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Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Widow of Kill Cove

A fugitive killer and his wife hijack Adams' yacht in an attempt to flee the country.
Guest Stars: Beverly Garland as guest star | Anthony Caruso as guest star | Doug McClure as Jimmy | Paul Stader as guest star
Director: Richard Irving

2 :01x02 - A Stroll in the Park

A leisurely stroll in the park turns into a nightmare for a man after he encounters a smokin' hot damsel there.
Guest Stars: Jane Burgess as Susan | David Manley as Metz | Howard Dayton as Karlan | Betty Lou Gerson as Carole | Robert Cornthwaite as Brand | Connie Hines as Lorna
Director: Hilton A. Green

3 :01x03 - Doomtown

On a fishing trip, Adams discovers the body of a murdered woman and is faced with hostility from the townsfolk when he tries to solve the crime.
Guest Stars: Chuck Couch as guest star | Hal Needham as guest star | Howard Wright as Doc Gage | Kay E. Kuter as guest star | Frank Ferguson as Constable Usher | Richard Arlen as Blair Harper

4 :01x04 - The Spinster of Nob Hill

Adams gets himself involved in intrigue involving an old California family.
Guest Stars: Jocelyn Brando as Amy | Robert J. Stevenson as Kirk | Ed Nelson as Forbes | Lynette Bernay as Madge | James Anderson (1) as Will

5 :01x05 - The Groom Came D.O.A.

Adams investigates the case of a groom who left his wedding and ended up assuming room temperature.
Guest Stars: Jerry Madison as Doug Brenner | Jim Oberlin as Johnny Breck | Sid Raymond as Fishy Smith | Connie Hines as guest star

6 :01x06 - The Day Chivalry Died

A Naval officer becomes suspicious of wifey's former boyfriend and hires Adams to look into things.
Guest Stars: Robert Lowery as Miller | John Reach as Cardoza | Patricia Medina as Helen Cardoza

7 :01x07 - I Came for the Funeral

Adams travels to Mexico to attend a funeral and finds he's the soul mourner for a man he never knew.
Guest Stars: Ernest Sarracino as Arturo | Ronnie Rondell, Jr. as Juan | John Dennis as Goff | Jan Arvan as Carlos | Lucy Prentis as Donna | Eduardo Noriega as Maderas

8 :01x08 - I Want to be Hated

Adams is hired to investigate a woman who has seemingly lived a life of hatred.
Guest Stars: Joanne Linville as Nancy | Doris Lloyd as guest star | Robert P. Lieb as guest star | Don Kohler as guest star | Bill Erwin as guest star
Director: Richard Irving

9 :01x09 - Four and Twenty Buddhas

The ingredients of this case for Adams: the badge of a dead customs officer, a solid gold Buddha, and a hot Asian chick.
Guest Stars: Raymond Bailey as guest star | Lisa Lu as Mei Ling

10 :01x10 - Run Scared

Adams gets a taste of fear when a killer begins stalking him all over San Diego.
Guest Stars: Nora Marlowe as guest star | Phil Tully as guest star | James Beck (2) as guest star | Larry J. Blake as guest star | Walter Reed as guest star | John Harmon (1) as guest star | Mari Aldon as guest star

11 :01x11 - Alibi Bye

Adams tries to help a client prove his innocence in a hit-and-run case despite mounting evidence to the contrary.
Guest Stars: James Lanphier as guest star | Katherine Warren as guest star | Athalie Daniels as guest star | Clark Howat as guest star | Roy Engel as guest star | Robert Crosson as guest star

12 :01x12 - A Bookie is Not a Bibliophile

Adams heads way down south to help out a damsel who is a compulsive gambler.

13 :01x13 - Careless Joe

Adams investigates threats against a jazz musician.
Guest Stars: Ted Jordan as guest star | Elaine Riley as guest star | Sue Ane Langdon as guest star | Bernard Fein as Frank Fishman | Kathie Browne as Dinah Wells | Kenny Jackson as Joe Carless

14 :01x14 - Remember the Alamo

Adams investigates the case of a wealthy woman who suddenly disappeared on the streets of San Diego.
Guest Stars: Hugh Lawrence as guest star | David White (1) as guest star | Anthony Caruso as guest star | Beverly Garland as guest star
Director: Richard Irving

