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Season 1

1 :01x01 - You Only Run Once

A town's anger towards a suspect turns to lynch fever when the marshal goes out of town.
Guest Stars: Rayford Barnes as guest star | Kem Dibbs as guest star | Douglas Fowley as guest star | Leo Gordon as guest star | Whit Bissell as Kerney Boles | Stuart Randall (1) as Sayers | Howard Petrie as Kroll | Cloris Leachman as Martha | Jason Johnson as guest star | John Hoyt as Frank Hale | Robert Ryan as Matt | Parley Baer as Dan Morrison
Director: Felix Feist

2 :01x02 - The Fearful Courage

A woman is pursued by gunmen seeking to silence her after she witnesses a murder.
Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Jeb | Robert Karnes as Rider | Paul Hahn as Neighbor | Michael Pate as Gunman | Ida Lupino as Louise Brandon
Director: Bernard Girard

3 :01x03 - The Long Road Home

A man returns to his hometown in Texas with two things on his mind: he wants to avenge the death of his brother and settle an old score.
Guest Stars: Dick Powell as Sam Gracie | Alan Wells (1) as Tom Gracie | Robert Armstrong as Sheriff | Conrad Janis as Ben Gracie | Jean Willes as Jenny Gracie | Ray Collins as Evan Gracie | Ainslie Pryor as Kimbal Hatton | Francis McDonald as Yancey Hatton
Director: Felix Feist

4 :01x04 - The Unrelenting Sky

During the course of a relentless drought, citizens of a small town take matters into their own hands against the one man who has water but won't share it with anyone.
Guest Stars: Willis Bouchey as Paul Travers | Steven Geray as Alex Rozky | Phyllis Avery as Peg Howard | Walter Sande as Beecher | Lew Ayres as Clint Howard
Director: Felix Feist

5 :01x05 - The Lariat

Dan Morgan, recently paroled from prison after serving five years for accidentally killing a man with a lariat, seeks vengeance against the judge who sentenced him to his term of incarceration.
Guest Stars: Buff Brady as Roger | Guy Teague as Charlie | Michael Garrett as Sheriff | Robert Anderson as Race Williams | Addison Richards as Judge Lovett | Jack Palance as Dan Morgan | Constance Ford as Laura Lovett
Director: Felix Feist

6 :01x06 - Death Watch

After his troops are wiped out to the last man, a cavalry captain must face hostile Native Americans alone.
Guest Stars: Abel Fernández as Native American | Bobby Driscoll as Trumpeteer Jones | John Alderson as Corporal Durkin | John Larch as Quine | Lee J. Cobb as Captain Andrew Watling
Director: Bernard Girard
Writer: Otis Carney

7 :01x07 - Stage to Tucson

A marshal searching for a bank robber receives word that his quarry is traveling on a stagecoach going from Las Cruces to Tucson.
Guest Stars: Tyler McVey as Big George | Ray Baxter (1) as Jake | DeForest Kelley as Les Porter | Jaclynne Greene as May Farrell | Ian MacDonald (1) as Ed Loomis | Rusty Lane as Tharpe | John Ericson as Will Ruxton | Mona Freeman as Sandy Neal | Eddie Albert as Bide Turley | Bing Russell as Sam
Director: Bernard Girard

8 :01x08 - A Quiet Sunday in San Ardo

A former gunslinger tries to retire and lead a quiet, peaceful life but he's unable to escape from his notorious past.
Guest Stars: Sam Flint as Jason O'Neill | Tim Graham (1) as Jess Robbins | Morgan Woodward as Pete Daley | Peggie Castle as Charity | Gerald Mohr as Veringo | Wendell Corey as Clay Burnett | Harry Lauter as Maurie | Robert Burton as Mayor
Director: Ted Post

9 :01x09 - Vengeance Canyon

A young man searches for the father who long ago deserted him and his mother.
Guest Stars: Robert Griffin (2) as Killon | Sheb Wooley as Brock | Ben Cooper as Clint Harding | Walter Brennan as Joe
Director: Robert Florey

10 :01x10 - Return to Nowhere

A gunslinger whom everyone thought was dead returns and discovers that his wife has gotten re-married to the town marshal.
Guest Stars: John Ireland as Phillips | Audrey Totter as Martha | Stephen McNally as Steve | Jimmy Baird as Andy | Ralph Moody as Cluny | Dan Riss as Hodges | Chris Alcaide as Morgan

