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Peppa Pig

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 31/May/2004 Muddy Puddles N/A
2 1x02 01/Jun/2004 Mr. Dinosaur is Lost N/A
3 1x03 02/Jun/2004 Polly Parrot N/A
4 1x04 03/Jun/2004 Best Friend N/A
5 1x05 04/Jun/2004 Hide and Seek N/A
6 1x06 06/Jun/2004 The Playgroup N/A
7 1x07 07/Jun/2004 Mummy Pig at Work N/A
8 1x08 08/Jun/2004 Piggy in the Middle N/A
9 1x09 09/Jun/2004 Daddy Loses His Glasses N/A
10 1x10 10/Jun/2004 Gardening N/A
11 1x11 11/Jun/2004 Hiccups N/A
12 1x12 13/Jun/2004 Bicycles N/A
13 1x13 14/Jun/2004 Secrets N/A
14 1x14 15/Jun/2004 Flying a Kite N/A
15 1x15 16/Jun/2004 Picnic N/A
16 1x16 17/Jun/2004 Musical Instruments N/A
17 1x17 18/Jun/2004 Frogs and Worms and Butterflies N/A
18 1x18 20/Jun/2004 Dressing Up N/A
19 1x19 21/Jun/2004 New Shoes N/A
20 1x20 22/Jun/2004 The School Fete N/A
21 1x21 23/Jun/2004 Mummy Pig's Birthday N/A
22 1x22 24/Jun/2004 The Tooth Fairy N/A
23 1x23 25/Jun/2004 The New Car N/A
24 1x24 27/Jun/2004 Treasure Hunt N/A
25 1x25 28/Jun/2004 Not Very Well N/A
26 1x26 29/Jun/2004 Snow N/A
27 1x27 30/Jun/2004 Windy Castle N/A
28 1x28 01/Jul/2004 My Cousin Chloe N/A
29 1x29 02/Jul/2004 Pancakes N/A
30 1x30 04/Jul/2004 Babysitting N/A
31 1x31 05/Jul/2004 Ballet Lesson N/A
32 1x32 06/Jul/2004 Thunderstorm N/A
33 1x33 07/Jul/2004 Cleaning the Car N/A
34 1x34 08/Jul/2004 Lunch N/A
35 1x35 09/Jul/2004 Camping N/A
36 1x36 28/Oct/2004 The Sleepy Princess N/A
37 1x37 29/Oct/2004 The Tree House N/A
38 1x38 31/Oct/2004 Fancy Dress Party N/A
39 1x39 01/Nov/2004 The Museum N/A
40 1x40 02/Nov/2004 Very Hot Day N/A
41 1x41 03/Nov/2004 Chloe's Puppet Show N/A
42 1x42 04/Nov/2004 Daddy Gets Fit N/A
43 1x43 05/Nov/2004 Tidying Up N/A
44 1x44 07/Nov/2004 The Playground N/A
45 1x45 08/Nov/2004 Daddy Puts up a Picture N/A
46 1x46 09/Nov/2004 At the Beach N/A
47 1x47 10/Nov/2004 Mister Skinnylegs N/A
48 1x48 11/Nov/2004 Grandpa Pig's Boat N/A
49 1x49 12/Nov/2004 Shopping N/A
50 1x50 28/Nov/2004 My Birthday Party N/A
51 1x51 29/Nov/2004 Daddy’s Movie Camera N/A
52 1x52 30/Nov/2004 School Play N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
53 2x01 04/Sep/2006 Bubbles N/A
54 2x02 05/Sep/2006 Emily Elephant N/A
55 2x03 06/Sep/2006 Polly's Holiday N/A
56 2x04 07/Sep/2006 Teddy's Day Out N/A
57 2x05 08/Sep/2006 Mysteries N/A
58 2x06 11/Sep/2006 George's Friend N/A
59 2x07 12/Sep/2006 Mr Scarecrow N/A
60 2x08 13/Sep/2006 Windy Autumn Day N/A
61 2x09 14/Sep/2006 The Time Capsule N/A
62 2x10 15/Sep/2006 Rock Pools N/A
63 2x11 18/Sep/2006 Recycling N/A
64 2x12 19/Sep/2006 The Boat Pond N/A
65 2x13 20/Sep/2006 Traffic Jam N/A
66 2x14 21/Sep/2006 Bedtime N/A
67 2x15 25/Dec/2006 Sports Day N/A
68 2x16 26/Dec/2006 The Eye Test N/A
69 2x17 27/Dec/2006 Granddad Dog's Garage N/A
70 2x18 28/Dec/2006 Foggy Day N/A
71 2x19 29/Dec/2006 Jumble Sale N/A
72 2x20 01/Jan/2007 Swimming N/A
73 2x21 02/Jan/2007 Tiny Creatures N/A
74 2x22 03/Jan/2007 Daddy Pig's Office N/A
75 2x23 04/Jan/2007 Pirate Island N/A
