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Foreword: I wrote this article roughly a year ago, shortly after I joined a Happy Tree Friends forum. I thought I would post it here in hopes of starting some discussion.

Section I: Visual Characteristics Analysis

Each of the primary Happy Tree Friends have visual characteristics that help distinguish them from one another, in which Giggles is no exception. These characteristics can range from actual physical characteristics, such as height or color, while others are merely accessories or garments that a character typically wears. When it comes to Giggles, most people remember her due to two visual characteristics: her bright pink fur and her pinkish-red ribbon. These two characteristics, more-so than any other, define the very existence of Giggles as a physical being in the Happy Tree Friends universe, especially since most of her other characteristics are average in terms of the series. She is of average height amongst her peers, as most of the other Happy Tree Friends are relatively the same size, but she also shares the same eye color, as well as various other anatomical similarities. However, Giggles’ visual characteristics are interesting, as unlike any other character, with the exception of Cub, she has had a parent seen in the episode ’Helping Helps’, which establishes a genetic reason for the way she looks. She is, in truth, a splitting image of her mother, in both color and physical traits, though she also wears a red ribbon, just like the one that her mother wore. Unfortunately, aside from these points, I do not believe there is much more that could be determined through analyzing her visual characteristics, but there are other important elements that can be examined in order to evaluate the content of a character.

Section II: Personality Analysis

In animation, personality is the key detail that makes a character more than just an image to the viewer. Throughout all of the great animated programs in any era, all of the most well recognized characters are well recognized because they have distinct personalities that the viewers at home can associate with, as well as to create a common bond between one another that allows for the viewers to feel empathetic towards their cause. Such is no different when it comes to Happy Tree Friends, as the violence and gore would be in vain if the viewers didn’t grow fond of the characters, to go so far as to feel sorrow or grief towards their plight, or even suspense when a character may just be able to survive. As an animated character, in purely animated terms, Giggles is a relatively simple character, but her personality is what gives her the level of depth that she has managed to obtain, and it is her personality that has caused her to obtain fans, such as me, who look forward to her next appearance in the series. There are many aspects of Giggles’ personality that help dictate how she behaves in certain episodes, but for the sake of the article, I will also include skills and proficiencies in this section, as the three of these things, when working together, can be used as a guiding light to determine who exactly Giggles is as an individual.

Giggles, as a character, has a very positive outlook on life. While many of the other Happy Tree Friends contain such values as well, nobody else seems to cherish life as much as Giggles does, as she has openly sought out opportunities to make a difference and she seldom disrespects any creature, whether they’re another Happy Tree Friend or an animal of any sort. For this reason, Giggles seems to be one of the more pure and innocent characters amongst the Happy Tree Friends and I feel that such may even be manifested in her appearance, as her bright pink fur and pinkish-red ribbon are easily interpreted as childlike and innocent in nature; though since such has nothing to do with personality, I will speak no further on it. Giggles’ kindness, along with her innocent demeanor, is portrayed in several episodes, the most notable of which being three recent TV episodes. In both ’A Change Of Heart’ and ’Chew Said A Mouthful’, Giggles was a nurse who helped Doctor Lumpy save the lives of patients, or to help with operations that would be beneficial for them in the long run, which is an admirable thing to do. Also, in the episode ’Dunce Upon A Time’, when Nutty sold the cow he and Giggles owned for jelly beans, Giggles didn’t show any sign of anger, instead only sighing in depression and going to bed starving. I know that this episode was based on a fairy-tale and that Giggles’ behavior stems from that fact, but since the characters in this episode behaved relatively the same as they always do, I feel that I am justified in including this in this section, as it proves in my eyes the scope of Giggles’ compassion.

However, there is nobody completely free of sin in the Happy Tree Friends universe, as the TV Series is starting to have some instances where Giggles is seen behaving in a slightly negative light. These details may be relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of things, as they’re minor misdemeanors and they do little to take away from the merits of her positive actions, but they do prove a valid point. For example, in the TV episode ’Easy Comb, Easy Go, Giggles, along with Petunia, laughed at Disco Bear when he attempted to flirt with them after he lost his hair, despite the fact that they knew that it would have made him feel bad. This action, while not the most devious of crimes, did significantly hurt Disco Bear’s feelings and it ultimately helped cause him to take the course of action he did later in the episode. Most of the other episodes of the series have yet to show anything else that could be seen as negative on her part, but I must confess that I haven’t seen the first four episodes of the TV Series, so I have no way of knowing if such did take place in those episodes. None-the-less, I am confident that future episodes of the series will continue to portray Giggles in a negative light, in certain situations, anyway. However, viewers need to remember that the details behind an action must be understood before one can claim that it was made with cruel intentions, as some episodes have a character do cruel things due to other reasons, such as when Giggles stepped on a dying Petunia and ignored Lumpy’s disfigurement in ’Snow What, That’s What’, but that brings up a different point entirely.

The reason for said negligence on Giggles’ part in ’Snow What, That’s What’ stems from the fact that Giggles does not easily come to terms with any notion regarding death. When she saw Cro-Marmot fall off the cliff, she felt that it was her obligation to save his life, so when she passed up two other dying characters, she did so because she was intently focused on saving Cro-Marmot’s life. This does not excuse her from stepping on Petunia’s face, or ignoring Lumpy for that matter, but when one takes the time to see how Giggles reacts to death in other episodes, it becomes understandable as to why she did what she did. In the episode ’Boo Do You Think You Are’, when Sniffles gets killed by the hand in the horror ride, she instantly went into a catatonic state, seeming to lose all of her ability to function. Flaky attempted to help her regain her control, as he saw that she would get killed by the pendulum blade if she didn’t take cover, but his attempts were in vain as he could do nothing to snap her out of her mental state. I feel that this shows the severity of her problem, as even with the help of another individual, she could do nothing else but stare at Sniffles’ body and twitch. This behavior is also consistent with the events in the episode ’This Is Your Knife’, as when Flippy killed Cuddles and caused his blood to get splashed on Giggles, she immediately screamed and started to hyperventilate; this, in turn, led to her demise, as she did nothing but stand there in a panicked stupor while Flippy gained the necessary means of killing her. There are some episodes that contradict this theory, however, such as ’Dunce Upon A Time’, as even though Giggles was initially shocked and grossed out at the deaths, she didn’t lose her ability to rationally think, as she did in other episodes. Despite this, I still believe her behavior in previous episodes is logically justified, as contradictions such as the one I’ve just mentioned are inevitable in any animated program, and there is a chance that she may have ultimately overcome her tendencies to lose control upon witnessing such tragic events.

