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UC: Undercover Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Life on the Wire

First aired: Sep/30/2001
Writer: Shane Salerno, Don Winslow
Director: Thomas Carter
Guest star: Steven Bauer (Carlos Cortez), Reg Tupper (Yuppie Businessman), Wes Taylor (Maintenance Super), Dennis Rigo (LAPD Pilot), Ryder Morse (Ray), Ron Chartier (Bank Manager), Kate Robbins (Doreen), Brad Loree (Danny), Darcy Laurie (Garth), J.B. Bivens (Barry), Brian Markinson (Paul Bloom), Grant Show (John Keller), Gabrielle Miller (Vanessa), Johnny Cuthbert (Nick), John Tench (Double-Down), Omega Kayne (Headache)

Criminal Jack "Sonny" Walker is terrorizing the city with violent armed robberies. During one of those robberies one of the gang members gets hurt and Sonny kills him so he can't confess to the cops. The police decide to infiltrate the burglars and set up a meeting between officer Jack Shaw and Sonny. During the undercover assignment Jake's loyalty is tested in a way that could compromise the whole team.

2 :01x02 - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

First aired: Oct/07/2001
Writer: Shane Salerno
Director: Tony Bill
Guest star: Brent Chapman (Jester), Danny Wattley (Smoke), Sean Murty (Dr. Kevorkian), Brett Sherwood (Troy), Sara Stockstad (Hostess), Trever Havixbeck (Sniper #1), Darren Choo (Sniper #2), Scantone Jones (HRT Shooter #1), Marnie Alton (Rachel), Gabrielle Miller (Vanessa), Johnny Cuthbert (Nick), Angie Everhart (Carly Jacobs), Steven Bauer (Carlos Cortez), Titus Welliver (Rick Janson), James Handy (Father Michael), Grant Show (John Keller), Dion Luther (Paul Powers), Darcy Belsher (Kenny Caner), Nancy Sivak (Denise Janson)

Jake and Alex have to bust a burglar gang whom stole millions worth of heroine from police storage. Meanwhile Sonny receives a visitor in jail from his ex-girlfriend who tells him how Carlos Cortez helped the police. Sonny makes Cortez pay for what he has done. Alex struggles with her feelings for Carlos now she knows John has an eye on her.

3 :01x03 - Of Fathers and Sons

First aired: Oct/14/2001
Writer: Shane Salerno
Director: Lou Antonio
Guest star: Andrew Divoff (Martin Ritger), Maurice Compte (Rafael Ortega), Nathaniel Deveaux (Terrance Babbage), Suzy Joachim (Diana Murphy), John Novak (Thomas Callahan), Tomas Milian (Alejandro Ortega), Kurtwood Smith (William Murphy), Scott Harris (FBI Tech), Liam Ranger (Ryan Murphy), Jefferson Dylan (Messenger), Kelly Nielson (Marshal #1), Tessa Richards (Mom), Neil Grayston (Teenage Boy), Brett Sherwood (Troy), Cam Cronin (FBI Tech [Sean] Nekarsky), Don Noble (FBI Tech Collins)

After the unexpected death of John, CIA Agent Frank Donovan takes control of the team. Alex and Jake aren't to trilled about it but don't get any time to complain. The 7-year old son of public prosecutor William Murphy was kidnapped by the dangerous drug dealer Alejandro Ortega.

4 :01x04 - Once Upon a the Hood (a.k.a. Amerikaz Most Wanted, a.k.a. This Thug's Life)

First aired: Oct/21/2001
Writer: Don Winslow, Shane Salerno
Director: Terrence O'Hara
Guest star: Sylvesta Stuart (Hallway Guard), Samuel Scantlebury (Roberto), Dalias Blake (Jaime), Debbie Podowski (Lucinda Hayes), Stephen Chang (Benny Li), Tyrone Granderson Jones (Gigante), Ving Rhames (Quito Real), Angie Everhart (Carly Jacobs), Steven Bauer (Carlos Cortez), N'Bushe Wright (Keisha), Byron Mann (Simon Shen), Dion Luther (Paul Powers)

Jake and Alex go undercover in 2 rival drugs gangs. Jake becomes a part of power full drug dealer Quito Real's security team and Alex goes undercover as bouncer from an escort agency. Quito wants to cooperate with the Chinese gang from Benny Li, to some people's dislike. Meanwhile Carlos Cortez is being released and plans Sonny Walker's escape from prison.

