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The Hostage - Recap

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When Mary Ellen is tending to a dying man in the mountains, she becomes surprised to learn that he plans to leave his house to his neighbor Job and allow him to marry his 14 year-old granddaughter Sissy; even though marrying a minor is illegal.

Upon the old man's death, Mary Ellen decides to take matters into her hands and bring Sissy home with her. After finding out what Marry Ellen has done, Job decides to go to the Walton home take Sissy back. However, after learning that neither Mary Ellen nor Sissy are there, Job decides to kidnap Elizabeth to teach Mary Ellen a lesson and to get Sissy back. After learning where Job has taken Elizabeth, the Walton's rescue her and she asks the sheriff to take it easy on her captor since he didn't hurt her and is able to help and convince Job to let Sissy to attend school.

Meanwhile, the Baldwin sisters are excited to find out that their cousin Octavia plans to visit them for several weeks. However, Ike is suspicious of her intentions when she arrives, especially when a chandelier she is fixing almost falls on the sisters and when the recipe machines blow up after she works on it. However, when Ike confronts Octavia about her actions, he learns her intentions were only to help her cousins, and ultimately asks her to cut her visit to the Baldwin sisters short and to leave on the next bus. It wasn't until after she leaves that the sisters say how much fun it was to have cousin Octavia visit them.

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