Giggles also appears to have an above average level of common sense, in comparison to some of the other characters in the Happy Tree Friends universe. While there are several characters in the series who often try to do things in a fashion that are dangerous, Giggles always seems to try to keep an eye open for ways to avoid inflicting harm upon herself, as well as those around her. In the episode ’Eyes Cold Lemonade’, she made sure that she wouldn’t accidentally cut herself with the knife when she was preparing to make lemonade. Granted, this is something that other Happy Tree Friends would have likely done as well, but sense several characters wouldn’t have made the safety check, I felt that this demonstrated an important characteristic behind Giggles’ personality. Giggles also wore mittens when she was handling the hot teapot in ’Stayin’ Alive’, which is again something that is common sense, but there have been other episodes where other characters grabbed something hot without thinking, so this supports my belief that Giggles does attempt to take things somewhat safely. Finally, the TV episode ’Home Is Where The Hurt Is’ showed this characteristic as well, as when Giggles was first about to enter the home that was built for her, she managed to avoid stepping on a sharp shaft that was sticking out of the floor, which prevented her any serious harm to her foot; her actions did result in her landing in a large pile of sharp construction tools, but since she emerged without a scratch, her behavior in the episode once again helped her out of a dangerous situation. However, keep in mind that even though Giggles does try to ensure she doesn’t hurt herself, she does take risks for entertainment and she isn’t going to stop herself from doing something fun merely because it could be dangerous.

Other aspects of Giggles’ personality are somewhat conflicting, as they appear to be actions that only certain age groups would be associated with, but since I have devoted an entire section of this article to things regarding her age, I do not wish to bring up such points here. However, I wish to bring up both ’Remains To Be Seen’ and ’Out Of Sight, Out Of Mime’, as in these two Halloween based episodes, Giggles went trick-or-treating. In the first of the two episodes, Giggles went dressed up as a witch, while in the second of the two episodes, Giggles went dressed up as an angel. While this, unfortunately, doesn’t prove anything concrete, as has been the case with other characters and their costumes, it does show the level of variety that Giggles is willing to embrace, as witches and angels are drastically different from one another, yet she managed to make both costumes work for her quite well.

Naturally, as with every character in the Happy Tree Friends universe, Giggles has several characteristics that are typically only seen in one or two episodes. These characteristics, while typically small and overlooked, are still important as they add onto the level of depth that a character has. For example, in the episode ’Happy Trails’, Giggles is seen spear-fishing after the Happy Tree Friends crash onto an island; I’ve always found this scene remarkable, as the fact that Giggles could successfully spear-fish, which is harder than it looks, proves that she has some secrets that one would never guess, based on her appearance alone. Also, other tiny scenes help further portray the scope of her kind nature, as in the episode ’Stayin’ Alive’, Giggles offered Disco Bear a cookie, despite the fact that she didn’t care much for his attempts to impress her with his moves. Interestingly enough, as I’ve mentioned in my prior basic article, Giggles did seem to smile at first when Disco Bear grabbed her hand and proceeded to dance with her, though the smile didn’t last long since Disco Bear’s spin caused her to get impaled by the teapot. I cannot be certain why Giggles was smiling during that scene; perhaps she likes to dance, or was just flattered that Disco Bear selected her, though since she was unimpressed by his moves and his music just moments prior, I lack any logical explanation for this. Some could claim that Giggles may actually like Disco Bear as a romantic interest, but considering the fact that both she and Petunia ignore Disco Bear’s flirtations in nearly ever episode, it doesn’t appear that such could be the case.

In all honesty, there are many more details, both small and large, that could be included in this section and I honestly wish to include them all. However, such would serve no true purpose, as if this section of the article were expanded upon further, I fear nobody would take the time to read it. However, the below Age Analysis, Ambition Analysis and Episodic Role Analysis will also cover bits and pieces of Giggles’ personality that I did not address in this section, while the other sections of the article will cover various other details about Giggles that also helps make her the character that we all know of today. Giggles may not be the most complex of the Happy Tree Friends, and she may not star in as many episodes as other characters, but I believe she does have a detailed personality and I am confident that more and more new details will be revealed in future episodes that will permit her fans to understand more about her.

Section III: Age Analysis

The universe that the Happy Tree Friends live in is similar to our own to some degree, as the characters live, age, and ultimately die. In accordance with such, each character in the series is of a certain age, which helps dictate and enforce the way in which they behave in certain situations, such as whom they associate themselves with or what they choose to do with their free time. When one takes the time to analyze Giggles, as well as the roles she has had in various episodes, one can safely assume that she is either a child or a young adolescent. Plenty of evidence can be found to support either theory throughout the course of the series, so either of these assumptions wouldn’t technically be incorrect, but for the sake of this article, I will present the evidence in this section so that readers can make up their own minds.

