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Pilot - Recap

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In a fighting arena beneath the streets of the city Basra, Sinbad is brawling with an opponent, Raess, who keeps knocking him down. After eying his older brother Jamil, who still isn’t happy with the odds, Sinbad continues to let himself be beaten by Raess, who tells Sinbad he’s disgusted to have “his kind” in the city.

Jamil finally approaches the bookmaker and offers to place a bet on Sinbad. The bookmaker gives him high odds and Sinbad, seeing the exchange, starts fighting back. He avoids Raess’s next few blows and the man finally grabs a knife and slashes Sinbad across the chest. Fighting back, Sinbad disarms the man and then takes him down. Once the man is down, Sinbad offers him his hand but Raess’ friend knocks it aside. The bookmaker reluctantly pays off Jamil while Raess looks up at a cloaked woman who has watched the fight. After a moment she turns away and Raess collapses, dead. As the woman, Taryn, leaves, a fortune teller bumps into and tells her that something terrible is happening. A gateway is opening and the old ways are returning. Taryn tells her that it’s not terrible but good.

As they make their way through the market afterward, Jamil warns that they’re onto him and says that it’s too dangerous to fight again. Sinbad spots a rich diplomat, Zalelew, and tells a reluctant Jamil to take his purse while he distracts the man. However, Zalelew’s daughter, Nala, is amused with Sinbad, who warns them that the market can be a dangerous place. He then “captures” Jamil and calls the guards, but is surprised when Nala tells him there’s no reason to involve them because the guards will cut Jamil’s hands off. Zalelew reluctantly drops the matter and the guard irritably tells Jamil to leave. However, once the guard, Jamil, and Sinbad have left, Nala discovers that her father’s purse has been cut open.

Sinbad, Jamil, and the guard, their partner Tazeem, run off with the stolen money. Once Tazeem leaves, Sinbad and Jamil go up onto the rooftop and take in the view of Basra. Sinbad opens the case they took from Zalelew and finds a strange hair-covered artifact inside. Jamil warns that it’s a totem and Sinbad tosses it off the roof and into the streets below. He then assures his brother that one day they’ll get a big score, live in a big house, and never have to worry about money again.

The brothers go to their home where their mother stares off into space, catatonic. Their grandmother Safia notices that Sinbad is hurt but he denies it. Safia accuses Sinbad of taking Jamil with him, but he lies and assures her that he didn’t. When Jamil plays along, their grandmother asks what he was trading for and Jamil stutters through an answer. Well aware that they’re both lying, the grandmother nonetheless takes the money they won. However, when Safia takes the coins, she gets a vision of the fight and Raess dying afterward, and warns her grandsons that it’s blood money. Safia condemns Sinbad as stupid, demanding to know what he’s done.

Before Sinbad can respond, the guards break in and Sinbad and Jamil run outside and take off across the rooftops. Jamil falls behind and is unable to follow when Sinbad climbs down a wall. However, more guards arrive and capture both of them.

At the palace, Lord Akbari is standing over the body of his dead son, who is lying in state. His brother the Emir tells him not to let it destroy him because he’s a good man. After the Emir leaves, Taryn arrives and tells Akbari that once there was a way to bring back the dead. She says that under the Emir’s adherence to science over magic, the dead must stay dead.

In the prison, Jamil worries that they will lose their hands as punishment but his brother assures him that they’ll be able. Sinbad assures him that things will work out, much to Jamil’s irritation. Akbari comes in with Taryn and the guards and reminds them of who he is and who his son Raees is. Sinbad denies it but Akbari reminds him that they fought in the arena. Sinbad says that he didn’t realize but Akbari says that the Emir has given his permission to deal with them as he sees fit. He calls Sinbad over and the thief begs him to let Jamil go as he had nothing to do with Raees’ death. Akbari orders him back and the guards take Jamil out and close the cell door again. After a moment, Akbari orders his men to cut Jamil’s throat. As Sinbad screams in grief, Akbari tells him that he has taken someone from him just as Sinbad took Raees from him. He says that it’s still not enough and walks away. The guards then enter the cell and beat Sinbad until he passes out.

Later, Sinbad wakes up, looks at the rafters, and looks at his bedsheet. When a guard returns later, he sees that Sinbad has hung himself. He enters the cell and Sinbad breaks his neck and returns home. He finds Safia sitting next to Jamil’s corpse. She blames Sinbad for his brother’s death and wonders what she’s to do with him. After a moment, Safia curses him, telling him that he will be cast out, never to set foot on land for more than one cycle of the sun. Until he finds atonement, Sinbad will never know peace. A metal necklace appears, tightening around Sinbad’s neck as he screams in agony. Tazeem arrives to tell Sinbad that the guards are on their way. He gets Sinbad to the docks and wishes him luck before he goes back to the garrison.

Sinbad spots a nearby ship, the Providence, and catches a brief glimpse of a man standing on the foredeck. However, when Sinbad looks again, the man is gone. He then watches as a northerner, Gunnar, approaches the ship with furs that he plans to take to Serendip. When two of the crewmen drop a crate of chickens, Sinbad takes advantage of the distraction to slip onboard behind Gunnar. The northerner notices Sinbad but says nothing as the thief slips belowdecks.

