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Season 7

227 :07x01 - The Molly Kincaid Story

Molly Kincaid seeks her revenge upon the man whose cowardice resulted in her being taken prisoner by hostile Native Americans.
Special Guest Stars: Barbara Stanwyck as Kate Crawley | Ray Danton as Robert Kincaid | Fabian as Rome Wolfson | Carolyn Jones (1) as Molly Kincaid |
Guest Stars: Michael Fox as Bartender | Harry Carey, Jr. as Charlie Hankins | James Griffith (1) as Hotel Manager | William Challee as Stage Driver | Myron Healey as Doc Curley | Richard Reeves as Wells | Pamela Austin as Marrybelle Freeman | Brenda Scott as Martha Kincaid |
Uncredited: Russ Conway as Freeman
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Gene L. Coon

228 :07x02 - The Fort Pierce Story

An Army colonel orders the disgruntled wife of a subordinate officer to leave the fort with the wagon train.
Special Guest Stars: Ann Blyth as Nancy Winters | Ronald Reagan as Capt. Paul Winters |
Guest Stars: John Doucette as Col. Wayne Lathrop | Kathie Browne as Beth Fowler | Ron Hayes as Gil Fowler | Robert J. Wilke as Sgt. Wick | Berkeley Harris as Sgt. Kincaid |
Uncredited: Jackie Russell as Georgia
Director: William Witney

229 :07x03 - The Gus Morgan Story

Hale guides hard-as-nails railroad tycoon Gus Morgan through the mountains to try to find a passable route for Morgan's railroad.
Special Guest Stars: Peter Falk as Gus Morgan | Tommy Sands as Ethan Morgan |
Guest Stars: Tim Graham (1) as Walters | Harlan Warde as Dr. Haynes | Ken Mayer as Jesse | Paul Birch as Sam Benson | Harry Swoger as Ben
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

230 :07x04 - The Widow O'Rourke Story

Duke Shannon and Charlie Wooster are held prisoner by an exiled Chinese princess and forced to work as slave labor. Cooper Smith arrives on the scene to rescue them and might be successful due to his resemblance to the princess' late husband.
Special Guest Stars: Carol Lawrence as Mei Ling |
Guest Stars: Noel de Souza as Buyer #2 | Naji Gabbay as Buyer #1 | H.T. Tsiang as Mandarin | Peter Mamakos as Auctioneer | Linda Ho as Ming Lu | Richard Loo as Lin Yang | Robert Fuller as Terence O'Rourke
Director: Joseph Pevney

231 :07x05 - The Robert Harrison Clarke Story

Robert Harrison Clarke, a British journalist, decides that traveling with the wagon train would be a good place for him to learn about the wild west. However, his carelessness and naivete lead to a showdown with a dangerous Native American chief.
Special Guest Stars: Michael Rennie as Robert Harrison Clarke | Brian Keith as Sgt. Gault |
Guest Stars: Henry Silva as Ram Singh | George Keymas as John Warbow | Royal Dano as John Bouchette | Randy Boone as Private Jamie | William Bryant as Captain Jeterman | L.Q. Jones as Ike Truman | Rees Vaughn as Lt. Crane | Jan Arvan as Cheif Oopaknah | Dean Williams as Grider
Director: William Witney
Writer: Gene L. Coon

232 :07x06 - The Myra Marshall Story

Coop escorts prim and proper Grace Marshall to the wild and wooly town of Fortune City where she reunites with her estranged sister, Myra, who's now an opium addict.
Special Guest Stars: Suzanne Pleshette as Myra Marshall Rothman |
Guest Stars: George Greco as Stryker | I. Stanford Jolley as Doc Barnes | Norman Leavitt as Slim | Read Morgan as Jake | Jackie Searl as Manny | Kam Tong as Leung | Sidney Clute as Cal Williams | Paul Baxley as Reno | Daniel Milland as Tom Donahue | Charles Drake as Verne Rothman | Rex Reason as Colin Brenner | Jack Lambert (1) as Nick | Beverley Owen as Grace Marshall | Stanley Clements as Joe | Dayton Lummis as Rev. Phillip Marshall
Director: Joseph Pevney

