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Season 3

441 :03x01 - Father Come Home

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442 :03x02 - Villa of the Angels

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443 :03x03 - A Tone of Time

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Guest Stars: Donald Murphy as guest star | Irene Hervey as guest star | Sarah Churchill as guest star

444 :03x04 - Almost Any Man Will Do

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445 :03x05 - Sing for Me

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446 :03x06 - Run for the Money

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447 :03x07 - Lest We Forget

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448 :03x08 - The Glass Hill

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449 :03x09 - Out of the Frying Pan

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450 :03x10 - The Last Stop

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Guest Stars: Robert Gist as guest star | Mike Bradford as guest star | Lisa Montell as guest star

451 :03x11 - The Weak and the Strong

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Guest Stars: Michael Landon as guest star | Shirley Knight as guest star

452 :03x12 - Nine-Finger Jack

A lady killer has done away with nine wives for insurance purposes but wifey number ten proves a tougher row to hoe.
Guest Stars: Eva Gabor as Hester | Patrick Macnee as John Smith
Director: Alan Cooke (2)

453 :03x13 - Elementals

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Guest Stars: Tom Tryon as guest star | Conrad Nagel as guest star | Mala Powers as guest star
Director: Walter Grauman

454 :03x14 - Plummer in Paradise

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456 :03x16 - Return in Winter

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458 :03x18 - Aesop and Rhodope

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Guest Stars: Lee Patrick as guest star | Conrad Nagel as guest star | Lamont Johnson (2) as Aesop | Sarah Churchill as Rhodope
Director: Dennis Patrick
Writer: Helene Hanff

459 :03x19 - All Over the World

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460 :03x20 - The Ransom of Sigmund Freud

Famed psychiatrist Sigmund Freud tries to leave Vienna when the Nazis takeover the Austrian government.
Guest Stars: Luis Van Rooten as guest star | Eva Soreny as guest star | John Lupton as guest star | Margo Lorenz as guest star | Harold Dyrenforth as guest star | Kurt Kasznar as guest star | Ludwig Donath as guest star
Director: Livia Granito

461 :03x21 - Iris

A spinster refuses to rush her marriage plans because her beau is unreliable.
Guest Stars: Margaret Truman as Iris | Ray Montgomery as guest star
Writer: Arnold Rabin

462 :03x22 - Remember Me Kindly

A nursing home resident believes that her daughter's next visit means the end of her stay at the old folks home but things don't exactly go as she figured.

463 :03x23 - The Embassy House

A Washington D.C. secretary falls in love with a young man who says he's a diplomat but a treasury agent has doubts about his veracity.

464 :03x24 - Witness to Murder

The prime suspect in a murder tries to find the real killer before the police close in on him.

465 :03x25 - The Johnson House

In a college town, an American coed and an Iraqi student face prejudice when they plan to get married.

466 :03x26 - Cadenza

A Hungarian violinist plans a U. S. concert in support of Hungarian anti-communist rebels back home but two strange men are following him.

467 :03x27 - Green Shores

A medical intern decides to pay a visit to his aunt who resides in Ireland.
Guest Stars: Sally Pierce as guest star | Jeanette Nolan as guest star | Dick Foran as guest star | Bradford Dillman as guest star
Writer: Michael Dyne
Story: C.P. Breen

468 :03x28 - A Question of Balance

A married assistant district attorney is assigned to a murder case that could expose his own extramarital affair.
Guest Stars: Paul Langton as Paul McLean | Helen Westcott as Kay

469 :03x29 - Daniel Webster and the Sea Serpent

19th century politician Daniel Webster takes a break from the political grind by going deap sea fishing where he hooks a sea serpent.
Guest Stars: Frederick Worlock as guest star | John Carradine as guest star | John McGiver as guest star
Director: Alan Cooke (2)

471 :03x31 - Out of My Darkness

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Guest Stars: Jan Merlin as guest star

472 :03x32 - The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg

The citizens of the town of Hadleyburg have a reputation for honesty but somone sets out to change that.
Guest Stars: Will Rogers Jr. as guest star | Carolyn Kearney as guest star | Jack Albertson as guest star
Director: Walter Grauman
Story: Mark Twain

