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The Charity Shop - Recap

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The episode begins with the mail being delivered and Hyacinth having her usually difficulties. First, she wants to make sure where her delivered letter comes from because she is weary of the tongues of strangers; and second, she complains because there is nothing from Sheridan. Then Hyacinth sees Richard off to work, and tries to convince him that wearing a bow tie is the key to his next promotion. Then she makes him carry his briefcase although he has nothing to carry. On his way to the car he says good morning to Liz, and she makes her way over to have a small chat, until she sees Hyacinth, who interjects immediately. She reminds Elizabeth that they are working at the charity shop that morning and to be ready at half nine.

Over to Onslow and Daisy’s, and Daisy trying to wake up Onslow to tell him that there is a woman in Daddy’s bedroom. She tells him she claims to be his fiancé, and adds that Hyacinth will go mad when she finds out, and she was right. Hyacinth promises to call in on the way, but forgot that Liz was driving her and in order to avoid Liz seeing Daisy’s house, she pretends that Daisy and Onslow live at a strangers home. With Elizabeth parked outside waiting Hyacinth makes her way to the stranger’s home, then slinks around the back, through the back yard, and amazingly over the wall! Down several alleys and lanes until she finally arrives. She quickly gets down to the business at hand and goes up to see this woman who claims to be Daddy’s fiancé.

Hyacinth, unable to get the woman out through reason, leaves the house and makes her way back to Elizabeth, who is still patiently waiting out front. Hyacinth makes a stop on the way, to visit the son of the woman in Daddy’s bedroom, and demands that he pick her up within the hour, but he is more than reluctant as he is happy to have finally got rid of her.

They then finally arrive at the charity shop. She chats away with her ‘friend’ Counsellor Mrs Nugent, and while checking the window display she spies Rose on her way towards the shop. She immediately dashes outside to thwart her advance and takes her bag of belongings she intends to give the shop. Rose also confesses her latest heart troubles and swears she is finished with men. Hyacinth is happy to hear that, but not at all convinced it’s the truth.

When she gets the chance, Hyacinth then phones Richard to talk to him about the Daddy situation.
Upon arriving at Onslow and Daisy’s once more there is a shoving match going on between Onslow and the son, only they aren’t shoving each other, rather, playing ‘hot potato’ with the old woman. Hyacinth ushers everyone in doors to discuss it, as being outside is making a spectacle. We don’t see anything afterward, only Hyacinth coming downstairs looking extremely weary. Seemingly they have been arguing about it upstairs for quite some time. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Mrs Counsellor Nugent arrives at the house. Hyacinth, not wanting to reveal that she is there, refuses to open the door, and instead puts on a fake Eastern European accent and asks her what she wants. She is calling to return the bag of garments Rose left behind, which was frilly underwear. Rose is quite pleased to have them back as she’s found a new man to catch her eye: the son of the woman in Daddy’s room. She comes on to him, and he runs a mile, and takes his mother with him.

Outside in the street, Richard says he has to go to work. Hyacinth comments on how she has to get back to the charity shop, and then sarcastically mentions to Onslow there are cheap shirts there (because he never seems to wear one), at which moment he expresses surprise and says that she can give him a lift then, since she’s going there. Her sarcasm backfired.

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