233 :07x07 - The Sam Spicer Story

Outlaws Sam Spicer and Reno Sutton take Barnaby West hostage after robbing a bank.
Special Guest Stars: Clu Gulager as Sam Spicer | Ed Begley as Reno Sutton |
Guest Stars: Mark Tapscott as Sheriff | Dennis McCarthy as Harmon | Fred Coby as Kirk | Frank Mitchell as Stoney | Jon Locke as Cam Davis | Jean Inness as Ma Adams | Frank Cady as Hiram

234 :07x08 - The Sam Pulaski Story

When Brooklyn street thug Sam Pulaski and his sister join the wagon train, Coop recognizes him as the leader of a gang that once robbed him and left him for dead.
Special Guest Stars: Ross Martin (1) as Sam Pulaski | Annette Funicello as Rose Pulaski |
Guest Stars: David Fresco as Old Salt | Orville Sherman as Shorty | Jonathan Kidd as Louie | Tom Signorelli as Mike | Seymour Cassel as Ed | Clancy Cooper as Officer McGowan | Harry Carey, Jr. as John Jay Burroughs | Joan Staley as Polly Ann Hill | Morgan Woodward as Pocky | Richard Bakalyan as Muscles | Stanley Adams as Jersey | Jocelyn Brando as Mrs. Pulaski
Director: Allen H. Miner

235 :07x09 - The Eli Bancroft Story

Outlaw Eli Bancroft and his three sons rob Coop's party and leave them stranded in the wilderness.
Special Guest Stars: Leif Erickson as Eli Bancroft |
Guest Stars: Randy Boone as Noah Bancroft | Patricia Lyon as Rose Mason | Dal McKennon as Frank Collins | William Hughes (1) as Young Adam | Kay Stewart as Martha Bancroft | Elisabeth Fraser as Abby Carter | Parley Baer as George Talley | Larry J. Blake as Tom Jackson | Rachel Ames as Emily Dawson | Carl Reindel as Adam Bancroft | Bruce Dern as Seth Bancroft | David Carradine as John Mason | Diane Mountford as Milly Dawson | Nestor Paiva as Money Joe | Barbara Woodell as Mrs. Talley
Writer: Steven Ritch

236 :07x10 - The Kitty Pryer Story

Kitty Pryer marries to Victor Harpe but discovers that he's already married to another woman. Harpe is then found murdered and Kitty is convicted of the crime and sentenced to hang. Her only hope of avoiding the hangman is an alcoholic former attorney who's traveling with the train and wants to re-open the matter.
Special Guest Stars: Diana Hyland as Kitina "Kitty" Pryer | Bradford Dillman as Myles Brisbane |
Guest Stars: Jeanne Cooper as Martha Harpe | Don Durant as Victor Harpe | Dal McKennon as Alex | Allen Joseph as Sanders | Jack Big Head as Native American | John Dennis as Police Sergeant | Milton Frome as Sheriff
Director: Allen H. Miner

237 :07x11 - The Sandra Cummings Story

Singer Sandra Cummings objects to her daughter's romance with Cooper Smith because she views him as the love 'em and leave 'em type.
Special Guest Stars: Rhonda Fleming as Sandra Cummings |
Guest Stars: Paul Baxley as 3rd Sentry | K.L. Smith as 2nd Sentry | Brett King (2) as Lieutenant | Norman Leavitt as First Guard | James Johnson (3) as Otho Fowler | Jack Easton, Jr. as Jefferson Smith | John Archer (1) as Jonathan Lott | Michael Conrad as Luke Moss | Cynthia Pepper as Paula Cummings
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

238 :07x12 - The Bleecker Story

Ma Bleecker and her gang join the wagon train disguised as farmers in order to gain entry into Fort Bridger and steal a deposit of gold being stored there.
Special Guest Stars: Joan Blondell as Ma Bleecker | Ed Nelson as Al Bleecker |
Guest Stars: Ruta Lee as Jenny Hynes | Tim McIntire as Dave Bleecker | Holly McIntire as Holly Bleecker | Tyler McVey as Colonel Webster | Jan Kemp as Butler | John McKee (1) as Quincy | Brooke Bundy as Bessie McFerren | Tudor Owen as McFerren
Director: William Witney