The primary piece of evidence that has been used to claim that Giggles is a child is due to her mother’s appearance in ’Helping Helps. Towards the end of that episode, Splendid brings Giggles’ corpse to her mother, who believes she is still alive due to Splendid’s deception, in which her mother picks her up and embraces her. The fact that Giggles’ mother was saddened by her apparent death is irrelevant, as any parent would be saddened by the loss of a child of any age, but the size ratio during this scene is what is important. When one analyzes this scene, the fact that Giggles was small enough to be held by her mother as she was does seem to indicate that she is a child, due to the size difference, but we must remember another important truth. In terms of the logic of the series, Giggles’ mother is freakishly huge, as other adult characters, whether they’re primary characters like Pop, or background characters used to represent denizens en masse, are much smaller than Giggles’ mother was. This fact is important, as this means that Giggles could still be an adolescent and be embraced in such a fashion, as since her mother is abnormally large, the size difference is more understandable than it would have been if she were normal sized. Granted, this logic has its flaws, but until another adult character that equals the size of Giggles’ mother is seen in the series, it needs to be accepted, as without such an appearance, the only logical explanation for the scene would be that Giggles’ mother is just an abnormally large character.

There is other evidence that has been used to claim that Giggles is a child as well, mostly those involving her participating in childish activities. However, some of these activities cannot necessarily prove that she is a child, as adults and other individuals could just as easily participate and enjoy such activities as well. For example, in the episode ’Snow What, That’s What’, Giggles was seen building a snowman, and in the episode ’From Hero To Eternity’, Giggles was seen enjoying a playful snowball fight with Cuddles. While these two actions are commonly associated with children, they are not something exclusive to them, as adults and other older individuals could just as easily participate and enjoy them as well. The episode ’You’re Bakin’ Me Crazy’ must also be held under such logic, as even though Giggles would need to be young in order to be a member of the Girl Scouts, there are young adolescent members of that organization who may also help their troupe by selling cookies door to door, so the episode doesn’t prove that she is a child. However, many of the other episodes have Giggles in situations where older individuals wouldn’t be commonly found, which could potentially be found valid evidence to prove that she is a child.

In the episode ’Spin Fun Knowin’ Ya’, Lumpy, an adult character, was seen pushing Giggles, Cuddles and Toothy on a merry-go-round. It seems unlikely that, if Giggles were a teenager, that she would have enjoyed the activity as much as she did and such isn’t a ride that most teenagers would even participate in. Also, Giggles’ lemonade stand in ’Eyes Cold Lemonade’ seems to support the claim that she is a child as well, as the lemonade stand was poorly constructed and both she and Petunia enjoyed working more than most older individuals would have. While it has become cliché for children to work at lemonade stands, the cliché does hold some truth to it, as most older individuals would get a real job, rather than trying to get a few dollars by selling drinks. Giggles also participated in the children’s play in the episode ’Class Act’, and enjoyed watching the children’s party magic show in ’I Get A Trick Out Of You’, which both seem to support the theory that Giggles is a child. She went trick or-treating in both ’Remains To Be Seen’ and ’Out Of Sight, Out Of Mime’ as well; I realize that older individuals can also go trick-or-treating, and that Lumpy even went trick-or-treating in the latter of those two mentioned episodes, but the event is still something mostly dominated by children, which is why I included the activity in this section, rather than the previous one.

However, for nearly every episode that seems to prove that Giggles is a child, there is another that seems to prove that she is a young adolescent, or even older. In the episode ’Blind Date’, Giggles was seen waiting for her date with The Mole, in which dating in general is something most individuals don’t start taking seriously until they’re in their teenage years. What makes that episode more conflicting is that The Mole is an older individual, which would have been somewhat awkward for Giggles if she were indeed a child; though it isn’t clear if Giggles knew who her date was, as the episode title could have been referring to an actual blind date, or merely due to the fact that she had a “blind” date. The TV Series has also had some of these episodes, as in two of the TV episodes, ’A Change Of Hearts’ and ’Chew Said A Mouthful’, Giggles was a nurse who served Doctor Lumpy with his operations; this is one of the primary pieces of evidence that could be used to claim that Giggles is not a child, as the operations she’s helped with were dangerous and complex, in which it doesn’t seem likely that a child would have been able to get the job. At the very least, it would seem Giggles would need to be a highly qualified teenager in order to get the job, but logic in the Happy Tree Friends universe could be different and child labor may be sanctioned. Giggles also moved into her own home in the TV episode ’Home Is Where The Hurt Is’, which implies that she was old enough to move away from her abnormally large mother; this is something that normally adults would only be able to do, but some teenagers do move out of their parents home at a younger age.

While there are other details that could be used as evidence to support how old Giggles may be, I cannot present all of them, as some of them were in episodes of the TV Series that I haven’t seen, or cannot authentically recall, while others are smaller details that wouldn’t necessarily provide much of a boon towards what it tries to prove. However, the wide array of activities in which Giggles appears in does prove that she is versatile in the ways in which she can be portrayed, though the manner of activities that she participates in does conflict and contradict one another at times, as different things tend to portray her as being a different age. Every fan of the series will ultimately have to make their own decision, as no true answer exists for how old Giggles actually is; I have my own thoughts on the subject, which I will express in the category designed for such thoughts, though I hope that those who have read this section will realize why Giggles’ age is such a mystery, as despite the abundance of evidence, it is evident that abundance isn’t enough.

Section IV: Social Analysis

Each of the Happy Tree Friends has certain individuals that they prefer to associate themselves with, which is evident in many episodes of the series. However, this doesn’t mean that the characters only wish to speak with those individuals, as most of the Happy Tree Friends treat one another with respect and they’re typically nice to one another, with some exceptions. Regardless, when it comes to Giggles, she seems to prefer hanging out with Cuddles and Petunia, though she has also been seen with many of the other characters and I will point out specific instances in due time, but since most of these other interactions are not as significant, I won’t be able to speak of all of them Of course, with newer episodes still being made, there is potential for things to change when it comes to social behavior, as each episode has the characters interacting in a new fashion, so keep that in mind as this article becomes more and more dated after I post this.