15 :01x15 - Blow, Gabriella

In this case, Adams gets involved with a scientist, beatniks, and government secrets.
Guest Stars: Paul Baxley as guest star | Ted Jordan as guest star | Don Devlin as guest star | Allen Pinson as guest star | William Forrest as guest star | Edna Holland as guest star | Ed Kemmer as guest star | Ray Stricklyn as guest star | Tracey Roberts as guest star
Director: Frank Arrigo

16 :01x16 - Loser's Circle

Adams goes on a cross-country chase in pursuit of a girl with a homicidal urge against her father.
Guest Stars: Carla Merey as guest star | DeForest Kelley as Frank Briggs

17 :01x17 - Obituary of a Small Ape

The story about a monkey that consistently brings death to each of its owners.
Guest Stars: Ronnie Rondell, Jr. as Joe | J. Pat O'Malley as Dr. Tracey | Arthur Kendall as Miller | Virginia Christine as Sarita | Marc Cavell as Dominguez | Argentina Brunetti as Mrs. Dominguez

18 :01x18 - Film Flam

A woman hires Adams to recover film which contains records of past indiscretions.
Guest Stars: Roxane Berard as Yvonne | Mary La Roche as Moraud | Read Morgan as Gidon | Vaughn Taylor as Voss

19 :01x19 - Londonderry Heiress

Adams is sent to London by a father who's worried about his daughter's safety.
Guest Stars: Pete Kellett as guest star | John Trayne as guest star | James Logan (1) as guest star | John Maxwell (1) as guest star | Norma Varden as guest star | James Flavin as guest star | Patricia Medina as guest star
Director: Frank Arrigo

20 :01x20 - Run, Shep, Run

Adams heads to the Louisiana backwoods in order to solve a mystery.
Guest Stars: Walter Coy as guest star | Anna Navarro as guest star | Leo Gordon as guest star | Jay Novello as guest star | Dorothy Green as Ava | DeForest Kelley as Shep

21 :01x21 - Wrong Odds

Adams tries to help a businessman who has gotten himself into trouble over gambling losses.
Guest Stars: Tom Monroe as guest star | Terry Loomis as guest star | Robert Burton as guest star | Oliver McGowan as guest star | Larry J. Blake as guest star | Bern Hoffman as guest star | Eric Sinclair as Gil Chandler

22 :01x22 - Sincerely Yours, Napoleon

This time, Adams becomes involved with a ballet dancer and a man who's been living a double life.
Guest Stars: Len Hendry as guest star | Viola Berwick as guest star | Virginia Christine as guest star | Sue Ane Langdon as guest star | Vaughn Taylor as guest star
Director: Frank Arrigo

23 :01x23 - The Man from Way Down Yonder

After a woman receives a package containing a deadly spider her husband hires Adams to investigate. Things lead to a blackmail and extortion plot.
Guest Stars: Allen Pinson as guest star | Fred Gabourie as guest star | Len Hendry as guest star | Byron Morrow as guest star | Claudia Barrett as guest star | Mary Munday as guest star | John Cliff as guest star | John Goddard (1) as guest star
Director: Frank Arrigo

24 :01x24 - Caribbean Chase

Dan Adams travels to a pre-Castro Cuba in order to save a hot chick from death.
Guest Stars: Chris Ponti as guest star | Sal Ponti as guest star | Arthur Kendall as guest star | John Beradino as guest star | Donna Martell as guest star
Director: Frank Arrigo

25 :01x25 - Hunt Breakfast

Dan Adams arrives at the home of a bank manager friend to pick him up for a fishing trip only to run into a terror filled situation.
Guest Stars: Jack Emrok as Short | Eve McVeagh as Mrs. Tyler | Ken Lynch as Briefs | William Keene as Lloyd Tyler | Cindy Robbins as Abby Tyler | Jan Merlin as Boxer

26 :01x26 - Excursion to Algiers

In New Orleans once again, Adams searches for a killer aboard an excursion boat.
Guest Stars: Tom McKee as guest star | Vicki Raaf as guest star | Jack Mather (1) as guest star | John Beradino as guest star | Dorothy Green as Doret Hamlin
Director: Frank Arrigo

27 :01x27 - Flight to Lapaz

A wide variety of people are the survivors of an airplane crash including a criminal and a private eye named Dan Adams.
Guest Stars: Harry Bartell as guest star | Laurie Mitchell as guest star | Robert Knapp as guest star | Robert Osterloh as guest star
Director: Frank Arrigo