76 2x24 05/Jan/2007 George Catches a Cold N/A
77 2x25 08/Jan/2007 The Balloon Ride N/A
78 2x26 09/Jan/2007 George's Birthday N/A
79 2x27 05/Mar/2007 The Long Grass N/A
80 2x28 06/Mar/2007 Zoe Zebra, the Postman’s Daughter N/A
81 2x29 07/Mar/2007 Painting N/A
82 2x30 08/Mar/2007 Cuckoo Clock N/A
83 2x31 09/Mar/2007 The Baby Piggy N/A
84 2x32 12/Mar/2007 Grandpa's Little Train N/A
85 2x33 13/Mar/2007 The Cycle Ride N/A
86 2x34 14/Mar/2007 Ice Skating N/A
87 2x35 15/Mar/2007 The Dentist N/A
88 2x36 16/Mar/2007 Dens N/A
89 2x37 19/Mar/2007 Pretend Friend N/A
90 2x38 20/Mar/2007 School Bus Trip N/A
91 2x39 21/Mar/2007 Rebecca Rabbit N/A
92 2x40 22/Mar/2007 Nature Trail N/A
93 2x41 05/Jun/2007 Pen Pal N/A
94 2x42 06/Jun/2007 Granny and Grandpa's Attic N/A
95 2x43 07/Jun/2007 The Quarrel N/A
96 2x44 08/Jun/2007 The Toy Cupboard N/A
97 2x45 11/Jun/2007 School Camp N/A
98 2x46 12/Jun/2007 Captain Daddy Pig N/A
99 2x47 13/Jun/2007 The Powercut N/A
100 2x48 14/Jun/2007 Bouncy Ball N/A
101 2x49 15/Jun/2007 Stars N/A
102 2x50 18/Jun/2007 Daddy Pig's Birthday N/A
103 2x51 19/Jun/2007 Sleepover N/A
104 2x52 20/Jun/2007 Cold Winter Day N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
106 3x01 04/May/2009 Work and Play N/A
107 3x02 05/May/2009 The Rainbow N/A
108 3x03 06/May/2009 Pedro's Cough N/A
109 3x04 07/May/2009 The Library N/A
110 3x05 08/May/2009 The Camper Van N/A
111 3x06 11/May/2009 Camping Holiday N/A
112 3x07 12/May/2009 Compost N/A
113 3x08 13/May/2009 Richard Rabbit Comes to Play N/A
114 3x09 14/May/2009 Fun Run N/A
115 3x10 15/May/2009 Washing N/A
116 3x11 18/May/2009 Polly's Boat Trip N/A
117 3x12 19/May/2009 Delphine Donkey N/A
118 3x13 20/May/2009 The Fire Engine N/A
119 3x14 02/Nov/2009 Princess Peppa N/A
120 3x15 03/Nov/2009 Teddy Playgroup N/A
121 3x16 04/Nov/2009 Danny's Pirate Party N/A
122 3x17 05/Nov/2009 Mr Potato Comes to Town N/A
123 3x18 06/Nov/2009 The Train Ride N/A
124 3x19 09/Nov/2009 Granny Pig's Chickens N/A
125 3x20 10/Nov/2009 Talent Day N/A
126 3x21 11/Nov/2009 A Trip To the Moon N/A
127 3x22 12/Nov/2009 Grandpa at the Playground N/A
128 3x23 13/Nov/2009 Goldie the Fish N/A
129 3x24 16/Nov/2009 Funfair N/A
130 3x25 17/Nov/2009 Numbers N/A
131 3x26 18/Nov/2009 Digging up the Road N/A
132 3x27 24/Sep/2010 Freddy Fox N/A
133 3x28 24/Sep/2010 Whistling N/A
134 3x29 27/Sep/2010 Doctor Hamster's Tortoise N/A
135 3x30 27/Sep/2010 Sun, Sea and Snow N/A
136 3x31 28/Sep/2010 Grandpa Pig's Computer N/A
137 3x32 28/Sep/2010 Hospital N/A
138 3x33 29/Sep/2010 Spring N/A
139 3x34 29/Sep/2010 Miss Rabbit's Helicopter N/A
140 3x35 30/Sep/2010 Baby Alexander N/A
141 3x36 30/Sep/2010 Grampy Rabbit's Lighthouse N/A
142 3x37 01/Oct/2010 Miss Rabbit's Day Off N/A
143 3x38 19/Nov/2010 The Secret Club N/A
144 3x39 20/Nov/2010 Grampy Rabbit's Boatyard N/A
145 3x40 20/Nov/2010 Shake, Rattle and Bang N/A
146 3x41 21/Nov/2010 Champion Daddy Pig N/A
147 3x42 21/Nov/2010 Chatterbox N/A
148 3x43 22/Nov/2010 Mr Fox's Van N/A