474 :03x34 - A Cloud for Jeni

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Guest Stars: Paul Picerni as guest star | Morey Amsterdam as guest star | Betty Lou Keim as guest star | Charlie Ruggles as guest star
Writer: Mort Thaw

475 :03x35 - The Consul

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476 :03x36 - The Old Friend

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477 :03x37 - Give Me a Wand

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478 :03x38 - The Sure Thing

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479 :03x39 - Dark of the Moon

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Guest Stars: Gloria Talbott as guest star | Tom Tryon as guest star
Director: Albert McCleery

480 :03x40 - The Giver and the Gift

A husband leaves his bitchy wife and later writes a fictionalized book about their marriage.
Writer: Harold Gast

481 :03x41 - No Time for Comedy

A woman comes to the realization that her marriage is in trouble.
Guest Stars: Sarah Churchill as guest star | Katharine Bard as guest star | Dennis Patrick as guest star
Director: Alan Cooke (2)
Writer: S.N. Behrman

482 :03x42 - Gentleman of Fortune

At a county fair, a con man sizes up as his latest mark a young couple who have just eloped.

483 :03x43 - The Gentleman Caller

A lonely old woman befriends a young man whom she meets in the park.

484 :03x44 - Tender Leaves

A movie executive, recovering from tuberculosis in an Arizona sanitarium, falls for a fellow patient.

485 :03x45 - In 25 Words or Less

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486 :03x46 - Sara Crewe

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Guest Stars: Reba Waters as guest star | Brenda Forbes as guest star
Director: Livia Granito

488 :03x48 - The Little Minister

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Guest Stars: Margaret O'Brien as guest star | Ben Cooper as guest star | Henry Daniell as guest star
Director: Livia Granito
Writer: Helene Hanff

489 :03x49 - Daughter of Kings

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490 :03x50 - The Survival Kit

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492 :03x52 - The Europeans

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Guest Stars: Nico Minardos as guest star | Peter Cookson as guest star | Zsa Zsa Gabor as guest star

494 :03x54 - Two-Picture Deal

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496 :03x56 - A Chance to Die

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497 :03x57 - Home on the Range

A veterinarian must find himself a wife within five days in order to get himself a position on a cattle ranch.

498 :03x58 - The Makropoulos Secret

A singer is hired to obtain some letters which are crucial in a lawsuit but she has her own reasons for getting them.
Guest Stars: Sarah Churchill as Emilia Marty
Writer: Michael Dyne
Story: Karl Capek

499 :03x59 - More Than a Man

A former boxer is upset when he learns that his son plans to forsake college and enter the squared circle.
Writer: Arthur Rabin

500 :03x60 - Something Stolen, Something New

When a groom fails to show for his wedding, his in-laws think he's jilted his fiancee but she thinks he's a victim of foul play.

501 :03x61 - Thunderbolt

When a man dies, his greedy but estranged relatives gather at his estate.

502 :03x62 - Daisy Mayne

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504 :03x64 - The Golden Fleecing

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505 :03x65 - Forever and Ever

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Guest Stars: Johnny Crawford as guest star

506 :03x66 - Decision

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507 :03x67 - Solider's Boy

On his final day in the service, a general pays a visit to his wife who's been in a mental institution since their son was killed in wartime.
Guest Stars: Everett Sloane as General Stanton Brisk | Adrienne Marden as Edith Brisk
Director: Richard Goode
Writer: Abby Mann

508 :03x68 - The Man with Pointed Toes

After a New York society gal rejects him because of his uncouth ways, a young Texas oilman hires a tutor to refine his manners. She falls for him but he still desires the New York damsel.
Guest Stars: Earl Holliman as Tom Cotterell | Vanessa Brown as Pamela Wright

509 :03x69 - Love Out of Town

A play headed for Broadway runs into all kinds of troubles during its out of town trial run.
Guest Stars: Ralph Gamble as David | Joel Marston as Morton | Jean Carson as Agnes | Dennis Patrick as Ward | William Keene as Frederic | Richard Anderson as Alec | Sarah Churchill as Peggy
Director: Alan Hanson

