Season 1

01x?? - The Last Electric Knight

Jake Rizzo, a detective, is chosen by a Chinese savant to be the caretaker of his grandson, Ernie Lee, a kid with a penchant for Martial Arts.
Guest Stars: Gary Hudson as Coach Kite | Jason Hervey as Bobby | Don Cheadle as Cholo, a gangster | Arthur Adams as Sgt. Cole | Phil Diskin as Carter | Randy Polk as Chopper | Clarence Landry as Old man | Antony Ponzini as Detective Kelly | Paco Vela as Fredo | Joe D'Angerio as Mark
Director: James Fargo

1 :01x01 - Are These Your Kicks?

Ernie runs away from home when his relationship with Jake hits some rough spots. Ernie disappears after Rizzo blows up at his overzealous attempts at interior decorating.
Guest Stars: Dick McGarvin as Teacher | Ernie Reyes, Sr. as Detective | Richard Kline as Detective Charlie Cheatham
Director: Allen Reisner

2 :01x02 - Open House

Jake bakes a cake but can't shake a stakeout to attend an open house at Ernie's school.
Guest Stars: Richard Kline as Detective Charlie Cheatham | Giovanni Ribisi as Travis
Director: Kim Manners

3 :01x03 - I Hate the Neighbors

Rizzo responds to annoying neighbors and the city's crime problem by considering a job in a small town.
Guest Stars: Mi Mi Green (1) as Jenny | John Chappell as Weby | Joy Garrett as Randy
Director: Allen Reisner
Writer: Bob Comfort

4 :01x04 - My Dad the Crook

Ernie's concerns about expensive merchandise in the house and Rizzo's secrecy seem justified when Internal Affairs takes them both into custody.
Guest Stars: Brion James as Marshall | Gerald Gordon as Dobbs | Byron Webster as Tocino
Writer: Reed Moran

5 :01x05 - Down and Out in Van Nuys

Ernie saves a raggedy stranger from a pair of toughs, then brings him home.
Guest Stars: Geoffrey Lewis as John Maxwell | John C. Cooke as Shelly | Michael Delano as Horse | Charles H. Hyman as Garth
Writer: Elia J. Katz

6 :01x06 - Thrill of the Chase

When Ernie performs a heroic act, Rizzo tries to shield him from the publicity---but he does permit one appearance: a benefit concert with El DeBarge (who sings "Thrill of the Chase").
Guest Stars: El DeBarge as Himself | Michael Richards as Arnie Plimpton
Director: Allen Reisner
Writer: Bob Comfort

7 :01x07 - Catherine the Not-So-Great

Erenie gets jealous. He is worried that Rizzo's new romance means that Ernie won't be able to be friends with Patricia anymore.
Guest Stars: Barbara Stock as Catherine | Granville Ames as Sweeney
Director: Helaine Head

8 :01x08 - My Dad's Bigger Than Yours

Ernie's trials with a Rambo-like bully soon pull Rizzo and the bully's father (Nicholas Pryor) into the fray.
Guest Stars: Nicholas Pryor as Unknown | Giovanni Ribisi as Travis | David Hoskins (2) as Jason
Director: Nick Havinga

9 :01x09 - The Birds and the Killer Bees

Romance is in the air for both Rizzo and Ernie, which means Rizzo has to find a way to explain the birds and the bees to Ernie.
Guest Stars: Judd Omen as Aguila | Nicole Huntington as Karen | Melora Harte as Liz
Director: Linda Day
Writer: Reed Moran

10 :01x10 - I Remember Mama, But Does She Remember Me?

Rizzo braces for what's sure to be a trying visit from his mother (Magda Harout); Ernie goes along with his karate coach's wishes that he alter his style.
Guest Stars: Magda Harout as Mrs. Rizzo | Gary Hudson as Coach Kite
Director: Kim Manners

11 :01x11 - Grey Belts

Ernie's attempt to teach senior citizens to defend themselves against muggers may bring a lawsuit against Rizzo after one of Ernie's pupils applies what he's learned.

Ernie's bicycle is mangled by a reckless driver.
Guest Stars: Henry Jones (1) as Irwin | Frances Bay as Sarah | Herta Ware as Mamie

12 :01x12 - The Cousin Who Fell to Earth

Rizzo agrees to house the grandson of Sabasan's friend, who's waiting to meet his adoptive family, but the "kid" proves to be an irrepressible 29-year-old whose idols are TV cops---and Rizzo.
Guest Stars: Dan Gerrity as Denton | Richard Sanders as Broadhead | Richard Blood as Primo
Director: Victor Lobl
Writer: Casey Kelly

13 :01x13 - Just for Kicks

Ernie makes the soccer team, but he's overcome with guilt because he used his martial-arts skills on a player in the tryouts.
Guest Stars: Katherine Moffat as Monica | Corin Nemec as Kyle | Giovanni Ribisi as Travis Houghton

14 :01x14 - The Boy Who Saw Too Much

Ernie is suspicious of the goings-on at the neighbors' house, and winds up in jail after he and a friend are caught breaking and entering.
Guest Stars: Giovanni Ribisi as Travis | Rick Hurst as Berglund | Eric Server as Houghton | Robin Pearson Rose as Connie
Director: Allen Reisner
Writer: Reed Moran

15 :01x15 - Kicked Upstairs

Jake's promotion to a desk job gives him more time for Ernie---but all this "quality time" is driving Ernie crazy.
Guest Stars: Gerrit Graham as Krawchek | John McCook as Bob Small | James Emery as Whistler

16 :01x16 - An Eye for an Ear

Rizzo is shot by an ex-con and Ernie identifies the suspect as the same man who entered their apartment posing as a gas-company worker.
Guest Stars: Robert Gray as Grant
Director: Ric Rondell

17 :01x17 - The Next Best Thing to WInning

Ernie wonders if he's doing the right thing by keeping quiet about his math teacher's problem with a bookie's debt collectors.
Guest Stars: Terence Knox as Tecket | Madison Arnold as Tommy | Steve Susskind as Mickey
Director: Allen Reisner

18 :01x18 - The Patusani Always Rings Twice

Ernie is tracked down by his aunt and uncle, and Rizzo (Gil Gerard) fears it will mean an end to his custody.
Guest Stars: Laura Narikawa as Mi Ling | Clyde Kusatsu as Dr. Tosh | Eileen Saki as Mrs. Tosh | Jason Miyashiro as Tasho
Director: Ric Rondell
Writer: Reed Moran

19 :01x19 - Petty Cache

Ernie and his pals form a secret club and stumble onto a stash of loot belonging to hoods.
Guest Stars: Giovanni Ribisi as Travis | Lindsay Fisher as Heather | Ed Fusco as Jenkins | Joshua Cadman as Bates
Director: Jay Broad

20 :01x20 - The Worst of the Mohicans

Rizzo leads Ernie's scout troop on a hike in the woods---where he discovers an auto chop shop.
Guest Stars: Paul Gleason as Fargo | Casey Ellison as Geezelman | James Staley as Mel
Director: Allen Reisner

21 :01x21 - Playing for Keeps

Ernie's rival in a medieval-combat game unwittingly leads Ernie and Rizzo into a burglary ring's underground hide-out.
Guest Stars: André Gower as Eric | John Dennis Johnston as Carson
Director: Kim Manners

22 :01x22 - Read Between the Lines

Ernie learns that a schoolmate and his father cannot read and they're being victimized by a loan shark.
Guest Stars: Michael Manasseri as Matt | Beau Starr as Frank | Robert Miano as Chaffee | Patrick St. Esprit as Payne
Director: Gil Gerard
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 1986
Ended: June 13, 1987
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