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The Wayans Bros. Episode Guide

37 :03x01 - Grandma's in the Hiz-House

First aired: Sep/04/1996
Writer: Phil Kellard
Director: Gerren Keith
Guest star: Marianne Muellerleile (Nurse), Ja'net DuBois (Grandma), Dionne Warwick (Mrs. Jackson), Jazsmin Lewis (Lena)

Shawn and Marlon invite Grandma to move in, but then plot to get her out.

38 :03x02 - Unbrotherly Love

First aired: Sep/11/1996
Writer: Josh Goldstein
Director: Scott Baio
Guest star: Tracey Costello (Allison), Radmar Agana Jao (Waiter), Monica Calhoun (Vanessa)

Shawn tries to make Marlon jealous when he's girlfriend dumps him for Marlon.

39 :03x03 - Movin' On Up

First aired: Sep/18/1996
Writer: Maiya Williams
Director: Scott Baio
Guest star: Jermaine Hopkins (Dupree), Ja'net DuBois (Grandma), Brett Miller (Guard), Brogan Roche (Fenton), Jill Matson-Sachoff (Jennifer), Phil Morris (Parker), Phill Lewis (T.C.)

Shawn falls in with a yuppie crowd, spurning his old pals from the 'hood and masquerading as a business executive, until Marlon sets out to downsize his ego.

40 :03x04 - Gots to Have a J.O.B.

First aired: Sep/25/1996
Writer: Devon Shepard
Director: Glynn Turman
Guest star: Terence Mathews (Lamar), Yolanda Snowball (Woman/Social Worker), Chris Edwards (Kid), Lucius (Anthony), Adam Labue (Darren), John Webber (Tom), Runi Rae Chavis (Jerrell), Kimberly Moss (Simone), Cynthia Calhoun (Jeaneenameme)

Marlon lands the lead in a series of malt-liquor commercials, but things start to brew when he portrays the ghetto stereotype.

41 :03x05 - Trippin'

First aired: Oct/02/1996
Writer: Buddy Johnson
Director: Rae Kraus
Guest star: Ja'net DuBois (Grandma), Sean Moran (Customer #2), J.J. Boone (Customer #3)

Marlon must decide between Shawn, Pops and Grandma who to bring on a vacation with him.

42 :03x06 - Drama for Yo' Mama

First aired: Oct/09/1996
Writer: Xavier R. Cook
Director: Scott Baio
Guest star: Carole Ita White (Ita), Meta Golding (Gina), Michael John (Photographer)

The brothers make up a family sob story and win $5,000 in a magazine's Wish of the Year contest, but they have to stage their performance when a reporter comes to check on the story.

43 :03x07 - Family Business

First aired: Oct/16/1996
Writer: Phil Beauman
Director: Glynn Turman
Guest star: Antonio Fargas (Nate)

When Uncle Nate parks his lunch truck across from Pops' diner taking away business.

44 :03x08 - An Officer and a Homegirl

First aired: Nov/06/1996
Writer: Maiya Williams
Director: Buzz Sapien
Guest star: Daryn Funches (Paramedic), Ahmad Reese (Jake), Devika Parikh (Natlie), Mitchell Marchand (Bartender)

Dee's sister, Natalie, thinks about giving up her career in the Air Force to be with Marlon.

45 :03x09 - The Return of the Temptones

First aired: Nov/13/1996
Writer: Robert Bruce
Director: Gary Halvorson
Guest star: Jeris Lee Poindexter (Dewey), Kene Holliday (Harold), Jazzmun (Albert/Alberta)

Pops reunites with his old singing group, The Temptones, to stage a comeback.

46 :03x10 - Going to the Net

First aired: Nov/20/1996
Writer: Dennis Snee
Director: Gary Halvorson
Guest star: Pam Grier (Erica), Ja'net DuBois (Grandma), Dominique Jennings (Ina), Steven Anthony Jones (Edgar), Brook Kerr (Hostess)

Marlon meets a young thrill-seeking women on the net and Shawn falls for an older woman.

47 :03x11 - Do the Wrong Thing

First aired: Nov/27/1996
Writer: Robert Bruce
Director: Rae Kraus
Guest star: Clement von Franckenstein (Dr. Zavius), Louisa Abernathy (Woman Customer), Steve Vinovich (Franco Bertacelli), Ja'net DuBois (Grandma), Nika Futterman (Assistant)

Shawn becomes Marlon's agent and begins demanding ridiculous things, so that Marlon receives the full star treatment.