Giggles’ relationship with Cuddles is interesting because they seem to be the most commonly associated male and female pairing in the Happy Tree Friends universe. I understand that there are really only two females, three if you count Flaky, but you don’t often see Giggles and Petunia hanging out with a specific character in many episodes, with the exception of Disco Bear, as they don’t usually want to be around him. I do not wish to imply that Giggles and Cuddles are in a romantic relationship of any sort, as there is really no logical evidence and I’ve never much of a shipper, but I will say that the two of them have an especially close bond and I feel they’re very good friends. In the episode ’Flippin’ Burgers’, it seems that the two of them were sharing lunch with one another, as while they both had their own hamburgers, the large box of french-fries was located in the middle of the table, which implied that they were both eating from the same meal. Also, when Cuddles inadvertently splashed Giggles with ketchup, the two laughed it off, which shows that Giggles seems to easily forgive Cuddles for his antics. In the episode ’This Is Your Knife’, Cuddles and Giggles were sharing the same log while sitting by the campfire, which while small, is still important in defining the relationship that they have. The two of them also had fun in a snowball fight in ’From Hero To Eternity’, and when Giggles accidentally killed Cuddles, she showed true shock and remorse over what happened. There have been other episodes where the two of them have been seen together, but since many of these take place in relatively unimportant scenes, it may be purely circumstantial. However, even with that said, the scenes do add on some importance and I feel they work together with the two primary scenes I’ve mentioned to express the scope of their relationship with one another.

Giggles relationship with Petunia is likely due to the fact that they’re the only female characters in the series, if you don’t include Flaky. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re friends just for the sake of being friends, as the two of them seem to thoroughly enjoy one another’s company. What makes their friendship interesting is, they often have to witness the suffering or death of one another, which allows them to demonstrate a sincere sign of concern for one another. In the episode ’Eyes Cold Lemonade’, the two of them are seen enjoying one another’s company while running a lemonade stand; when Giggles gets maimed by the sign, Petunia shows a sincere sign of shock and dismay, despite spitting the acidic lemonade into her open wounds. Regardless of that fact, she did put in more nails into the sign to ensure that it wouldn’t hit Giggles again, which I feel helps prove that she has a genuine concern for Giggles’ wellbeing. In the episode ’Stayin’ Alive’, the two of them are once again seen enjoying one another’s company, this time at a tea-party. As with last time, when Giggles gets injured, Petunia once again shows a sincere sign of shock and dismay, though before she can take action to help her friend, Disco Bear tosses her into an electric fence. Giggles returns the favor in the TV episode ’Who’s To Flame’, as when Petunia catches on fire, Giggles rushes over to try to extinguish it with a towel of sorts, though this ultimately causes the both of them to burst into flames. There have been other episodes where the two of them have been seen in the presence of one another and I am confident that the two of them will remain steadfast friends in the future, as Petunia may actually be Giggles’ true best friend, considering they’ve spent quite a lot of time together.

When it comes to the various other characters that Giggles has associated with, it becomes somewhat more difficult to gauge the true value of their relationship, as they haven’t spent as much time together as some of the other characters. Since Giggles is one of the frequently used characters in the series, she is used often, which means she has many associates that she has appeared with in one episode or another. ’Boo Do You Think You Are’ seemed to indicate that Giggles has some level of friendship with Sniffles and Flaky, since they got onto the ride together; the fact that Giggles panicked upon Sniffles’ death and that Flaky attempted to save Giggles’ life helps confirm this, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, Giggles’ reaction seems to have been carried out for logical reasons. Giggles was also spending time with Flaky when she was at the campfire with Cuddles in ’This Is Your Knife’, and there are likely other episodes that they’ve been seen together in that are merely slipping my mind at the moment. The episode ’Snow What, That’s What’ also seems to indicate that she has some level of friendship with Cro-Marmot, but since Giggles was minding her own business when Cro-Marmot threw the snowball, it can’t really be said for certain. The episode ’Easy Comb, Easy Go’ also made it seem that Giggles, as well as Petunia, may have some romantic interest in Mime, as after he purchased his wig, the two instantly started showing some affection towards him; though since this scene was made as a joke, since Disco Bear lost his hair and his ability to woo the ladies he’s never wood, there may not actually be anything special between the two of them.

While on the subject of Disco Bear, there seems to be a lot of chemistry between them. It may not always be good chemistry, as they seldom get along, but it does provide for some interesting scenes. As we all know, Disco Bear has a desire to try to become romantically involved with both Petunia and Giggles, but as was evident in ’Blind Date’, he’s interested in the type of love that doesn’t come in the form of a commitment. In various episodes of the series, he has made several attempts to woo both Giggles and Petunia, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, he actually got Giggles to smile in ’Stayin’ Alive’. I do not know the reasons for this, and I don’t wish to say what I said earlier because it would just be redundant, but it actually seemed that Giggles was happy that Disco Bear did what he did, up until she died. Unfortunately, this doesn’t go along with the rest of the logic that has been seen in the series, as Giggles always seems uninterested in Disco Bear’s advances and she usually shrugs it off or yawns due to his boring attempts to impress her. However, in ’A Change Of Heart’, Giggles did go through extraordinary feats in order to keep Disco Bear alive, as I’ll speak about further in the next section, but I feel that Giggles would have done what she did regardless of who it was that she needed to help keep alive.

I believe I could write more in this section, but I’m going to be honest and say that it would just be too difficult. Giggles seems to get along well with all of the Happy Tree Friends and she’s associated with nearly every one of them at one point or another, so writing up a few sentences on every encounter would waste everybody’s time and no good would come from it. However, I feel I’ve covered the more important relationships and I provided some things that I’ve found interesting through the course of my research, so I hope that those who have read this section will have found it to be adequate in terms of content.

