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The Last Ten Days - Recap

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While Toni is visiting the Baldwin sisters, Corabeth calls to inform them about Jason returning home. Excited about his return, Toni rushes over to the Walton's to welcome home. However, things get sticky between them when Toni proposes to him and Jason is hesitant to accept for fear of going overseas again, causing her to break up with him.

In addition Jason having relationship problems with Toni, Elizabeth and Drew begin having their own. Wanting to join the Air Core, Elizabeth starts to tell him he is being immature about wanting to fight a war that is almost done and begins to wonder whatever she begin to saw in him. After getting some advice from Rose, Drew and Elizabeth are able to patch up their relationship.

Meanwhile, John and Cindy begin to worry a lot about Ben, due to the news about the atomic bombs being dropped in Hiroshima. However, when Ben and the other POW's are brought over to a hut and given shovels, they begin to wonder if they have to dig their own graves; but ultimately one of their captors gives up to Ben, after leading them to safety.

Ultimately, the residents of Walton's Mountain listen to President Truman's radio message about Japan surrendering. While the Walton family is celebrating at home, Ben calls to let his family know about how he'll becoming home safely.

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Warning: The Waltons season 9 episode 7 guide may contain spoilers
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