When Sinbad arrives below, he finds a young woman, Rina. She apologizes, saying she got turned around, and tries to brush past him. When she does, she drops several pieces of jewelry and insists that they are hers. Rina misses one piece and Sinbad tosses it to her. However, before she can get off the ship, the Providence weighs anchor and leaves the dock.

As Rina runs up top, Sinbad collapses in pain from the knife wound he took during the fight. A young man, Anwar, runs below and throws up from seasickness. Anwar notices Sinbad’s wound and tends to him, explaining that he’s the ship’s doctor. After applying some ointment, Anwar goes to get some water for Sinbad and reports to the captain they have an injured passenger. The sailors soon haul Sinbad up top and the captain asks if he’s running from something or toward something. When Sinbad says, “From,” the captain gives him a coin and invites him to flip it, leaving it up to the Fates. Sinbad flips and the coin comes up in his favor. The captain tells him that someone is looking out for him and informs Sinbad that he’s on crew until they reach the next port.

Nala and Zalelew, passengers on the ship, step forward and advise the captain not to take a thief onboard. Zalelew asks if the totem inside the case is onboard and Sinbad informs him that he left it in Basra. He offers to direct them to it, but Zalelew says that it’s too late for them. The captain reconsiders and orders his men to lock Sinbad up. As they take him belowdecks, Gunnar is exercising and watches as the sailors lock Sinbad in a cage. The northerner turns away, tossing a cloth over a mirror to avoid seeing his own reflection.

That night, a storm breaks out and a creature composed of water approaches the ship. Belowdecks, Sinbad wakes up with a premonition of danger. As he tries to break free, Anwar climbs down and Sinbad feigns unconsciousness. The ship’s doctor opens the cage door and tries to get him out, and Sinbad grabs him as Rina staggers in and climbs down a hatch. Sinbad finally releases Anwar, apologizing, just as the water creature emerges from the water flooding the deck. It hesitates and Sinbad tells Anwar not to move as he realizes it can’t see. Before it can find them, the ship’s mate comes down and the monster rips him apart. Nala emerges from her cabin and Sinbad draws the monster’s attention, climbing up the ladder to the deck. The creature follows him up onto the deck and attacks Zalelew.

Gunnar is helping to hold the tiller steady. As more of the creatures approach the ship, Gunnar tells the captain to hold it steady and then tells Sinbad that they have to secure the sail. The captain loses his grip on the tiller and it swings around, knocking him unconscious. Gunnar sends Sinbad to man the tiller and steer them into an oncoming wave so that they can ride it out.

The next morning, Sinbad wakes up at the tiller and realizes that the ship is safe. The captain and most of the crew are dead. As Nala starts to complain about Sinbad, she notices her father’s discarded jeweled dagger and hastily picks it up. The Providence starts to list and Sinbad realizes that it’s sinking. There are no leaks in the cargo hold and Sinbad figures that the leak is further below. They open the hatch that Rina went through earlier and Gunnar tells Anwar to melt down the patching tar on the deck. As Anwar opens the doors, a short Asian man comes at him with a knife. When Anwar screams, the man, the ship’s cook, realizes that he’s not one of the sailors.

Gunnar, Sinbad, and Nala go back to check for more leaks and hear Rina yelling for help. They open a second hatch and find her below. Her leg is trapped but Gunnar warns that they have to seal the hatch before the water level rises.

Anwar tells Cook that the ship is sinking, and the man says that he knows because the ship “told" him. When the ship’s doctor explains what they have to do, Cook grabs a pot and says they need to hurry.

Sinbad tells Gunnar to seal the other hatch while he climbs down to rescue Rina. With the water rising, Sinbad locates a crowbar. Before he can apply it, Rina goes underwater and Sinbad takes a lungful of air and then blows it into her mouth. Gunnar and Anwar finish sealing the first hatch and come over, but Sinbad passes out from lack of oxygen...

Sinbad finds himself back on the rooftop in Basra. Jamil is next to him, saying that it’s not his time and that he should open his eyes.

Sinbad wakes up and pries Rina loose. She swims up to the hatch and Gunnar reaches down and pulls the unconscious Sinbad out.

In Basra, Taryn informs Akbari that she can’t find Sinbad. He questions her powers, but the Emir says that the blood debt is paid and there is no further need for vengeance. Akbari dismisses his advice, saying that the life of one street rat is as nothing compared to the man who would have one day ruled Basra. The Emir agrees, admitting that he has no children, but says that he loved Raess as if he were his own. Akbari vows that Sinbad will pay for what he has done.

Aboard the Providence, Anwar examines Rina and confirms that she’s okay. He’s surprised that they are all still alive and thanks Sinbad for saving their lives. Nala insist that they give the crew a proper burial and the five survivors wrap their bodies. Rina asks if anyone knows where they are and Sinbad goes to the bow of the ship. He hears Jamil’s voice, telling him to relax and prepare for the whole new world of adventure facing them.