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The Siren - Recap

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Sinbad is dozing on the deck and remembering better times with his family. When he wakes up, he goes below decks where the others are discussing their route. Cook suggests they head to Ashanti where nobody asks questions. Something strikes the Providence and water starts leaking in. The crew runs up to the deck but they don't see any indication of what hit the ship. Sinbad ties a rope around his neck and prepares to dive overboard to investigate, even though Cook and Rina warn him not to. Nala sees something moving in the water and they start to pull Sinbad up, but the rope snaps.

Sinbad wakes up on a beach and finds a beautiful woman working to revive him. She points out that she saved his life and then invites him into her nearby cabin. Once inside, the woman, Roisin, makes something for four scratches on his chest and Sinbad introduces himself. When she points out that his wounds were caused by coral, Sinbad insists that he was attacked by a shark. Roisin laughs at him, saying there are no such creatures in the waters. Remembering the curse, Sinbad says that he has to go. However, Roisin shoves him back on the bed and says that she isn't finished treating him.

Gunnar and Nala take a skiff to the island when the current draws them to the island. Nala insists that Sinbad is still in the water and that some creature severed the rope but Gunnar is skeptical. Aboard the Providence, Cook patches the leak and finds a razor-sharp fish's scale imbedded in a nearby barrel.

On the island, Sinbad is relaxing in the sun when Nala and Gunnar find him. Roisin comes out and invites them in for water. She admits that she lives there alone but she lives free with no one to tell her what to do. Nala is eager to get Sinbad back aboard the ship but he hesitates and insists he needs something to eat there on the island. The diplomat's daughter asks to talk to him privately and demands to know what Sinbad is up to. He points out that Roisin saved him and refuses to live as a fugitive from Akbari. Nala warns that Akbari will find them eventually and Sinbad tells her to leave with the others and let him get on with his life if she feels that way.

Back in the cabin, Gunnar comments on all of the trinkets that Roisin has in her cabin and she says that a lot of things wash up there. When Roisin bends over to clean, Gunnar stares at her, entranced, until Nala calls to him. When he comes out, Sinbad asks for one night where he can feel like a free man. Nala and Gunnar agree but Nala warns that if he isn't back on the ship by dawn then they'll sail without him.

That night, Roisin assures Sinbad that he can go if he wants and she doesn't want to cause trouble for him. He admits that he does have to leave soon but can stay until dawn. They touch hands and then kiss... while two figures appear out of the nearby mists and watch them.

Aboard the ship, Anwar tries to identify the spine and Cook insists that he's never seen any creature with such a body part. Gunnar and Nala return and assure them that Sinbad is alive and well.

As they relax, Roisin says that she has a problem with Nala. Sinbad doesn't want to talk about it, but Roisin insists and he describes how he met Nala. When Roisin asks about Gunnar, Sinbad vaguely wonders if she wants more from him than his body.

Gunnar tells Anwar about the four scratches that Sinbad had on his chest. Cook tells them to stay away from the water because he doesn't like how it feels and claims that the thing that attacked them is still out there.

The next morning, Roisin wakes Sinbad up and tells him that the dawn is approaching. As she tells him that Gunnar and Nala are waiting for him, Roisin strokes his chest and there's a flash of light. Sinbad says that he's never heard of them and goes back to sleep. The sun rises and the necklace starts to tighten. Sinbad wakes up and says that he has to get off the island, explaining that his grandmother Safia cursed him because he betrayed her. Roisin says that she can help him and tells him to think of a happy memory, promising that the curse will go when he does. Sinbad remembers Safia telling him about the legends but then remembers Safia cursing him again. Roisin starts to choke, spewing out a black smoke, and tells him to think of only good memories. The smoke dissipates and Sinbad suddenly has no memory of his grandmother.

In Basra, Taryn tells Akbari that Sinbad is surrounded by magic and is no ordinary man. She explains about Safia's curse and use the source to draw him back. When Akbari points out that that they've already searched the city, Taryn assures him that she has her own ways.

On the Providence, Rina is cooking when Anwar comes in and points out that Sinbad won't be coming back. Meanwhile, Roisin watches over the sleeping Sinbad and then dons a necklace with a key on it.

Rina prepares to go ashore to bring Sinbad back even though the others warn her that Sinbad must be dead because of the curse. The thief refuses to let him die and Gunnar realizes that she won't change her mind. The Northerner tells Anwar to go with him because Sinbad will need his help. However, he says that they have to return quickly before Akbari finds them.

On the island, Sinbad wakes up and finds Roisin waiting for him. She explains that she's taking him to a special place where nothing bad can happen. As they embrace, the black smoke drifts through the room and Roisin rushes Sinbad out.

In Basra, Taryn and her guards find Safia and place her in a cage. The two women glare at each other for a moment and then Taryn walks away.

Aboard the Providence, Cook examines the spine and then his own wound, which is still bleeding. He realizes that Sinbad had four scratches, and tells Gunnar and Nala that their comrade would have had five if the spine hadn't stuck in the hold. Cook explains that it's a fingernail from a siren and Gunnar remembers that Roisin was singing in her quarters. Nala is skeptical but Cook explains that sirens harvest the good memories from their victims, piece by piece, until there is nothing left by an empty shell.