239 :07x13 - The Story of Cain

Prospector John Cain is so glad that the wagon train saved him from death by exposure in the desert that he offers to sell his shares in a gold mine to travelers. Then he changes his mind.
Special Guest Stars: Ron Hayes as John Cain | Anne Helm as Ruth |
Guest Stars: Frank Overton as Doctor | Allen Joseph as Benny | Lane Bradford as Sheriff
Director: Allen H. Miner
Songs: Frank McGrath -- Go West with Horace Best (harmonica version)

240 :07x14 - The Cassie Vance Story

Former convict Cassie Vance is the leading suspect in the theft of the savings of another passenger whose wife Cassie had been nursing.
Special Guest Stars: Laraine Day as Cassie Vance |
Guest Stars: Richard Carlson as Adam Vance | Kevin Corcoran as Davey Vance | Robert Strauss as Floyd Sharp | Harry Holcombe as Judge | Richard Hale as Holland | Karen Green (1) as Young Cassie | Sam Edwards as Hollis Ames | Barry Atwater as Warden | Eleanor Audley as Minerva Ames | Beverly Washburn as Millie Sharp | Adrienne Marden as Mrs. Jenkins | John Harmon (1) as Bert Jenkins | Eve McVeagh as Mrs. Sharp
Director: Joseph Pevney

241 :07x15 - The Fenton Canaby Story

Fenton Canaby is no Bart Maverick. He's a wagonmaster who deserted his train and left his passengers to die of thirst in the desert. In an attack of conscience, Canaby turns himself into Hale, who tries to keep his identity secret in order to avert a lynching.
Special Guest Stars: Jack Kelly as Fenton Canaby |
Guest Stars: Walter Reed as Simms | George Dunn as Jones | Jess Kirkpatrick as Doc Carlson | I. Stanford Jolley as Briggs | John Hoyt as Colonel Grant Clayton | Dee Carroll as Elizabeth Lennister | Jon Locke as Gabe Lennister | Robert Cornthwaite as Byron Lowe | Virginia Gregg as Grace Lowe | Barbara Bain as Lucy Garrison
Director: Joseph Pevney

242 :07x16 - The Michael Malone Story

Juli Holland falls in love with wagon driver Michael Malone but he has some secrets in his past.
Guest Stars: Michael Parks as Michael Malone | Dick York as Ben Mitchell | Tim Graham (1) as Blacksmith | Chuck Courtney as Paul | John Bryant as Doctor | Armand Alzamora as Dr. Perez | Nellie Burt as Nora Holland | Judi Meredith as Beth Mitchell | Joyce Bulifant as Juli Holland
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

243 :07x17 - The Jed Whitmore Story

Respected sheriff Frank Lewis is revealed to be Jed Whitmore, a wanted outlaw.
Special Guest Stars: Neville Brand as Frank Lewis/Jed Whitmore |
Guest Stars: Karl Swenson as Harry Whitmore | Lois Roberts as Patsy Lewis | Jan Clayton as Jean Lewis | Les Tremayne as William Carr | William Mims as Marv Jennings | Mike Ross as Ernie Whitmore | Burt Mustin as Max | Byron Morrow as Haley | Sterling Franck as Young Harry | Robert Biheller as Young Jed
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

244 :07x18 - The Geneva Balfour Story

Pregnant Geneva Balfour starts a chain reaction which leads to a move to oust wagonmaster Chris Hale.
Guest Stars: Byron Foulger as Cort Sutler | William Challee as Slocum | James Griffith (1) as Lew Pumfret | Kate Murtagh as Hallie McGraw | Jack Grinnage as Jubal Devlin | E.J. Andre as Simon Turpin | Archie Moore as Ishmael | Peter Brown (1) as Aaron Balfour | Robert Lansing as Judge Arthur Forbes | Sherry Jackson as Geneva Balfour | Kathleen Freeman as Clara Pumfret
Director: Sutton Roley
Writer: Ken Trevey

245 :07x19 - The Kate Crawley Story

Wagonmaster Chris Hale gets engaged to freight line owner Kate Crawley but their wedding plans are put on hold by the unexpected arrival of a Native American war party.
Special Guest Stars: Barbara Stanwyck as Kate Crawley |
Guest Stars: Noah Beery, Jr. as Stump Beasley | Richard Reeves as Pop Harmon | Charles Carlson as Jessup Harmon | James Bynum as Dean | Dean Oliver as Jim | Bill Baldwin as Reverend Bailey | K.L. Smith as Otis | Margaret Sheridan as Jill | Karen Flynn as Liz | Dorothy Morris as Lola | Fern Barry as Clara | Juney Ellis as Emma
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