48 :03x12 - Boyz in the Woods

First aired: Jan/08/1997
Writer: Phil Beauman
Director: Glynn Turman
Guest star: Keana Hall (Velvetta), Phill Lewis (T.C.), Jermaine Hopkins (Dupree)

The Williams family goes camping but Pops doesn't plan on spending "quality time" with babes in the woods.

49 :03x13 - Life Without Marlon

First aired: Jan/15/1997
Writer: Xavier R. Cook
Director: Terry McCoy
Guest star: Phill Lewis (T.C.), Jermaine Hopkins (Dupree)

Marlon wonders what life would be if he had never been born.

50 :03x14 - Unusual Suspects

First aired: Jan/22/1997
Writer: Buddy Johnson
Director: Buzz Sapien
Guest star: Joe Lisi (Officer), Angela Robinson (Desk Sergeant), Phill Lewis (T.C.), James Castle Stevens (Sweet Tooth Bandit)

When Marlon's apartment is burglarized, he suspects it's T.C., after rebuffing T.C.'s plea for a loan.

51 :03x15 - Goodbye Mr. Gibbs

First aired: Jan/29/1997
Writer: Josh Goldstein
Director: John Bowab
Guest star: Sandra Lafferty (Mrs. Gibbs), Ted Hayden (Mr. Gibbs), Bill Hollis (Pastor), Jermaine Hopkins (Dupree)

Shawn and Marlon pull a prank on a mean teacher from high school, but find themselves delivering the eulogy after haveing a heart attack at his retirement party.

52 :03x16 - Risky Bid-ness

First aired: Feb/05/1997
Writer: Robert Bruce
Director: Terri McCoy
Guest star: Lee Caldwell (Angela), Jack Plotnick (Ted), Erik Estrada (Himself), Jermaine Hopkins (Dupree), Bruce French (Mr. Peterman)

Shawn is hired at an ad agency but he feels punked when his boss takes credit for his slogan.

53 :03x17 - Pops' Secret

First aired: Feb/12/1997
Writer: Maiya Williams
Director: Glynn Turman
Guest star: Iona Morris (Carmella)

Shawn and Marlon suspect that Pops is seeing another woman, when they follow him to a posh hotel.

54 :03x18 - I Do...

First aired: Feb/19/1997
Writer: Maiya Williams
Director: John Bowab
Guest star: Bernie Mac (Shank), Reynaldo Rey (Preacher), Phill Lewis (T.C.), Melissa De Sousa (Charmaine), Michael Clarke Duncan (Big Mike), Jermaine Hopkins (Dupree)

A neighborhood bully forces Marlon to marry his sister.

55 :03x19 - Dee's Baby Daddy

First aired: Feb/26/1997
Writer: Maiya Williams
Director: Joel Zwick
Guest star: Kebe Dunn (Tracy), Jermaine Hopkins (Dupree), Donna M. Perkins (Nurse), Lorna Scott (Kate), James A. Watson, Jr. (Greg)

After delivering a baby, Dee starts thinking of having one herself.

56 :03x20 - The Black Widower

First aired: Apr/30/1997
Writer: Buddy Johnson, Robert Bruce
Director: Buzz Sapien
Guest star: Ja'net DuBois (Grandma), Adam West (Himself), Bill Cobbs (Fred Watson)

When Grandma is introduced to Fred, one of Pops friends it's a match made in heaven. Until Marlon and Shawn find out that he is a wanted murderer known as "The Black Widower"

57 :03x21 - Say It Ain't So Marlon

First aired: May/07/1997
Writer: Dennis Snee
Director: Buzz Sapien
Guest star: Zachary Eginton (Jerry), Kenny Lofton (Himself), Phill Lewis (T.C.), Orlando Brown (Charlie), Charles Walker (Sportscastor)

Marlon looks to even the score with Pro-baseball player, Kenny Lofton, who "ruined" his Little League career.

58 :03x22 - Marlon Goes On the Road

First aired: May/14/1997
Writer: Xavier R. Cook, Devon Shepard
Director: Glynn Turman
Guest star: Keith Sweat (Himself), Verda Bridges (Landlord), Jermaine Hopkins (Dupree), Thea Vidale (Big Mama), Phill Lewis (T.C.), Ja'net DuBois (Grandma)

Marlon lands a part in a national musical starring R&B singer Keith Sweat.