Roisin leads Sinbad further inland and she says that they need to reach the place before sunrise. When Sinbad says that it reminds him of someone who was also a stickler for time, Roisin asks if it's a good memory or a bad one. Sinbad admits that it's the memory of a loved one, his brother Jamil, and he remembers the two of them together. As he talks, Roisin draws close to him. However, Sinbad remembers his brother's death and walks away, leaving Roisin gasping for breath. He realizes that something doesn't feel right and discovers that he can't remember.

Rina and Anwar arrive at the cabin and find no sign of their friend. Rina sees a small casket of teeth and pockets a few, and then sees the cloud of smoke. It forms the image of Safia and Anwar and Rina quickly run out.

In Basra, Safia dares Taryn to do her worse but she'll never give Sinbad up. However, the sorceress says that she doesn't have to because cast her curse too well, binding herself to her grandson. Safia warns that Taryn's magic isn't the strongest in Basra, but Taryn says that she was surprised that such magic is still possible. The sorceress turns and leaves, smiling in satisfaction.

As Anwar and Rina walk off into the woods, they wonder what it is that they saw in the cabin. They suddenly fall into a pit and discover that it's filled with human skeletons.

Roisin tells Sinbad that they're nearly there, but he stops and demands to know what she's done to him. She insists that he's tasting freedom and pulls him along, talking about how she has a brother named Jamil. Sinbad doesn't remember his brother but thinks the name Jamil sounds familiar.

Anwar confirms that all of the skeletons are of males in their early 20s, and all of them have missing teeth. Rina shows him the teeth she found in the cabin and they realize they have to find Sinbad. Piling up the skulls, Anwar and Rina are able to climb out of the pit only to find the black smoke waiting for them. Images appear inside of it of Akbari, Safia, and other people from Sinbad's past. Anwar realizes that their Sinbad's stolen memories and they run off to find their friend.

In Basra, the Emir summons Akbari and tells his brother that he knows that Akbari has kidnapped Safia and is keeping Taryn close at hand. He tells Akbari that he can keep the sorceress... in exile. Akbari begs him to reconsider but the Emir tells his brother that he is now dead to him. Disgusted, Akbari tells his brother that he may be an intellectual but he'll never understand the workings of the heart. He then snatches up a dagger and plunges it into his brother's heart.

Roisin leads Sinbad to an ancient temple. Now believing that they've been together for years, he asks why he's never seen it before and Roisin insists that he has. She goes to the temple doors and prepares to unlock it, but Sinbad snatches the key from her neck and insists that he has a life even if he can't remember it. Roisin tells him that he has no one except her and asks for the key, and he reluctantly hands it over. However, Sinbad insists that he's not alone as he starts to remember, and Roisin knocks him unconscious and says he's aloneā€¦ just like her.

Taryn returns to the castle and finds the Emir's corpse. She tells Akbari that they must move quickly but the guilt-stricken lord is ready to call the guards and turn himself in. The sorceress says that she'll give him what he needs and promises to make it all better.

Roisin takes Sinbad into the temple and places him on an altar. Meanwhile, Rina and Anwar arrive outside and Rina picks the lock on the door. Inside, Roisin awakens Sinbad and tells him to think of her mother. He remembers his mother Zahira, who lost her mind when Sinbad was born, and Sinbad admits that there's nothing good to tell about her. Roisin says that if he is out of good memories then the two of them must part.

Anwar and Rina burst in and find Roisin, her claws bared, ready to kill Sinbad. Rina offers her memories if Roisin will spare Sinbad. As she walks toward the siren, she describes how her parents loved her and that one day they took her to the home of a rich man who wanted children of his own. Roisin demands that she continues and Rina agrees if she'll release Sinbad. When Sinbad hears his name, he asks why she's doing it and Rina says that they all love him. Roisin demands more of Rina's good memories, but the thief tells her that the man wanted a slave and that her family sold him to her. Rina places her hand over Roisin's mouth, trapping the bad memories within, and the siren chokes on them. Sinbad's memories flow out of her and back into their rightful owner, while Roisin transforms into her fish form and slips away into the waters of the temple. Rina and Sinbad embrace and Anwar suggests that they get out.

As the three friends run back to the ship, they find all of Sinbad's bad memories waiting for them. Rina says that he's better without them, but Sinbad insists that they're part of him and demands his life back. He steps forward into the memories and they enter his body, even the memory of the curse. The necklace starts tightening again and Rina and Anwar get him off of the island before he dies.

In Basra, Taryn mixes a potion using locks of Safia's hair. She then casts a spell using Safia's voice to beg Sinbad for help.

The Providence puts back out to sea and Anwar asks Rina about what she described of her life. She dismisses it as a story she made up to distract Roisin and he lets the matter drop. Gunnar goes over to Sinbad, who is contemplating the fingernail, and Sinbad explains that he's spent much of his life trying not be himself. However, now he realizes he wouldn't give it up for anything. As Sinbad throws the fingernail overboard, he sees Safia's face in the waves and hears her voice. Cook warns that it's a trick but Sinbad insists that he has to save her and Gunnar tells everyone to set course for Basra.