246 :07x20 - The Grover Allen Story

Grover Allen murders his tyrannical employer and flees the scene with his daughter-in-law and grandson. They join up with the wagon train but so does a detective.
Special Guest Stars: Burgess Meredith as Grover Allen |
Guest Stars: Paul E. Burns as Fred Elkins | Charlie Morton as Watchman | Lillian Bronson as Phoebe | Scott Lane (1) as Jeff Allen | Byron Foulger as George Duskin | Marshall Thompson as Will Stebbins | Nancy Gates as Della Allen
Director: Joseph Pevney

247 :07x21 - The Andrew Elliott Story

Duke Shannon is held for questioning by the Army as to why he returned alone after leading a party of six into the badlands.
Guest Stars: Everett Sloane as Senator Harold Elliott | Myron Healey as Sgt. Robert Rollins | Robert Osterloh as Jack Hunt | Grace Lee Whitney as Nora | Jon Locke as Blake Reese | Skip Homeier as George Simpson | Alfred Ryder as Major Ogden | Dick Sargent as Andrew Elliott

248 :07x22 - The Melanie Craig Story

Duke Shannon vies with three other men for the hand of attractive young widow Melanie Craig but she has her eye on a fifth man who's an avowed woman hater.
Guest Stars: Myrna Fahey as Melanie Craig | Jim Davis (1) as Rudd Basham | Amzie Strickland as Mrs. Lowell | Elvia Allman as Mrs. Tucker | Terry Burnham as Charlotte Endicott | Duane Grey as Frank Endicott | Marjorie Bennett as Maud Wilkes | Scott Lane (1) as Luke Basham | William Hughes (1) as Mark Basham | Bobby Diamond as Matt Bashamn | Roger Torrey as Sonny Wilkes | Tony Young as Quent Loomis | John Craig (2) as Prentiss Dodd
Director: Joseph Pevney

249 :07x23 - The Pearlie Garnet Story

Scheming Pearlie Garnet gets herself kicked off the wagon train for theft but later ends up the richest (and most despised) woman in a western town.
Special Guest Stars: Hugh Beaumont as Jed Halick | Marilyn Maxwell as Molly Sadler |
Guest Stars: Sharon Farrell as Pearlie Garnet | H.M. Wynant as Clay Boudreau | Jan Arvan as Faro Dealer | David McMahon (1) as Stimson | Leonard P. Geer as Jim Cole | Ken Mayer as Ed Norton | Ralph Leabow as Simon | Lane Chandler as Sheriff | Laurie Mitchell as June | Aline Towne as Lovey

250 :07x24 - The Trace McCloud Story

When the wagon train stops to rest at a town called Bedrock, a series of murders occur. Is the culprit someone on the train or a townsperson?
Special Guest Stars: Larry Pennell as Trace McCloud |
Guest Stars: Hank Brandt as Ingram | Richard H. Cutting as Knudsen | Nora Marlowe as Hilda Bannister | Harry Harvey as Mayor Ives | James McCallion as Roger Bannister | Charlie Briggs as Joe Weaver | John Lupton as Ernie Weaver | Stanley Adams as Merlin the Great | Rachel Ames as Florence Yeager | Audrey Dalton as Lola Modina | Paul Newlan as Ben Tatum
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

251 :07x25 - The Duncan McIvor Story

Lt. Duncan McIvor is puzzled when his commanding officer orders him to halt his investigation into recent thefts of military property.
Guest Stars: Ron Hayes as Lt. Duncan McIvor | Chris Robinson (1) as Lt. Brad Carter | Joanna Moore as Lucinda Carter | Jess Kirkpatrick as Babcock | L.Q. Jones as Private James Jones | Ashley Cowan as Private Bruce Hawkins | Michael Beirne as Private Bivins | Don Gazzaniga as Whitney | Mike Mazurki as Corporal Otto Moller | James Griffith (1) as Garrett | Gene Evans as Sgt. Jake Orly | John Larkin as Colonel Lipton

