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Go Forth: From Creation To Abraham - Recap

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In this first episode, Feiler and Goren travel by whatever means they have available, or is necessary, to get to their destination, and many of these places are very remote. Their first location is where many scholars say that civilization was created, Mesopotamia, which is part of modern day Turkey. It's at the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that the storytellers of the Bible place the creation of man and where Adam and Eve would dwell, the Garden Of Eden.

On their trek, Bruce and Avner search for Noah's Ark atop of Mt. Ararat, walk through the village where Abraham was supposed to have been born and then make their way to the ancient ruins of Harran, the site where God tells Abraham to "go forth" to the Promised Land. While tracing Abraham's return to Jerusalem, the team pauses at the Dead Sea and it's infamous salt pillars, known as "Lot's Wife". The final stop is the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, believed to be the place where Isaac was brought by Abraham to be sacrificed to God as a test of faith.

All through their travels, scripture is dramatically read, bringing it to life in dynamic settings. It not only affects the viewer of this majestic and historic land, but it touches Feiler as he realizes that his journey is becoming a pilgrimage. This first episode ends with Bruce wondering if the real importance of his travels is not just the physical discovery of where Biblical events happened but the unexplored spiritual truths that are now speaking to him as loudly as his geographic adventure.

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