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The Revel - Recap

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As John Boy heads to New York City to find out how his new book is doing, his editor tells him the publisher doesn't plan to print it, since there are too many books like his in publication.

Slightly discouraged, John Boy decides to stay in the city to look for work. However, when he runs into an old friend, John Boy agrees to stay with him for awhile while he tries writing a new book as Mike looks for work for both of them in Hollywood.

However, things don't turn out good for John Boy; when he returns home from work one night, he finds Mike gone, leaving him to pay the rent. Unfortunately, when John Boy is unable to pay the rent, he gets evicted and has his typewriter stolen. Looking for help, he returns to his publisher, reluctantly telling them that he is unable finish his book, and is then given some money for a ticket to Walton's Mountain and advice about some of the recent choices he made in his life.

Meanwhile, as this is happening to John Boy, the Baldwin sisters begin to reminisce about their times at finishing school. When they decide on throwing a party to see their friends again, things begin to look bad when the majority their invitations return unopened. Not wanting the ladies to get discouraged, Ike tells them to continue with the party planning, and their mountain friends surprise them by attending the special party, with John Boy arriving in time to celebrate with his friends and family.

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