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The Whirlwind - Recap

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When Jim Bob is on his way home to visit, he his is picked up by Jonesy, who is passing through Walton's Mountain. However, while they are driving on a winding road, the breaks on his car fails, causing Mary Ellen and Jason, who recently passed by, to come back and help them out. After taking Jonesy home with them, Jim Bob offers to fix Jonesy’s car as Mary Ellen cleans his injuries, and Ben offers him a job at the mill for the duration of his stay. It is during this time that Mary Ellen and the new man on the mountain fall in love and eventually decide to get married.

However, their plans are put on hold when a woman by the name of Betty stops by the Walton’s home to share with Mary Ellen news of Curt. Surprised to learn that her husband survived the attack on Pearl Harbor all those years ago, Mary Ellen is shocked to find out that Curt is alive and well, living with Betty in Florida. It is at this time that Mary Ellen decides to travel to Florida to see if what the woman is saying. As she is getting ready for her trip, Jonesy decides that it is time to leave and continues on his journey.

Meanwhile, Jason is back at home and has bought the Dew Drop Inn. Deciding to renovate and turn the place back into the roadhouse he remembered, Jason has a hard time trying to get his family to help him get things in order. It isn’t until the day before Jason re-opens the place that the family, and even Corabeth, comes to his rescue to get the Dew Drop opened in time. When the big night came, the re-opening of the Dew Drop Inn was successful, thanks to the help of the family, and Corabeth commended Jason for the nice atmosphere the place had.

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