510 :03x70 - Cave-In

An illicit affair is accidentally exposed by the two parties' respective children.
Guest Stars: Harry Hickox as guest star | Butch Bernard as guest star | Robert Paquin as guest star | Joe Quinn as guest star | Mark Evans (1) as guest star | Paul Maxwell as guest star | Stacy Harris as Phil | Jeanne Cooper as Ruth | Catherine McLeod as Helen | Paul Langton as Matt
Director: Boris Sagal
Writer: Jack Oleck

511 :03x71 - The Iceman

After being fired by his brother-in-law, a public relations man takes out his anger on his wife by refusing to let them adopt an orphan.
Guest Stars: Jackie Coogan as Sam | Johnny Crawford as Leo | Peggy McCay as Louise Grannick | Andrew Duggan as Clyde Grannick
Director: Albert McCleery

512 :03x72 - The Long, Long Laugh

A secretary in the workplace is the only person who has any respect for the office assclown.
Guest Stars: June Lockhart as Connie | Russell Arms as Ernie Barton

513 :03x73 - Man Without a Country

Re-staging of the classic story about a young man who damned his country and was then subjected to an unusual sentence.
Guest Stars: Douglas Dumbrille as guest star | Dayton Lummis as guest star | Betty Lynn as guest star | Ralph Clanton as guest star | Richard Shannon as Ingram | Peter Hansen (1) as John Phillip Nolan

514 :03x74 - The Odd Ones

An art instructor has opposition from her brother when she falls for a much younger student.
Guest Stars: Opal Euard as Janitor | Ron Foster as Jerry | Stephen Coit as Philip Field | Walter Kelley as Howie Mann | Olive Blakeney as Mrs. Mann | Darryl Hickman as Ben de Franco | Marilyn Erskine as Judith Mann
Director: Livia Granito
Writer: Betty Ulius

515 :03x75 - Monsieur Beaucaire

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Guest Stars: Peter Hansen (1) as guest star | Patricia Cutts as guest star | Patrick Macnee as guest star
Director: Alan Cooke (2)

517 :03x77 - Without Fear or Favor

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518 :03x78 - The Third Person

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Guest Stars: Harry Ellerbe as guest star | Muriel Kirkland as guest star | Judith Evelyn as guest star
Writer: Warner Law

519 :03x79 - Eden End

A young man returns to his family fold after several years away in Africa but his sister has still been absent for nine years.

520 :03x80 - The 10th Muse

A writer is thrilled at getting the opportunity to write a biography of her idol only to discover that the idol might have feet of clay.
Writer: Sam Hall

521 :03x81 - Goodbye on Thursday

A newspaper typesetter, tired of his job, decides to quit and sail away on his boat with his two young children.

522 :03x82 - Heart's Desire

In ancient Persia, three young boys make an oath that whoever first gains fame and fortune will share his luck with the other two.
Guest Stars: Lisa Montell as Yasmin | Pernell Roberts as Hassan | Leon Askin as General Rabat | Kuldip Singh as Omar Khayyam

523 :03x83 - Marriage of Convenience

In 1865, two a young man and woman are attracted to each other while making a trek westward into the Oregon Territory.

524 :03x84 - The Suicide Club

In London, an incognito prince and his friend meet a strange young man who takes them to a meeting of an organization known as the Suicide Club.
Guest Stars: John Abbott (1) as guest star | Kerwin Mathews as guest star | Eduardo Ciannelli as guest star
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: Robert Esson

525 :03x85 - The 65th Floor

A recently promoted employee receives an offer of help in learning his new duties from a female co-worker. He's unaware that the devious damsel wants to break up his marriage.
Guest Stars: Hugh Marlowe as Gene Collier | Patricia Barry as Sally Collier | Alix Talton as Christine Hughes

526 :03x86 - The Hickory Heart

A mother breaks up her son's romance with his galpal but when sonny then starts seeing a newly arrived schoolmarm, mumsie realizes she might have acted a bit hastily in breaking up the first romance.