Section V: Ambition Analysis

Every character in the Happy Tree Friends universe has something that they desire, whether it’s a material item, or an ideal that they wish to uphold and spread throughout the world. Many of these goals may never be met, due to the various difficulties involved in such, but it does seem that the characters behave and interact with the world while holding their ambition close to their heart. When it comes to Giggles, she appears to have only one primary ambition, but this does seem to be a work in progress because recent TV episodes, such as ’Every Litter Bit Hurts’, have been working to add more major goals and desires upon her character. Unfortunately, I must confess that I only saw portions of that episode as I was distracted at the time of watching it, so I cannot accurately write about that episode, as my recollection of the events in that episode are vague at best. However, just because I feel that Giggles only has one major ambition doesn’t mean she is without others, as each character also has many other various goals and ambitions that are expected of them as living beings, though for the sake of this article, I just wished to concentrate on the primary ones.

The primary ambition researched in this article is that Giggles seems to wish she could do all she could to save the lives of other individuals. Her desire to do this likely stems from the fact that death is something that deeply troubles her, which is something I spoke of earlier in the personality analysis; I acknowledge and understand that Giggles isn’t the only character who wishes to save lives, as other characters in the series wish to do such as well, and many of them have often tried to do such, but I’ve felt that recent episodes of the TV Series have proven that her desire is more advanced than that of most other characters. The first time she saved a life was in the episode ’Snow What, That’s What’, when she risked, and ultimately sacrificed her life in order to save Cro-Marmot, which is ironic, since Cro-Marmot may have been perfectly fine without her sacrifice, depending on the circumstances of the crash. However, this action could be seen as less of a desire to save lives and more of a heat-of-the-moment action, as Giggles was responsible for knocking Cro-Marmot off the ledge and she may have saved him because she felt responsible. Either way, this instance did seem to have an affect on Giggles, as later, in two TV episodes, she decided to do more to help save the lives of others.

In the TV episode ’A Change Of Heart’, Giggles is seen as a nurse who works at the offices of Doctor Lumpy. When Disco Bear arrives at the hospital due to his heart problems, Lumpy carelessly botches the operation and finds himself in quick need of a heart, so he leaves Giggles with the task of keeping Disco Bear alive with a bicycle pump until he finds a heart and returns. Much later in the episode, as much time has passed with Lumpy’s negligence to hurry, he returns to the scene and discovers Giggles on the floor, gasping for air, pale in expression and both physically and mentally exhausted. This is something that I’ve found truly remarkable, as Giggles, with her desire to keep Disco Bear alive, had pumped on the bicycle pump in order to circulate the blood through his veins up until the point of exhaustion, in which she no longer had the strength to continue the job. What makes her feat even more impressive is the fact that Lumpy then threw the pump back onto her, in which she then continued to help him save Disco Bear’s life, despite the fact that her frailty was then nearly as high as Disco Bear’s, as she was well past the point of exhaustion and she was risking harm onto herself in order to save the lives of another individual. The TV episode ’Chew Said A Mouthful’ also showed Giggles in this role, as even though her task was much more minuscule, it was her desire to help others that caused her to persuade Doctor Lumpy to perform an operation on Toothy, rather than taking an early leave to go golfing.

Also, the TV episode ’Dunce Upon A Time’ further portrayed Giggles’ desire to save lives, as when she discovered that Giant Lumpy was keeping other Happy Tree Friends in jars, using them as cooking ingredients, she launched herself on a mousetrap in order to get to them and save them, despite the great risk to life and limb that the situation created. I know that some people may feel that this episode shouldn’t be counted, since it took place in an entirely different setting and it involved Lumpy being a giant, but since the characters were portrayed in a relatively normal fashion, I have no qualms in including it as a valid episode that can be analyzed. Regardless, later in that episode, Giggles did forsake her desire to save lives and she went to save herself, but I feel that such is because fear is a much more powerful emotion than sadness, so the fact that she went into a panic and ran away cannot be used to say she didn’t care about the plights of the other characters.

Anyway, the series is still young and the future holds more potential for research than the past does. Over time, more character development will take place and Giggles will gain other primary ambitions, and her desire to save lives may make other appearances in the series, or it could be just as easily forgotten and never brought up again. The ebb and flow of the tide of the Happy Tree Friends universe is a complex one, and I apologize that I cannot fully express all of her ambitions, but from my research, it does seem that Giggles’ one true desire in life is to help save lives and to prevent the suffering from others.

Section VI: Character Comparison Analysis

Each and every being in the Happy Tree Friends universe is unique. They each have their own merits and their own flaws, and they each have distinct characteristics and traits that define them as being who they are. While I’ve said something along these lines earlier in the article, I wished to devote this section for the sole purpose of comparing and contrasting Giggles, as a character, with four other characters that I have selected for the sake of this section of the article. Through such, I hope to further understand some details about Giggles, as well as the four characters she will be compared to, but I feel it should also permit us to understand why Giggles has the chemistry she has with the characters in question

If one were to compare Giggles with Lumpy, they would find that they are quite different from one another, at first glance. Where Lumpy lacks common sense and often neglects his duties, Giggles seems to have a decent amount of common sense and she doesn’t like to shirk her responsibilities, as was seen in ’b]Chew Said A Mouthful’, when Giggles grew somewhat angry when Lumpy attempted to leave work early. However, Lumpy and Giggles do have some things in common, as both of them do seem to genuinely want to save lives when they’re capable of doing such. In several episodes, Lumpy has put himself in harm’s way in order to try to help the other Happy Tree Friends, though due to his ignorant demeanor, his heroics usually cause more harm than good. This is one of the reasons I’ve found Lumpy as a character to be so interesting, as since he is a universal character in how he is a man of many roles, he has been in positions that have both conflicted and supported the cause of nearly every character in the series, though despite this, he manages to make each and every role believable. While I doubt that Giggles and Lumpy would ever be good friends, considering the vast differences between their beliefs and their hobbies, it does seem that they do have enough in common to permit some positive chemistry to exist between them, which could explain why Giggles is working as Lumpy’s nurse in two episodes of the TV Series.