11 :01x11 - Courage is a Gun

A wounded gunfighter plots revenge against the lawman responsible for his wound.
Guest Stars: Dick Powell as Marshal Jess Brackett | Robert Bice as Todd Felton | Beverly Garland as Dr. Ellen Kimberley | James Westerfield as Bert | Leo Penn as Walter Blake | Robert Vaughn as Johnny Adler | Claude Akins as Collins
Director: John English

12 :01x12 - Muletown Gold Strike

A lawyer turned schoolteacher learns of a treasure map from one of his students which gives the location of hidden gold.
Guest Stars: Arthur Space as Lee Rabin | Bobby Clark (1) as Howie Saunders | Barbara Eiler as Peg Saunders | Rory Calhoun as Mason Ward | Dabbs Greer as Simon Marsh | Parley Baer as Mayor Homer Bellam | Denver Pyle as John Baker
Director: John English

13 :01x13 - Stars Over Texas

Traveling west, a young girl's family is wiped out by a gang of bushwhackers.
Guest Stars: Ralph Bellamy as Joel Todd | Beverly Washburn as Annie Morgan | Gloria Talbott as Caroline Todd | Guy Teague as Sergeant | Richard Farnsworth as Trooper | Max Wagner as Freighter | James Garner as Lt. Jim Collins
Director: Lesley Selander

14 :01x14 - The Three Graves

A gunman sets out to takeover a sleepy western town and a young gal sets out to make him her husband.
Guest Stars: Terry Frost as Blaze Moylan | Richard H. Cutting as Drover | G. Pat Collins as Bartender | Frank Ferguson as T. J. Barnett | Nan Leslie as Nancy Barnett | Jack Lemmon as Cass Kendall | James Best as Pyke Dillon | Don Kennedy as Stony Fields
Director: John English
Story: Norman Daniels | Teleplay: John McGreevey

15 :01x15 - No Man Living

A sheriff steps down from his position to enact revenge on an outlaw who's now pretending to be a law abiding citizen.
Guest Stars: William Newell as Sam Evans | James Anderson (1) as Tatum | Russ Conway as Marshal Barrow | Peter Whitney as Chub | Judson Pratt as Ramsey | Margaret Hayes (1) as Susan | Frank Lovejoy as Jim Todd | Stafford Repp as Bartender
Director: John English

16 :01x16 - Time of Decision

A homesteader is provoked into a gunfight with a cattle baron's son.
Guest Stars: Regis Toomey as Will Jenkins | Mort Mills as Bart Miller | Mimi Gibson as Patty Tapper | Tommy Cook as Ted Curtis | Jean Howell as Mrs. Townley | Trevor Bardette as Jed Curtis | Diane Brewster as Nancy Tapper | Lloyd Bridges as Evan Tapper | Bill Erwin as Sam Townley | Walter Sande as Dan Slater
Director: Harold Schuster
Writer: Sidney Morse

17 :01x17 - Until the Man Dies

A cattle rancher saves an outlaw from a lynch mob.
Guest Stars: Richard Newton as Ranch Hand | James Seay as Mark Clanton | Gregg Barton as Roy Boggs | Stuart Randall (1) as Ed Bentley | Dick Rich as Wade Powers | Steve Darrell as Jess Kipple | Stuart Whitman as Dave Jordan | John Payne (2) as Clint Belmet | Carolyn Jones (1) as Ella
Director: John English

18 :01x18 - Back Trail

It's shades of Shane when a former gunslinger takes up for farmers against land grabbers.
Guest Stars: Catherine McLeod as Effie Fallon | Dick Powell as John Fallon | Robert Crosson as Hugh Beckworth | Kim Charney as Timmy Fallon | Emile Meyer as Eldredge | James Anderson (1) as Frank Lomax | John Pickard (2) as Tom Clauson | Raymond Bailey as March Beckworth
Director: Christian Nyby

19 :01x19 - Dangerous Orders

On his way to deliver important orders to an Army fort, a cavalry captain encounters several distractions.
Guest Stars: John Eldredge as Colonel Phelps | Simon Scott as Captain Prentiss | Thomas Browne Henry (1) as Colonel Radford | William F. Leicester as Major Carr | Robert Cornthwaite as Sheraton Wade | Willis Bouchey as George Mott | Jack Elam as Hock Ellis | Mark Stevens as Captain John Hunter
Director: John English

20 :01x20 - The Necessary Breed

A bounty hunter arrives in a town and kills a wanted man there but the citizens think the man was innocent and want the bounty hunter to pay for the crime.
Guest Stars: Fred Sherman as Bartender | Gregory Walcott as Rafe | Frank Scannell as Stranger | Roy Barcroft as Carl Neuman | Carlyle Mitchell as Dr. Asher | Strother Martin as Joby | James Griffith (1) as Taggert | Jean Willes as Kate | Sterling Hayden as Link Stevens | William Fawcett as Petey | William Henry as Frank Carter
Director: Christian Nyby

