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The Family Tree - Recap

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When Verdie decides to learn more about her family history, she turns to Jason for help. Unsure why she turned to him for help, Jason asks Grandpa how he should go about helping her.

When Jason and Grandpa take Verdie to the county courthouse to find any information about her family, it appears that she arrived at a dead end when the woman refuses to help them in their search. It is at this point that, with the help of Grandpa; that Verdie learns the woman’s family owned her grandparents and that there was a detailed history about her family, including a painting of her grandfather when he was a baby.

Back home, Elizabeth decides to help with the war effort by writing to a soldier. Unfortunately, in her letters, she lies about her age and lets the soldier think she is 18, only to have him come to the mountain, where he soon learns her secret. After things get cleared up, Elizabeth and the soldier agree to stay friends and to continue their correspondence.

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