If one were to compare Giggles with Petunia, they would find that they have actually behaved in nearly an identical fashion, at least up until the TV Series was created. In the older episodes, the two of them were very similar; they were both extremely nice and they both enjoyed many of the same events and activities, even sharing episodes where they were seen doing the same things. This could be the reason that Petunia has been given a unique characteristics, her obsessive compulsive disorder, which allows her to actually behave differently in episodes, even when she appears side by side with Giggles. However, despite this sudden change, the two friends still have a lot in common and I believe that is the reason they’re often seen together in so many episodes. Since they enjoy the same activities and share many of the same beliefs, they naturally have good chemistry with one another and their friendship flourishes due to this reason. There are likely other differences that exist between these two characters, but since they spent so long doing nearly the exact same thing, the differences are few and far between; though I am confident that future episodes of the TV Series will continue to advance upon these characters and more differences will be created.

If one were to compare Giggles with Cuddles, they would find that they have a lot in common, as these two characters are amongst the “normal” characters in the Happy Tree Friends universe. I say “normal” because they have no truly dominant merit or flaw that dictates their behavior, unlike some of the other characters in the series, which permits them to be portrayed in a fashion that a larger number of people may be able to see themselves in. Both Giggles and Cuddles are usually nice to individuals that they come across and they’re both extremely outgoing, often embracing the time they spend with other characters as an opportunity to have as much fun as possible, as well as to help the individual they’re spending time with have fun as well. However, there are some differences between them, as Cuddles is much more rebellious and defiant than Giggles is, and he often does things that would seem to go against Giggles’ moral standards, such as his abuse of animals in ’From A To Zoo’. Despite their differences, the two of them seem to get along very well and Giggles seem to accept Cuddles for what he is, though since Cuddles doesn’t seem to misbehave while in Giggles’ presence, it’s hard to say whether or not she even knows of Cuddles’ flaws.

If one were to compare Giggles with Flaky, they would find that some common ground does indeed exist between them. Both Giggles and Flaky have attempted to take precautionary steps in an attempt to prevent themselves from getting harmed in several episodes, and both of these characters seem to have psychological issues that affect them from time to time. Flaky seems to have an extensive number of phobias, many of which can’t seem to be explained, such as when he lost nearly all composure over the baby chicks in ’From A To Zoo’; Giggles, on the other hand, seems to have a phobia of death, as she loses her composure and her ability to rationally think whenever somebody is killed in front of her, though this problem isn’t seen much since the TV Series was created. However, there are also some drastic differences between the two characters, as Giggles is much more outgoing than Flaky is, and Giggles also seems to take more risks in order to find entertainment, as Flaky’s precautionary measures are often taken to the extreme. Interestingly enough, Flaky has been taking more risks in the TV Series, as he voluntarily went surfing, flying, driving, and even climbed up a tree to save a baby chick, which is particularly interesting, as he was deadly afraid of baby chicks in a previous episode. If this trend continues, and Flaky continues to take more risks, then both he and Giggles may have much more in common in the future.

Section VII: Episodic Role Analysis

Every episode of Happy Tree Friends is full of information about the characters, and many of these details are too difficult to dissect and place in any other section of this article. For this reason, this section of the article will document and analyze many of the episodes that Giggles has appeared in, though it will not cover every single one, as some episodes are outside of my access, especially the earlier episodes of the TV Series.

Spin Fun Knowin’ Ya: The first thing I’ve noticed in this episode was that Giggles was likely sitting in the most dangerous place, out of the three characters who died on the merry-go-round. While Toothy and Cuddles had at least one arm wrapped around a bar, Giggles initially was just sitting on top of the merry-go-round, barely holding on to the bar with her hands. This somehow changed halfway through the episode, when she apparently slid down to the side of the merry-go-round when the scene wasn’t showing her, though I still found her initial placement to be interesting. Her death was also original, as I had expected her to hit the ground and be scraped along with the merry-go-round, but she apparently fell off with enough velocity to sling her towards the death that she did receive.

Helping Helps: This episode, for unknown reasons, had Giggles wearing a leg cast, walking on crutches. What I found interesting was the fact that Giggles had seemed to accept the fact that she was going to die, shedding a single tear before Splendid came to her rescue. I understand that she did try to get away and that she knew her crutches were slowing her down, but most Happy Tree Friends never seem to accept death, even when it has them cornered on all sides. Giggles’ mother was also seen in this episode, in which she is abnormally large in comparison to the other adult characters in the series, but since I’ve spoken about such things earlier, I feel there is no need to reiterate those thoughts.

Stayin’ Alive: This episode was full of interesting things regarding Giggles. Not only did she take care to not burn herself on the teapot, she also showed generosity when she attempted to give Disco Bear a cookie when he extended his arm towards her. This seems to prove that she doesn’t hate Disco Bear, though she doesn’t seem to be interested in him, as both she and Petunia yawned when he initially showed the two of them his moves. However, as I’ve mentioned earlier in this article, Giggles does indeed smile right after Disco Bear initially spins her and holds her right next to him, in which she continues to smile up until Disco Bear kills her by inadvertently forcing her to impale herself with a teapot.

This Is Your Knife: This episode supports several of my theories, such as how Giggles and Cuddles are good friends, as well as how Giggles seems to lose her composure when an individual is killed in front of her. I’ve already spoken about this episode in detail earlier in this article, so I fear I really have nothing new to say, though Giggles was seen eating a sandwich. I know this may seem rather meaningless, but what a character eats in the Happy Tree Friends universe is still important in defining who they are as a character; Giggles’ sandwich also had crusts, so it can be safely assumed that crusts do not bother her and this will help me ultimately establish her average diet in due time.