5 :01x05 - Honor Among Thieves

First aired: Oct/28/2001
Writer: Stephen Adly-Guirgis
Director: Richard Dobbs
Guest star: John Treleaven (FBI Director Hoghe), Robert Thurston (Museum Director Daniels), L. Harvey Gold (Egyptian Man), Jenn Bird (Waitress), Brad Turner (Transport Driver), Saeed Ahmed (Guard), Mario Battista (Buzzetti), Emilio Salituro (Salvi), Sean J. Dory (Crying Man), Dexter Bell (Ray-Ray), Doron Bell (Roderick), Bill Mondy (Scott Charles), Angie Everhart (Carly Jacobs), N'Bushe Wright (Keisha), Jude Ciccolella (Eddie Pearl), Frank John Hughes (Michael "Mick" McManus), James Handy (Father Michael), Fay Masterson (Veronica), Tom McBeath (Hoffman), Michael David Simms (Sal), Ving Rhames (Quito Real)

Frank Donovan's team looks for a gang who stole a lot of diamonds, one of them being the rare and very valuable "Hope"-diamond. Alex pretends to be a buyer of the stones and is able to contact the thief Michael "Mick" Vincent quickly. Meanwhile Jake has difficulties to testify against gangster Quito Real and makes a deal with Sonny Walker which could help get him out of prison.

6 :01x06 - Nobody Rides for Free (a.k.a. Blowback)

First aired: Nov/11/2001
Writer: Shane Salerno
Director: Jefery Levy
Guest star: Wendy Benson-Landes (Rachel), Richard Ian Cox (Manny Silver), Zachary Ansley (James Wheeler), Ving Rhames (Quito Real), Carmine Giovinazzo (Clarence "C.C." Peters), Colin Cunningham (Agent Roger Faraday), James Handy (Father Michael), N'Bushe Wright (Keisha), Angie Everhart (Carly Jacobs)

Sonny Walker robs a protected car which is transporting special paper used to create money. Together with forger James Wheel and Quito Real he wants to counterfeit a lot of money. In addition Sonny still holds a grudge against Jake who was the cause for his short imprisonment. Meanwhile Alex and Carlos Cortez discover that they are attracted to each other.

7 :01x07 - City on Fire (a.k.a. Crash)

First aired: Nov/18/2001
Writer: Naren Shankar, Erik Bork, Stephen Adly-Guirgis
Director: Jean de Segonzac
Guest star: Jody Thompson (Mona), Rodney Reid (G Dog), Hugo Steele (Defcon), Tim Bissett (OIS Detective), Ronald Selmour (Stevie Kelso), Matthew Currie Holmes (Jimmy Rockwell), Keith Dallas (Freddie Mac), Artine Brown ([Wayne] Scooby Phillips), Michael Hogan (Sergeant Drake), Neal McDonough (Ed Lawson), Donnie Wahlberg (Bobby Rockwell)

Jake infiltrates a corrupt Elite Police-Unit who operates in a dangerous city area. Some of these cops have a violent way of getting things done and make trouble with everything that stands in their way. Jake has to find out which of the members are involved. Alex is also put on the case, she pretends to be someone from internal affairs.

8 :01x08 - The Siege (a.k.a. Prison Riot)

First aired: Dec/02/2001
Writer: Shane Salerno, Stephen Adly-Guirgis
Director: Kenneth Fink
Guest star: Garfield Wilson (Samir), David Coles (Smitty), Stefan Arngrim (Barry Douglas), Wren Robertz (Gordy Lane), Glenn Ennis (Swat Leader #2), John Sampson (State Trooper), Richard Lett (Sniper Guard), Gustavo Moreno (Inmate), Adrien Dorval (Badass #1), Douglas Arthurs (Metzger), Alonso Oyarzun (Flaco), Steven Bauer (Carlos Cortez), Robert LaSardo (Unknown), Timothy Webber (Henderson), Ken Tremblett (Governor McGrath), Tony Todd (Cephus), Arie Verveen (Marlon Chambers), James Rebhorn (Deputy Warden Petrocelli), Bill Mondy (Scott Charles)

Jake and Alex are working undercover in a prison to expose a few corrupt security guards when suddenly an uprising breaks out. They are kept hostage together with the security guards and are in the hands of the good will from the prisoners. Frank tries to do everything to free his 2 team members, but the prison director doesn't agree with Frank's methods.