28 :01x28 - Three's a Shroud

An armed whack job escapes from the loony bin with the intention of killing three people.
Guest Stars: Eve Miller as Mrs. Saxton | John Archer (1) as Roger Nash | Logan Field as Lt. Bruce Williams | Ann McCrea as Mrs. Bowen | Russ Bender as Ted Bowen

29 :01x29 - Come with Thy Loot

After two masked bandits rob a couple of expensive jewelry, Dan Adams is hired to recover the trinkets and apprehend the thieves.
Guest Stars: Al Hodge as Sgt. Hollister | Ruth Terry as Paula Rhem | Vaughn Taylor as Dr. Henry Dakin | Bob Hopkins (2) as Art Rhem | Bess Flowers as Mrs. Carew
Director: Frank Arrigo

30 :01x30 - The Day Ramon Fell

Adams pursues a criminal across the Mexican desert.
Guest Stars: Salvador Baguez as guest star | Nesdon Booth as guest star | Robert G. Anderson as guest star | Eugene Iglesias as Ramon | Estelita Rodriguez as Rodna Rosales | Jean Willes as guest star

31 :01x31 - Long Way to Detroit

Adams travels a long way from his San Diego home when authorities ask him to investigate diamond smuggling in Sierra Leone.
Guest Stars: Johnny Silver as guest star | Paul Baxley as guest star | Charles Horvath as guest star | Rayford Barnes as Riker | Vito Scotti as guest star | Lester Matthews as Tony Wingate | Barbara Stuart as Jeanne Lamar
Director: Richard Irving

32 :01x32 - But the Patient Died

A surgeon is faced with a horrible dilemma. Either he allows a patient to die on the operating table or his own family will be killed.
Guest Stars: Walter Reed as guest star | Tom Gilson as guest star | John Kroger as guest star | Catherine McLeod as guest star | Christine White as Janet Harvey | Wesley Lau as Dr. David Travis

33 :01x33 - Gone Goose

Adams tries to convince small town law enforcement officials that they're being fooled by a clever killer.
Guest Stars: Robert Petersen as Fenton | Paul Sorenson as guest star | Slim Pickens as guest star | Jim Davis (1) as Barton Kincaid | Jean Carson as Lois Dixon

34 :01x34 - The Anxious Mariner

Dan Adams travels to London where he goes undercover as a first mate aboard a tramp steamer in order to bring back a deported gangster to the United States.
Guest Stars: Bart Burns as guest star | Robert Foulk as guest star | William Schallert as guest star | Coleen Gray as guest star | Steve Darrell as Joe Cass
Director: Dann Cahn

35 :01x35 - Flee Now, Pay Later

A charter pilot's wife asks Adams to track down her husband when he fails to return from a job.
Guest Stars: Lane Bradford as guest star | Nacho Galindo as guest star | Edith Evanson as guest star | Clark Howat as guest star | Nan Leslie as Jan Telford | John Bryant as Mike Telford
Director: Frank Arrigo

36 :01x36 - The Daley Double

When an actress becomes the victim of several mysterious accidents she hires Adams to discover who or what is behind them.
Guest Stars: Hugh Sanders as guest star | Paul Lukather as guest star | William Keene as guest star | Peter Adams (2) as guest star | Mary La Roche as Belinda Daley
Director: Henry Kesler

37 :01x37 - Singapore Girl

A sacred Muslim book is for sale and Adams must get a hold of it in order to prevent war from breaking out.
Guest Stars: Larry Perron as guest star | Bea Wong as guest star | Lisa Lu as Kim Luchan | Lester Matthews as Major Durham | Keith McConnell as Lt. Townsend
Director: Dann Cahn

38 :01x38 - Blonde Herring

Two damsels vie for the affections of Dan Adams.
Guest Stars: Carol Ohmart as Jeanne Durmais | Sue Ane Langdon as Holly Crane

39 :01x39 - They Met in Honolulu

When a bride disappears from her hotel in San Diego, Adams' investigation of the matter leads to Honolulu.
Guest Stars: Tod Griffin as Joe Sanger | Walter Reed as guest star | Jacqueline Mayo as Eva Barstow | Hayden Rorke as Theodore | Caroline Richter as guest star | Clarence Lung as guest star
Director: Dann Cahn
Warning: Coronado 9 guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 06, 1960
Ended: May 30, 1961
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