149 3x44 22/Nov/2010 Chloe's Big Friends N/A
150 3x45 23/Nov/2010 Gym Class N/A
151 3x46 23/Nov/2010 The Blackberry Bush N/A
152 3x47 24/Nov/2010 Pottery N/A
153 3x48 24/Nov/2010 Paper Aeroplanes N/A
154 3x49 25/Nov/2010 Edmond Elephant's Birthday N/A
155 3x50 25/Nov/2010 The Biggest Mud Puddle in the World N/A
156 3x51 17/Dec/2010 Santa's Grotto N/A
157 3x52 17/Dec/2010 Santa's Visit N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
158 4x01 23/May/2011 Potato City N/A
159 4x02 23/May/2011 The New House N/A
160 4x03 24/May/2011 Basketball N/A
161 4x04 24/May/2011 Horsey Twinkle Toes N/A
162 4x05 25/May/2011 Naughty Tortoise N/A
163 4x06 25/May/2011 Mr Fox's Shop N/A
164 4x07 26/May/2011 Shadows N/A
165 4x08 26/May/2011 International Day N/A
166 4x09 27/May/2011 The Rainy Day Game N/A
167 4x10 27/May/2011 Mummy Rabbit's Bump N/A
168 4x11 30/May/2011 Pedro the Cowboy N/A
169 4x12 30/May/2011 Peppa and George's Garden N/A
170 4x13 31/May/2011 The Flying Vet N/A
171 4x14 09/Nov/2011 Kylie Kangaroo N/A
172 4x15 16/Dec/2011 Captain Daddy Dog N/A
173 4x16 16/Dec/2011 Grampy Rabbit's Dinosaur Park N/A
174 4x17 19/Dec/2011 Bedtime Story N/A
175 4x18 19/Dec/2011 Lost Keys N/A
176 4x19 20/Dec/2011 George's New Dinosaur N/A
177 4x20 20/Dec/2011 Grandpa Pig's Train to the Rescue N/A
178 4x21 21/Dec/2011 The Pet Competition N/A
179 4x22 21/Dec/2011 Spider Web N/A
180 4x23 22/Dec/2011 The Noisy Night N/A
181 4x24 22/Dec/2011 The Wishing Well N/A
182 4x25 23/Dec/2011 Mr Potato's Christmas Show N/A
183 4x26 23/Dec/2011 Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party N/A
184 4x27 04/Jun/2012 The Queen N/A
185 4x28 05/Jun/2012 Desert Island N/A
186 4x29 06/Jun/2012 Perfume N/A
187 4x30 07/Jun/2012 Children's Fete N/A
188 4x31 08/Jun/2012 The Aquarium N/A
189 4x32 11/Jun/2012 George's Racing Car N/A
190 4x33 12/Jun/2012 The Little Boat N/A
191 4x34 13/Jun/2012 The Sandpit N/A
192 4x35 14/Jun/2012 Night Animals N/A
193 4x36 15/Jun/2012 Flying on Holiday N/A
194 4x37 18/Jun/2012 The Holiday House N/A
195 4x38 19/Jun/2012 Holiday in the Sun N/A
196 4x39 20/Jun/2012 The End of the Holiday N/A
197 4x40 12/Dec/2012 Mirrors N/A
198 4x41 13/Dec/2012 Pedro is Late N/A
199 4x42 14/Dec/2012 Garden Games N/A
200 4x43 17/Dec/2012 Going Boating N/A
201 4x44 18/Dec/2012 Mr Bull in a China Shop N/A
202 4x45 19/Dec/2012 Fruit N/A
203 4x46 20/Dec/2012 George's Balloon N/A
204 4x47 21/Dec/2012 Peppa's Circus N/A
205 4x48 24/Dec/2012 Fish Pond N/A
206 4x49 25/Dec/2012 Snowy Mountain N/A
207 4x50 26/Dec/2012 Grampy Rabbit in Space N/A
208 4x51 27/Dec/2012 The Olden Days N/A
209 4x52 28/Dec/2012 Pirate Treasure N/A

S02 - #125/Dec/2007Peppa's ChristmasN/A

    Season 4 »
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Classification: Animation
Genre: Children Cartoons |
Status: Returning Series
Network: Channel 5 ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 08:10 am
Runtime: 5 Minutes
Premiere: May 31, 2004
Episode Order: 52
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