Snow What, That’s What: This episode marks the first time Giggles wore her pinkish toque, from what I’ve seen, which she has continued to wear in additional episodes when she is out in the cold. This episode also showed the lengths in which she would go to in order to save a life, though as I’ve mentioned earlier, she may have saved Cro-Marmot for reasons other than just a desire to save lives. Regardless, I don’t have much else to say about this episode, since I’ve mentioned it extensively earlier in the article, but I will say that I found it interesting that Cro-Marmot threw the snowball at Giggles’ corpse, even after she did all she could to save him, which may just show the true content of his character.

You’re Bakin’ Me Crazy: Giggles had an interesting role in this episode and I enjoyed seeing her as a Girl Scout. This episode also established the running gag regarding her screaming upon seeing Lumpy’s manhood after he inadvertently revealed himself, which increases the importance of this episode. What I found interesting was that Giggles stood there in terror when she saw what she saw, even standing there with a dismayed look on her face when Lumpy ran back to try to get a shirt on; I initially thought this may have supported my theory that she was a child, but I’ve disbanded that theory due to conflicting evidence and I am no longer confident that her shocked look really proved anything, other than that she doesn’t want to see Lumpy’s unit.

Boo Do You Think You Are: This episode is of particular importance to me, as this episode really serves as the backbone to my theory that Giggles seems to have trouble accepting death. When Sniffles dies in this episode, you can see her show an obvious sign of panic and she goes into a catatonic state, only slightly moving her lips as she breathes and makes distressed noises. Flaky attempted to save her in this episode, as he saw the swinging pendulum blade and he knew she needed to duck to survive, though she went into such a bizarre emotional state, nothing he did was enough to bring her back into a state of reality.

Happy Trails: After the Happy Tree Friends crash onto the island in this episode, Giggles was showing the most emotion out of all the survivors. The only other character who seemed to have trouble holding back their tears, ironically enough, was Flippy, though Giggles certainly seemed to be the saddest. However, on the next day, she was seen smiling, trying to spear-fish for food in order to survive on the island; I found this remarkable, as even if the face of tragedy, she still managed to regain her composure and make an attempt to get what is vital for survival. This may fly in the face of my theory on how she has trouble accepting notions regarding death, but I believe this situation was different, as the deaths that tend to trigger her emotional state are often very violent and right in front of her eyes, which didn’t seem to be the case in this episode.

Flippin’ Burgers: This is another episode I spoke of earlier, as it shows that Cuddles and Giggles seem to get along quite well, even going so far as to eat lunch together. The fact that Giggles laughed with Cuddles when she was squirted with the ketchup proves that she’s a forgiving individual, as some girls, like Petunia, wouldn’t have been too happy if such was done to them. Regardless, Giggles also panicked in this episode after she saw Cuddles die, in which she started having trouble breathing and didn’t quite know what to do, so this episode also helps prove my theory to some extent. On a side note, Giggles likes to eat hamburgers with lettuce, as well as french-fries, which gives us some more understanding of her diet.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mime: Giggles had a relatively minor role in this episode, though she did seem to be quite enthusiastic about trick-or-treating. While both Flaky and Lumpy were walking, Giggles was quickly skipping with a smile on her face, trying to get to the next house as quickly as possible. As I’ve mentioned earlier, Giggles went as a witch in this episode, which is something I’ve found interesting, as witches are usually portrayed in a negative light and I wouldn’t have expected to see Giggles select that costume. On a side note, Lumpy was apparently Giggles and Flaky’s chaperon; I know he’s a man of many roles, but I wonder if there are any further connections between those three characters that would logically explain that fact.

Class Act: Giggles’ role in this episode was relatively minor as well; I have to confess that I didn’t see anything truly noteworthy, other than the fact that she was in the play in the first place, which could be used to help place an estimate on her age. I was impressed, none-the-less, that she managed to get out of the building alive, considering the fire and the fact that she lost her face.

Eyes Cold Lemonade: This is yet another Giggles and Petunia episode that shows them as being good friends, though it also showed Giggles as being cautious, as I’ve mentioned earlier. However, I found this episode really interesting because it seemed to indicate that Giggles’ senses are quite distorted; not only did she fail to hear Petunia die, she also failed to see or feel that the eye she grabbed wasn’t a lemon. Also, the fact that she drank the blood and still didn’t realize it wasn’t lemonade just made her seem stupid in my eyes. Granted, of course, I realize she had bandages around her ears and eyes, which set the foundation to make the joke work as it did, but I still believe her other senses, such as her sense of touch and taste, should have still worked to allow her to realize that something wasn’t up. Also, she should have likely been able to hear Petunia’s death, even through the bandages, but I suppose I shouldn’t keep ranting in this section of the article.

I Get A Trick Out Of You: Another relatively minor role; Giggles did sneeze when Lumpy covered the audience with soot, which could confirm her hay fever, which has been implied in her Valentine Smoochie. She also seemed to have some interest in the magic show, though that doesn’t really provide much insight into anything particularly interesting.

Let It Slide: Giggles’ role in this episode was far too minor to serve any real purpose; I believe she was merely included as a means of adding an extra joke, though this joke was in continuity with ’You’re Bakin’ Me Crazy’.

Stealing The Spotlight: Giggles had another minor role in this episode; she merely seemed to be impressed by the lights that Pop had installed, and then she caught on fire and died. While a good episode, her role truly brought nothing substantial to the table.

Blind Date: Giggles was seen waiting for her date with Mole. As I’ve said earlier, I’m not sure if she had an actual blind date, where she didn’t know who she was dating, or if the title was making a joke towards the fact that her date was actually blind. However, as times passed while she waited, she seemed to become depressed, which is something you don’t see often, as Giggles is such a positive thinking character who always seems to be cheery. When she got depressed, she apparently took out a box of tissues and a ton of ice-cream, which I presume she used the former to dry her tears and the latter to cope with the fact that her date had shirked her.

Ski Ya, Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya: Giggles had another minor role in this episode; she once again had her toque, as she wore in previous episodes, though she really just seemed to be in this episode as a means of having Disco Bear force Flaky to land on the ski lift.