252 :07x26 - The Ben Engel Story

Harry Diel is saved from a lynch mob by Ben Engel, a man he once tried to rob.
Guest Stars: Clu Gulager as Harry Diel | John Doucette as Ben Engel | Katherine Crawford as Evvie Diel | Whit Bissell as Mac McLeod | J. Pat O'Malley as Colin Dunn | I. Stanford Jolley as Jenks | Frank Ferguson as Judge Larkin | Elisha Cook as Matt Wilson | Dick Winslow as Fiddling John | Frances Morris as Mrs. Jenks | Darby Hinton as Benjie Diel
Director: Joseph Pevney

253 :07x27 - The Whipping

Barnaby West runs away after Bill Hawks gives him a spanking for getting out of line too much. Hawks is so upset by this turn of events that he begins making errors in judgment regarding the wagon train.
Special Guest Stars: Martin Balsam as March Jones |
Guest Stars: Jeanne Cooper as Molly Garland | Tommy Alexander as 1st Boy | Ann Staunton as Woman | Mike Smith (5) as 2nd Boy | Harold Goodwin (1) as Man | John Litel as Dr. Burke | William Fawcett as Finley
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

254 :07x28 - The Santiago Quesada Story

Coop travels to a town where a mysterious band of outlaws has turned killing Comanches into a lucrative business.
Special Guest Stars: Joseph Wiseman as James Case/Santiago Quesada |
Guest Stars: Edward Binns as Major Starbuck | Jena Engstrom as Kim Case | Perry Lopez as Lance Starbuck | Walter Coy as Meacham | George Keymas as Stitch | Morgan Woodward as Jute Pardee | Nina Roman as Anitra | Kay Stewart as Mrs. Reid | Sandy Sanders as Joe | William Phipps as Sgt. Reardon
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Writer: Gerry Day

255 :07x29 - The Stark Bluff Story

Duke Shannon gets framed for murder when he tries to help a widow of a friend who's being forced to work for a ruthless saloon owner.
Guest Stars: Leonard L. Thomas as Pete | Chester Hayes as Vladimir | Carmen D'Antonio as Olga Stark | Stanley Adams as Judge Pike | Hari Rhodes as Jefferson Washington Freeman | Peter Whitney as Sheriff Pincus | Jean Hale as Suzy Durfee | Ray Danton as Zeb Stark
Director: Allen H. Miner

256 :07x30 - The Link Cheney Story

Gambler Euchre Jones is reunited with his former protege, Link Cheney, on the wagon train but their reunion isn't one of good cheer.
Guest Stars: Harry Von Zell as Henry Baffle | Paul Stader as Rankin | Paul Baxley as Jake | Alice Backes as Ada Meecham | Yvonne Craig as Ellie Riggs | Tom Simcox as Tim Riggs | Pippa Scott as Dorothea Gilford | Charles Drake as Link Cheney | Will Kuluva as Euchre Jones
Director: Joseph Pevney

257 :07x31 - The Zebedee Titus Story

Hale gives washed up scout Zebedee Titus a job with the wagon train out of respect for his former glory, but Titus' mistakes lead to Coop being captured by Native Americans.
Special Guest Stars: Neville Brand as Zebedee Titus |
Guest Stars: Victoria Vetri as Maria | Harry Harvey as Parsons | Sidney Clute as Major Hanley | Otto Reichow as Blacksmith | Robert Santon as Pietro | Eddie Little Sky as Chief | Jan Kemp as Carpenter | Earl Hansen as Farrier | Dal McKennon as Horse Trader
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

258 :07x32 - Last Circle Up

The end of the trail is marked by tempers flaring among the crew, a young couple deciding to marry in spite of their parents' disapproval, an old man fighting death, and Charlie Wooster entering the ladies stew-cooking contest.
Guest Stars: Sharon Dillon as Betsy Jameson | J. Pat O'Malley as Earl Calkins | Valora Noland as Rebecca Moses | Tom Skerritt as Hamish Browne | Kay Stewart as Priscilla Jameson | Arthur Space as Dewhurst Jameson | Tim McIntire as Dewey Jameson | Karen Green (1) as Heather Browne | Naomi Stevens as Hannah Moses | Joe De Santis as Samuel Moses | Lane Bradford as Kenny Stark
Director: Allen H. Miner
Warning: Wagon Train guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 18, 1957
Ended: September 05, 1965
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