527 :03x87 - The Devil's Violin

A young girl slips into East Germany in search of a violin. While her father desperately searches for her in West Germany, the authorities in East Germany are looking too because they think she's carrying top secret information.
Guest Stars: Patricia McCormack as Lucy Smith

528 :03x88 - Wednesday's Child

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529 :03x89 - Vigilante

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Guest Stars: Marie Windsor as guest star | Darryl Hickman as guest star | Leif Erickson as guest star
Director: Walter Grauman

530 :03x90 - The Prophet Hosea

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Guest Stars: Joseph Wiseman as Hosea

531 :03x91 - Mrs. Moonlight

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532 :03x92 - With Love We Live

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533 :03x93 - You and I

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534 :03x94 - Career Angel

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Guest Stars: Nita Talbot as guest star | Cecil Kellaway as guest star
Writer: Frank Price

535 :03x95 - Contingent Fire

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536 :03x96 - Anxious Night

Because of her own difficult childhood, a mother spoils her son rotten and it leads to trouble.
Writer: David Lamson

537 :03x97 - On Approval

A widow comes up with an idea for testing potential husbands when she decides to marry again.
Writer: Guy De Vry

538 :03x98 - Dandy Dick

An English clergyman's staid life is changed when his sister arrives on the scene with a racehorse.

539 :03x99 - Hush, Mahala, Hush

After the death of her daughter, a woman begins to believe that her granddaughter is actually the deceased woman.
Writer: Mac Shoub

540 :03x100 - O'Rourke's House

A stern father has created an atmosphere of hatred in his own home by his harsh treatment of his two sons.
Guest Stars: Johnny Crawford as guest star | Leif Erickson as Frank O'Rourke

541 :03x101 - The Alleyway

A young man becomes involved with an older woman but her jealous hubby is soon due to be released from prison.
Writer: Robert Esson

542 :03x102 - The Vagabond

A dancer falls for a wealthy but shiftless man she's none too sure when he proposes marriage.
Guest Stars: Eva Gabor as Renee Nero | Jacques Bergerac as Max
Writer: Betty Ulius

543 :03x103 - The Silver Spider

About to make her TV debut, a middle-aged actress married to a man half her age discovers that a script girl seems infatuated with hubby.

544 :03x104 - Design for Glory

A scheming damsel wants to become a great singer so she poses as the daughter of a famous opera star.
Writer: Harold Gast

545 :03x105 - The Inspector General

Passing through a Russian village, a meek clerk is mistaken for an important dignitary who's on an inspection tour.
Guest Stars: Wally Cox as Khlestakov | Akim Tamiroff as Mayor
Director: Sherman Marks
Writer: Warner Law

546 :03x106 - The Two Mrs. Carrolls

Wifey begins to suspect that hubby might have poisoned his first wife and may be planning the same fate for her.
Guest Stars: Zsa Zsa Gabor as Sally Carroll

547 :03x107 - The Velvet Glove

A Mother Superior tries to persuade her bishop not to dismiss a young college professor.
Guest Stars: Mary La Roche as guest star | Mona Washbourne as guest star | John Hoyt as guest star | Cathleen Nesbitt as Mother Hildebrand
Director: Alan Hanson
Writer: Helen Taini

548 :03x108 - Death Takes a Holiday

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549 :03x109 - Man of the House

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550 :03x110 - A Case of Fear

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551 :03x111 - Walk in the Sky

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552 :03x112 - The Canterville Ghost

A family moves into a house that's being haunted by a mischevious ghost.
Guest Stars: Sylvia Field as guest star | Sue Randall as guest star | Thayer David as guest star | Ernest Truex as guest star

553 :03x113 - Found Money

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555 :03x115 - A Boy Grows Up

A 14 year old boy becomes the head of his household on a westward voyage to the Oregon Territory when his parents die en route.
Guest Stars: Leo Castillo as John Langer | Jane Darwell as guest star
Writer: Harold Gast

556 :03x116 - Phony Venus

The curator of a museum falls for a pretty damsel unaware that she and her family are planning on palming off some forged artwork on the museum.

557 :03x117 - Some Blessed People

A woman decides to check out another woman who now lives in seclusion.

558 :03x118 - The Quiet Street

In Israel, a mother grows ill with worry about her daughter, a soldier in the Israeli Army.

