as Gloria Claiborne |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Scott (1) as Man
Director: Earl Bellamy

120 :04x30 - The Mark of a Man

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Guest Stars: Brooke Bundy as Susan McDevitt | Jon Locke as 1st Man | Stuart Nisbet as Tolliver | John McLiam as Eben McDevitt | Richard LePore as Will Rountree | Barry Primus as Johnny Younce | Bill Quinn (1) as Doctor Stanton | Milton Stark as Man | Harold Stone as Jake | Irene Tedrow as Gran McDevitt | CeCe Whitney as Georgia | Jean Willes as Lily |
Uncredited: Dick Shane as unknown
Director: Anton Leader
Warning: The Virginian guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Premiere: September 19, 1962
Ended: September 08, 1971
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