Dunce Upon A Time: This episode took place in a unique setting, so some people have trouble holding it to the same standard that they do the rest of the episodes. In this episode, Giggles apparently lived with Nutty, which is something I found interesting, but she still behaved relatively the same. She didn’t seem to get angry at Nutty when he sold their cow for jelly beans and when she went into Lumpy’s castle, she did what she could to save the other Happy Tree Friends, before she realized that she needed to save herself as well.

A Change Of Heart: This episode showed Giggles as a nurse, which had the remarkable scene where she kept Disco Bear alive by pumping a bicycle pump all the way until she passed out due to exhaustion. This scene really helped establish my fondness of her character and it’s one of the reasons I chose to write up this longer article, though I shouldn’t digress into personal thoughts. The fact that Giggles did so much to save Disco Bear’s life in this episode was just truly impressive and the fact that she continued to help Lumpy with the operation even when she was still exhausted proves many things in my eyes.

Chew Said A Mouthful: Giggles appeared as a nurse in this episode as well, though her role was relatively minor. When Doctor Lumpy was going to go play golf after performing a dental procedure on Nutty, it was Giggles who convinces him to stay in order to help Toothy as well, which continued to put the plot of the episode into motion. I liked this episode, as the fact that Giggles, a nurse, stood up for Toothy when Doctor Lumpy was going to leave him shows a lot about her character.

Home Is Where The Hurt Is: In this episode, the Happy Tree Friends build Giggles a new house, which seems to mean that she’s moving out of the house she previously lived in, which I assume was the one seen in ’Helping Helps’. Giggles was portrayed well in this episode, avoiding a mistake that could have seriously injured her foot, though she still died a horrible death, as is the premise of the series.

Wipe Out: Giggles’ role in this episode was to serve as a reason for Cro-Marmot to want to go surfing. When he saw her, as well as Petunia, show affection towards Lumpy when he won the trophy, he seemed to want such affection as well, as his imagination portrayed during one scene. This episode could indicate that Giggles may have a crush on either Lumpy or Cro-Marmot, but I think the entire thing was done for plot device.

Letter Late Than Never: This is one of the few episodes where a Happy Tree Friends gets a new outfit. Lumpy opened up her package and wore her new pink shirt for most of the episode, but when he finally took it off to give it to her, it ultimately proved to be the death of her. This scene was somewhat funny to me, as since Giggles put on a shirt, then she was technically acknowledging the fact that she would have previously been running around naked; I guess the Happy Tree Friends don’t care about that fact, except for Lumpy, who seems to be more anatomically correct than the other characters.

Easy Comb, Easy Go: Giggles’ role in this episode was relatively small, though it was interesting, as both she and Petunia seemed to show affection towards Mime after he started wearing his wig. This affection was likely meant as nothing more than a joke, since Disco Bear’s hair never helped him woo the ladies, but the fact that it did take place means that it must be considered amongst the rest of the scenes in the series.

Section VIII: Personal Thoughts

I admit, I’ve always been a sucker for adorable characters. Out of all the animated programs I’ve seen in my life, most of my favorite characters are the childish and naïve ones, and they’re usually innocent looking in appearance. I feel that the reasons I consider Giggles my favorite character may stem from that fact, but I have enjoyed Giggles as a character for many other reasons. When I first watched the series, I actually considered Russell to be my favorite character, as the premise of a pirate otter just seemed unique. But, as I began to watch more and more episodes, I gradually came to realize that Giggles actually had a great personality and she had a lot of potential to be used in incredible roles. I know I said earlier that she is one of the “normal” Happy Tree Friends, and I stand by that statement, though it is her normalcy that helps to make her unique; I know this is a contradiction, but I feel that it is true, as Giggles seems to be the type of character that most people can watch and instantly feel empathy towards, and to some extent, imagine themselves in the role that she is facing,

I know that in this article, I’ve speculated a lot. I could be completely wrong about every detail I’ve discovered about Giggles, but as a fan of her character, I felt it was my obligation to make the effort to attempt to comprehend the complexities of her character. A lot of this article is fact, truly, but it all boils down to interpretation, and whether or not I can convince those who read this article to interpret the facts in the same way I have. However, I ask all those who read this to consider my words; to consider that Giggles is more than she appears to be, and to look on their own to see what new information they can find. Every character in the Happy Tree Friends universe is so much more complex than we realize, and if we remain open to ideas and delve into the knowledge that is hidden in the depths of the details, then we can open the doors to true fandom.

I know this section of the topic has become unnecessary, as I’ve ultimately embroiled the entire topic with my personal thoughts and analysis, as when I initially created this section, I intended to limit personal thoughts to only this section. However, I stand by all that I have said and I strongly defend my words, but if you do not agree with me, then that is your right as a fan of the series and I appreciate the fact that you took the time to read this article, none-the-less.

She may not be the best character, since best is impossible to define when comparing characters, but in my eyes, she is certainly my favorite and I am proud to consider myself a fan of Giggles. I will likely be her fan for as long as I am a fan of Happy Tree Friends; I will look forward to watching many more Giggles’ episodes in the future and I’m looking forward to seeing how she’ll be portrayed as well.

Section IX: Conclusions

In conclusion, I feel that this article has said all that I could feasibly think of about Giggles’ character. I feel that there is more that I could have said, and I know there are some things that I could have said better, but I feel that the results of my research are appropriate and I hope that it will be of some use. I know that some people will dislike what I’ve written, as they may dislike how I kept bringing up trivial points and small, minor details, but I feel that the best information can sometimes be found in even the smallest details. I hope that this article will permit fans of Giggles to understand more about her character, through understanding how exactly I see her in the series, though I hope this article can persuade non-fans of Giggles to understand who exactly she is as a character as well, through the eyes of this humble fan, anyway.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article; it is appreciated.

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