9 :01x09 - Zero Option

First aired: Dec/09/2001
Writer: Shane Salerno
Director: Michael W. Watkins
Guest star: Cornell Turner (Stan), Ian Marsh (Sniper), Sean Pritchard (Bank Manager George), Ray Galletti (Swat Cop 1), Peter Bryant (Swat Cop 2), Jason Low (Cop/"Stocky Man" Mike [Weathers]), Patrick Kilpatrick (Colin Wilkes), Mark Hildreth (Danny), Roger R. Cross (Captain Eddie Jones), Paula Malcomson (Sasha), M.C. Gainey (Cubby)

Jake infiltrated in a gang and robs a bank with them. During the robbery something goes very wrong and Jake is shot. The robbers are holding all the customers hostage. Frank tries to negotiate with them but without luck. Meanwhile Jake tries to calm things down inside to prevent any further victims.

10 :01x10 - Hunting Armando

First aired: Jan/06/2002
Writer: Stephen Adly-Guirgis, Erik Bork, Naren Shankar
Director: Tony Bill
Guest star: Gustavo Febres (Bolivian Lieutenant), Ahmad Sharmrou (Armando's Driver), Thrasso Petras (Bolivian Driver), Craig Veroni (Hector), Dave Wilson (Larry Murphy), Jorge Vargas (Miguel), Wes Studi (Armando Uribe), Peter Flemming (Tom), Nestor Serrano (Colonel Rodriquez)

11 :01x11 - Teddy C

First aired: Jan/13/2002
Writer: Don Winslow, Shane Salerno
Director: Jeff Woolnough
Guest star: Keith Gordey (Larry the Salesman), Taras Kostyuk (Another Guard), Laura Mennell (Collin's Daughter), Gil Hayward (Therapist), Sonya Salomaa (Jerri), Sue Hartley (Leah Poptanich), Kevin McDonald (Young Teddy C), Frank Topol (Guard "Dov"), Andy Thompson (Technician), Treat Williams (Teddy Collins), Jay Brazeau (Ben Poptanich), Boris Lee Krutonog (Avi Lermin), Raymond J. Barry (Nathan Dubinsky), Matthew Bennett (Detective), Ken Camroux (Attorney General), Sheila Larken (Marilyn Dubinsky)

12 :01x12 - Manhunt

First aired: Mar/23/2002
Writer: Naren Shankar, Stephen Adly-Guirgis
Director: Joseph Patrick Finn
Guest star: Garvin Cross (Contractor), Erica Carroll (Cynthia McKormack), Eric Keenleyside (Bartender), Ron Small (Old Man), D. Neil Mark (Reeves' Victim [Chance Gamble]), Cliff Solomon (K.O.'s Hostage), Malcolm Stewart (Porsche Driver), Mitchell Kosterman (Sheriff), Mark Sheppard (Mitchell Reeves), David Zayas (Jorge "The Bear" Gonzales), Derek Hamilton (Kingsford "K.O." Oates), Kristin Lehman (Diana Robertson), Bruce Abbott (Edward Curtis), Sarah Edmondson (Sandra)

13 :01x13 - The Sins of Sonny Walker

First aired: Mar/23/2002
Writer: Shane Salerno, Naren Shankar, Nick Kendrick
Director: Allan Kroeker
Guest star: Angie Everhart (Carly Jacobs), Daniel Benzali (Aristos Patriaka), Brian Markinson (Paul Bloom), Bill Mondy (Scott Charles), Brian Jensen (Krowe), Daniel Bacon (Patriaka's Assistant)