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The Innocents - Recap

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When Olivia and Cindy find out that J.D. doesn't have a day care center for the children of the women working for him, they quickly organize a center at home when the boss tells them he has no intention of opening a center to care for them. Things go well for a while, but when one of the children wonders over to the mill and turns the saw on; John puts his foot down and tells Olivia that all the children they are watching aren’t safe with all the dangerous equipment around.

However, upon learning that J.D. turned an empty hall into a tavern for his male workers; Olivia goes to the tavern and confronts him about his actions. Backed by the plant’s workers, Olivia tells J.D. that if he lets them use the tavern part-time for a day care center, then his workers will get back to their jobs at his plant. When he realizes Olivia won’t back down, J.D consents and lets the Walton women use the tavern during the day.

Back home, wanting to surprise Corabeth with special anniversary dinner, asks Rose to give him dance lessons for that night. However, when Corabeth sees them together, she thinks that Ike is having an affair with another woman and decides to leave him. When he asks her to go tell Aimee about her plans, Corabeth soon learns that all of what Ike has been doing was for their anniversary dinner. After being surprised, Corabeth and Ike ultimately enjoy their special night.

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Warning: The Waltons season 8 episode 5 guide may contain spoilers
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