22 :01x22 - Village of Fear

A book salesman arrives in a town only to find that the place is deserted--except for the body of a dead man hanging in an alley.
Guest Stars: Dan Barton (1) as Dave Maxon | Anne Barton as Mrs. Maxon | Bill Catching as Faylen | Troy Melton as Torrence | Gary Hunley as Peter | Peter Hansen (1) as Holton | DeForest Kelley as Sherm Pickard | Ross Elliott as Donnelly | George D. Wallace as Brill | David Niven as Allan Raikes | Harry Lauter as Karger | Don Diamond as Jones
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Antony Ellis

23 :01x23 - Black Creek Encounter

A man who has been pursued by a deadly gunman for years finds that he must now stand and fight.
Guest Stars: Howard Negley as Sheriff Sloane | Lou Krugman as Paco Morales | Billy Chapin as Billy Morrison | Jan Merlin as Davey Harper | Norma Crane as Kelly | Ernest Borgnine as Jim Morrison

24 :01x24 - There Were Four

A young man gets involved in a rustling scheme as a result of his desire for revenge against a wealthy rancher.
Guest Stars: Kenneth R. MacDonald as Jury Foreman | James Komack as Whitey | Grant Withers as Sheriff Metz | Dick Rich as Champion | James Gavin as Dutch | David Janssen as Danny English | Dean Jagger as Bert | John Derek as Andy Todd
Director: Christian Nyby
Writer: Berne Giler

25 :01x25 - Fugitive

On the run from Union troops, a Confederate soldier falls for the attractive widow who shelters him. But she thinks he's a Union man.
Guest Stars: Peter Votrian as Jody Kimball | Celeste Holm as Sarah Kimball | Eddie Albert as Sam Barlow | Richard Shannon as Clay Rickert | Denver Pyle as Quimby
Director: John English

26 :01x26 - A Time to Live

A dance-hall gal tries to dissuade her sweetie from seeking revenge against the man who shot him.
Guest Stars: Alan Wells (1) as Bartender | Walter Barnes as Gus | Forrest Lewis as Dr. Bishop | Ken Lynch as Collins | John Larch as Cole Gentry | Julie London as Julie | Ralph Meeker as Steve Elkins
Director: Lewis R. Foster

27 :01x27 - Black is for Grief

After serving in the Civil War, a young man learns that his wife has been murdered.
Guest Stars: Tom Tully as Tom Roarke | Chester Morris as Frank Simmons | Skip Homeier as Cleve Roarke | Beulah Bondi as Ma Anderson | Mary Astor as Sarah Simmons | Mala Powers as Barbara Anderson | Tom Tryon as Jeff Anderson | Richard Anderson as Sheriff Bates
Director: Lewis Allen

28 :01x28 - Badge of Honor

A Civil War veteran returns to his hometown and finds it under the control of a tyrannical former officer.
Guest Stars: Eddie Parker (1) as Rowdy Townsend. | Richard Devon (1) as Army Hendricks | William F. Leicester as Ranger | Walter Coy as Jim Shane | Holly Bane as Sam Gibson | Richard Gardner (1) as Tim Dougherty | Peggy Webber as Nora | Robert Culp as Hoby Gilman | Tom Tully as Jed Phillips | Gary Merrill as Colonel Boyd Nelson | William Henry as George Wallace
Director: Arthur Hiller

29 :01x29 - Decision at Wilson's Creek

In 1861, Union and Confederate forces converge on an area approximately 10 miles south of Springfield, Missouri known as Wilson's Creek.
Guest Stars: John Wilder as Sanborn | William Swan as Lt. Grimes | Don House as Captain Bell | William Boyett as Captain | Joe Di Reda as Sgt. Jasper | Willis Bouchey as General Price | Bart Burns as Lt. Hobson | Marjorie Lord as Amy Marr | John Forsythe as Lt. David Marr | Harry Lauter as Sgt. Stone | John Dehner as Jim Randolph
Director: Louis King

30 :01x30 - Man on the Run

Two sisters have their ranch taken over by outlaws and their only hope for assistance is from another outlaw on the run.
Guest Stars: Adam Kennedy as Adam Demster | Mort Hall as Pece Bostwick | Hugh Sanders as Lee Bland | Eve Miller as Kate Longstreth | Scott Brady as Jeff Duane | Nancy Hale as Rae Longstreth
Director: Felix Feist
Warning: Zane Grey Theatre guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 05, 1956
Ended: May 18, 1961
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