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Kuji - Recap

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The crew is sleeping aboard ship when Anwar wakes up from a nightmare. Gunnar complains that he was talking in his sleep again and to go back to his cabin. As Anwar staggers to his cabin, explaining that it's a special day, Gunnar dozes off. On deck, Sinbad is standing watch and Anwar tells him that he had a nightmare. When Sinbad asks if he's having nightmares about Rina, Anwar admits that the story Rina told about him saving her life might have contained a few exaggerations. Sinbad tells his friend that he doesn't have bad dreams and Anwar starts to talk about Basra, but Sinbad spots an island ahead with wrecks upon the shore. He figures that it's the treasure they've been looking for.

Sinbad, Anwar, Gunnar, and Rina go ashore in the skiff. Anwar doesn't see the point but Sinbad figures that the wrecks contain secrets and they could all use some excitement. They start searching crates and barrels, and Anwar finds the entire thing morbid. As the others search, Anwar spots something reflecting light on a nearby hilltop. He finds a tunnel leading into the hillside with lit torches on the walls. No one answers his call and Anwar takes a torch and proceeds inward. Gunnar notices that he's missing and goes in after him.

The tunnel leads to a chamber containing a stone box, covered in intricate carvings surrounded by human skeletons. As he examines the box, Gunnar arrives and figures that the men gave their lives protecting the box. When Gunnar reaches for the box, Anwar irritably declares that he found it and brushes the dust off. They take it back to the surface and Sinbad figures that it can change their lives. There's no obviously means of opening it and Gunnar and Sinbad start hacking at it. Anwar notices some writing and tries to stop them, and they realize that they haven't even dented it. The doctor believes that the writing is a puzzle and they take it to the dinghy. It's too heavy and the dinghy capsizes, and they take the box out and carry it to shore so that they can have Cook bring the Providence closer to shore. As Sinbad rows out to the ship, Anwar works on the puzzle.

On the ship, Sinbad asks Cook to sail the ship to deeper water close to shore. Cook is less than convinced he can succeed and asks Sinbad if he sure that he wants to do it. He reminds Sinbad of what happened in Basra and how Taryn said that he was much more. Sinbad says that he's realized that all he is, is a simple thief, and that thieving is all that he is capable of. He then dives into the water and swims back to the others.

As Sinbad comes ashore, Anwar continues working on the puzzle. The doctor admits that he's pondering what to do with his life and asks if Sinbad knows what day it is. Sinbad is more interested in opening the box and blows off some of the dust. Magical sparks fly and the box opens. It then dissolves, revealing a woman inside. She smiles up at them and says hello.

As the woman, Kuji, hops across the rocks, the others realize that it's too bad to go back to the ship because Cook is sailing it to deeper water. As they prepare to go overland, Anwar approaches Kuji and offers her food and water. She eagerly gulps them down and explains that she's a god who chooses to look like a young girl. The others are understandably skeptical and leave, and Anwar brings Kuji with them. They go into the hills, unaware that mounted soldiers are following them from a distance.

The crew stops for a break and Kuji eats more food. She offers to truthfully answer any three questions they ask her and Rina asks if she can prove she's a god. Kuji says she can't and Sinbad asks why they should believe her. She tells them that there's no reason why they should believe her, and Gunnar wonders why they shouldn't leave her before Anwar can stop him. Kuji tells them that they should leave her, and Anwar wonders why she chose them. She tells him that it's a brilliant question but they've had their three questions.

That night, Kuji looks up at the sky as the others sleep. Anwar approaches her and she explains that she was in the box for 35 years and is taking her time to admire the sky. Kuji refuses to tell him why she was in the box but asks him a question: why is he sad? Anwar explains that it's his birthday. He admits that he's more analytical than the others and that he hesitated to rescue Rina in Basra. Now that it's his birthday, Anwar has realized that he's useless and he needs to go home.

After Anwar dozes off with the others, the horsemen approach the camp, take the crew's weapons, and ride off. Kuji watches the entire thing, silent.

The next morning, Gunnar wakes up Anwar and asks if he saw anything. Kuji has gone to clean herself and the crew has discovered that their weapons are gone. Sinbad finds the weapons nearby and they wonder if the intruders are trying to unnerve them. Kuji returns and they continue on their way. Rina and Gunnar talk about where they would be if they could be anywhere they choose. Kuji refuses to answer their question about where she would be, and she asks Anwar where he would be. He says that he'd be home with his books doing what needed to be done. Sinbad points out that Anwar chose to leave while he had no choice. Gunnar and Rina hear dreaming and smell smoke, and they decide to find out what their intruders want. When they run up, they find the remains of a fire, the remains of a wagon, and a dozen charred corpses. There are no horses and no sign of robbery, and Gunnar insists that the island makes no sense. Anwar glances at Kuji, who simply smiles enigmatically.