559 :03x119 - The Quest of Quesnay

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Joanne Linville as guest star | George MacReady as guest star | Robert Brown (1) as guest star | Dayton Lummis as guest star
Writer: Robert Esson

560 :03x120 - Angel Street

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Leo G. Carroll as guest star | Judith Evelyn as guest star | Vincent Price as guest star
Director: Walter Grauman

561 :03x121 - The Cause

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Guest Stars: Kent Smith as guest star | Richard Crenna as guest star | Sidney Blackmer as guest star | Lois Smith as guest star
Director: Albert McCleery
Writer: Rod Serling

562 :03x122 - Much Ado About Nothing, Part 1

Shakespeare's comedy about matchmaking and mismatched couples.
Guest Stars: Herschel Bernardi as Borachio | Pernell Roberts as Don Juan | Norma Moore as Hero | Stephen Joyce as Claudio | Patrick Macnee as Don Pedro | Nina Foch as Beatrice | Robert Horton as Benedick
Director: Alan Cooke (2)

563 :03x123 - Much Ado About Nothing, Part 2

Conclusion of Shakespeare's comedy about two couples who may or may not make it to the altar.
Guest Stars: Herschel Bernardi as Borachio | Pernell Roberts as Don Juan | Norma Moore as Hero | Stephen Joyce as Claudio | Patrick Macnee as Don Pedro | Nina Foch as Beatrice | Robert Horton as Benedick
Director: Alan Cooke (2)

564 :03x124 - Day of Discoveries

Wifey is convinced that her domineering father is becoming a bad influence on her hubby.

565 :03x125 - The Young and the Fair

Two orphans arrive at a female junior college where one intends to teach and the other will be a student but the headmistress doesn't believe either will fit in at the school.

566 :03x126 - The Riddle of Mary Murray

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: John Hoyt as guest star | Tom Helmore as guest star | Katharine Bard as guest star
Director: Livia Granito
Writer: Helene Hanff

567 :03x127 - Button Button

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Ray Danton as guest star | Richard Long as guest star | Susan Oliver (1) as guest star

568 :03x128 - The End of the Season

An eye surgeon tells a blind concert pianist that he might be able to restore his sight.

569 :03x129 - Look Out for John Tucker

A teen wanted for some petty thefts decides to hop a freight train out of town to flee the law.
Guest Stars: Tommy Kirk as John Tucker

570 :03x130 - The Road to Recovery

A writer and a doctor suffering from tuberculosis strike up a friendship when they meet at a dude ranch.
Guest Stars: Scotty Morrow as Teddy | Edward Binns as Pat O'Shell | Joe Maross as Al Manheim

571 :03x131 - The Nightbird's Crying

After hubby is executed for murder, pregnant wifey goes to live with her mother-in-law in order to give birth to her child.
Writer: Jack Paritz

572 :03x132 - The Story of Marcia Gordon

A woman decides that she doesn't want to follow in momsie's footsteps as a fashion designer. She'd rather concentrate on being a wife and mother.
Guest Stars: Irene Hervey as guest star | Jean Muir as guest star | Nancy Rennick as guest star | Mike Bradford as guest star
Director: Dennis Patrick

573 :03x133 - Town in Turmoil

A woman campaigning for a new school in her town faces opposition from older citizens who feel it would be too expensive.
Guest Stars: Russell Collins as guest star | Richard Shannon as guest star | Marcia Henderson as guest star | Edward Everett Horton as guest star
Director: Livia Granito

574 :03x134 - Washington Square

A doctor is suspicious when a dashing young man begins romancing his plain but wealthy daughter.
Guest Stars: Roddy McDowall as Morris Townsend | John Abbott (1) as Dr. Austin Sloper | Peggy McCay as Catherine Sloper | Lurene Tuttle as Auntie
Director: Alan Cooke (2)
Writer: Michael Dyne

575 :03x135 - Course for Collision

In a desperate attempt to prevent a nuclear war, the American president flies to Moscow to meet directly with Soviet leaders.
Warning: Matinee Theater guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 03:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 1955
Ended: June 27, 1958
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