The group continues on into a valley and dozens of the soldiers appear on the cliffs above. Their leader, Uncas, rides forward and asks who their leader is, accusing them of being an army. When Sinbad says they have no leaders, Uncas orders them to turn over Kuji. Anwar refuses and Sinbad asks why they want their god. Uncas says that she stole from them and escaped, but she is their blood and the crew has until sunrise to turn her over.

That night, the group makes camp on the shore and Rina suggests that they vote. Kuji refuses to tell them anything about the men and Sinbad wonders why the soldiers haven't attacked them already. Anwar wants to confront them while Rina wants to let Kuji go her own way. Gunnar suggests that they dig a pit and set a trap for the horsemen, using Kuji as bait. Anwar objects to the idea but Sinbad says that it's the best option. Kuji simply stares into the fire, silent.

Later, Anwar waits until the others are asleep and then wakes up Kuji and leads her away. He wants to get her to the ship but she warns that it's a mistake. Their pursuers start beating on their drums again.

The crew wakes up the next morning and realizes that Anwar and Kuji have fled. Gunnar thinks that their friend is acting out of love but Rina angrily says that Anwar barely knows Kuji. Gunnar refuses to help Anwar, saying he's doomed no matter what they do, and Rina objects. When Gunnar points out that she was willing to abandon Kuji, she notes that she isn't one of their crew. Sinbad refuses to lose anyone, insisting that he cares, and Gunnar admits that he does as well.

As they walk, Anwar says that it doesn't matter whether Kuji is a god or not. He explains that he's a scientist and that he needs proof. Kuji warns that he doesn't have faith in himself, much less her, and Anwar says that he has faith in the life that one leads. She asks him what life he has led and Anwar says that he's led a life of failure and now he's doing something about it. Kuji says that he isn't and then tells him that they're surrounded. The soldiers emerge from hiding and she tells Anwar that she hopes she was worth it. Anwar runs to the nearby shore but there's no sign of Cook. Sinbad and the others arrive and Anwar admits that he thought they would let him go. Rina asks if Kuji can do anything and she says that she's not a fighting god and is helpless.

Uncas orders his men forward and one of them fires an arrow, hitting Rina in the stomach. Sinbad begs her to hold on but she dies in his arms. Anwar blames himself but Gunnar reminds him that it was his choice to be there. The doctor begs Kuji to do something, but she says that she's not a healing god and then asks him how he feels. As the soldiers move in, Sinbad gives Anwar Rina's dagger and the doctor takes it, nodding. The soldiers swarm the beach and Sinbad, Gunnar, and Anwar fight back against incredible odds. First Gunnar is cut down from behind, and then Uncas rides forward and hacks down Sinbad.

The soldiers surround Anwar and Uncas calls upon him to surrender Kuji or die. Kuji tells Anwar that he is scared and asks him to give her his weapon so he can escape to the nearby Providence. Anwar tells her that he can't leave her, and Kuji, smiling, tells him that he wins. She tells Anwar that's all she needed to hear and then slams her hand down upon the ground. A great column of golden light shoots up into the sky and the soldiers disappear. Shocked, Anwar realizes that she is a god and asks why she didn't save his friends. Kuji tells him that she's coming to save them and that's the second lesson.

As she starts to walk away, she tells Anwar that if he hadn't found her, he would have left the Providence. Anwar agrees and Kuji tells him that life exist in lines. Sometimes the gods interrupt the lines, and Kuji explains that Sinbad needs Anwar, so she was needed to convince Anwar to stay. She tells Sinbad that he is going on a difficult journey and Anwar will be essential. The soldiers were her creation, and they served to show Anwar that he belongs and is brave. Anwar's friends can live, but only if she leaves. As she goes, Kuji tells Anwar that in another life, they could have been together. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him to look after Sinbad but tell him nothing. As Kuji walks into the water, Anwar realizes that she will forget him. She turns to face him for a moment and then sinks beneath the waves.

Sinbad, Gunnar, and Rina wake up. When Gunnar says that he remembers a war and asks where it is, Anwar tells him that he's won it for all of them. Rina asks where Kuji is and Anwar tells his friends that she had to go. He says that he scared off the soldiers and that he's stronger than they think... and that he thinks.