Eye of the Tiger - Recap

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A robed figure, Azdi, walks down an ancient tunnel and kneels before an altar. A Stone rests upon the altar and Azdi addresses it, saying that it's been a year since it last granted him a vision. He thanks it for its gift of the future and then grasps it, and sees a future where Sinbad stands over him with a bloody knife. Azdi releases the Stone in shock and goes back to the temple. His son Riff asks what future he saw and Azdi tells him that he has seen the face of the man who will kill him.

Aboard the Providence, Sinbad asks Anwar to tell him everything that Kuji, but Anwar explains that all she said is that Sinbad is to go on a great journey. Cook tells him to simply accept the future but Sinbad wants to be ready for what is coming before it happens. The Asian says that Sinbad sounds like the Order of the Stone, religious folk who claim to have a Stone that will show them the future. Sinbad asks where they are but Cook insists that a man should never know his future. However, Sinbad persists and Cook eventually directs the crew to the city where the Order is located. The crew goes ashore and looks for the Order. Sinbad and Rina believe that seeing the future can be useful, but Anwar and Gunnar disagree.

At the Order's temple, Riff finds his father meditating. They both wonder if the future can be changed and Riff wonders what will happen to the Order. When Azdi says that his lieutenant will take his place, a disappointed Riff complains that he wasn't chosen and Azdi dismisses his concerns. Riff feels that the Stone should be shared rather than locked away, and Azdi says that believe is why he will never be ready.

A masked woman follows the crew's trail into town.

Sinbad and the others go to the local bar and Rina claims that they're pilgrims seeking the Order. Riff is drinking there and overhears them, and tells them that they have to petition Azdi to join the order and then meditate for decades. The crew retires to a private table to consider their options but Riff listens as they discuss a way to get to the Stone. A barmaid girl flirts with Sinbad and he goes off after her, and Riff warns the others that they wouldn’t get close to the Stone. He tells them that the Stone is deep underground and protected by traps within a maze bigger than a city. Anwar is confident that he could find his way in and out of the maze and Riff suggests that they should talk more.

The barmaid continues flirting with Sinbad, talking of their potential future, but Anwar calls him away and Sinbad reluctantly goes with him. Riff offers his help, explaining that Azdi has the only key to the maze and he has already stolen it. The crew agrees and as they go to the temple, Riff explains that he is sure about betraying his father since Azdi has refused to let him grasp the Stone. Gunnar believes that there is more and slams Riff against a wall, but Riff insists he just needs his help. The Northerner releases him and Sinbad apologizes, explaining that they've walked into traps before.

Riff leads the crew into the temple and opens the door… unaware that the masked woman is behind them. They enter the maze and the woman slips past the door just before it closes, hiding before Rina can see her. As they go, Riff explains that the marking are a code that reveals the route to the Stone and Anwar writes them down. Rina hears something behind them and lags behind until Gunnar warns her to keep up. Once they move on, the woman continues her pursuit.

Anwar warns his friends that the symbols are in a language he doesn't know but assures them that he'll work it out. Sinbad thanks him for his help but Anwar is happy to be in one of the world's biggest puzzles. He chooses a route and tries to work out the pattern, but Riff is unhappy that he hasn't worked it out already and has gotten them lost. Gunnar suddenly draws his sword and tells him not to move because he's stepped on a trap. They spot the dart holes and Riff panics, moving off the trap. Gunnar deflects the darts, saving Riff's life. As Riff continues complaining, Sinbad hears something and tells him to be quiet. Azdi and the temple guards approach and Riff runs off rather than be seen with the crew. Azdi and his guards arrive and the Grand Master recognizes Sinbad from his vision and has his guards capture him and his friends.

Deeper in the maze, Riff finds an ancient corpse. The masked woman drops down in front of him and he stares in shock.

In the temple, Sinbad explains that he has no intention of harming him. Azdi insists that he must protect himself and the Order and pronounces a death sentence on him. The guards lock the crew up while Azdi meditates in his chambers and remembers the vision of Sinbad. He summons Riff and slaps him, aware that he stole the key and brought the outsiders into the maze. Azdi informs him that he will be banished to a distant monastery and orders him out so that he can prepare. As Riff goes, he asks how Sinbad will be killed and Azdi says that he will administer poison to be sure. Riff asks to do it to make partial amends and take responsibility for his actions.

Later, Azdi and Riff go to the cell and the guards restrain Sinbad while Riff pours the poison down his throat and tells him to be brave. After a moment, Sinbad dies and the guards take his body out while his friends look on in shock and horror. The guards then tie up the others and dump them out in the countryside. They figure they have no choice but to go back to the ship, but Gunnar refuses to leave Sinbad's body behind without a proper burial.

Sinbad wakes up and finds himself in a bag with Riff standing over him. He tells Sinbad that he'll soon recover from the drug as the woman comes in and removes her outer robes, revealing that she's the barmaid Sinbad met earlier. Riff reminds her that they made a deal, Sinbad for her help forcing Azdi to give him the route to the Stone. However, the woman, Tiger, refuses. He tries to kill Sinbad to keep her from collecting but she easily disarms him. Riff says that he can find his way through the maze on his own and leaves. Sinbad tries to go after him but Tiger puts a collar on him and warns that it has lethal blades inside. As long as he remains close to the bracelet that she's wearing, he'll stay alive thanks to the magnetic connection. Tiger explains that she's a bounty hunter sent by Taryn to collect the reward on Sinbad's head.

Riff goes to see Azdi and tells him that his enemies have sent Tiger to kill him. He warns his father that it isn't safe but Azdi refuses to walk away from his duty. Riff suggests that he hide in the maze since Azdi is the only one who knows the route, and offers to go with him to protect him. Azdi admits that he might have misjudged him and Riffs smiles in satisfaction.

Sinbad leaves a mark on the table and says that he isn't going with her. When Tiger tries to force him, he grabs her but Tiger breaks free. They fight and she gets the upper hand until Sinbad holds her dagger to her side. Tiger reminds him of what they spoke of in the bar earlier. Sinbad hesitates and she disarms him and tells him to get moving. However, he calls her bluff, realizing that Taryn wants him alive. Sinbad then asks how fast she is and runs out the window. He jumps into a hay wagon below and Tiger jumps with him, and Sinbad explains that he still hopes to get the Stone and see his future. Tiger reminds him about the collar and Sinbad says that since she has to keep him alive, she has no choice but to follow him.

Gunnar, Rina, and Anwar sneak into the temple and find Sinbad's mark. They realize that he's going for the Stone and leave.

As they go to the maze, Tiger warns Sinbad that she doesn't need him conscious. He points out that she would have little luck dragging him through town, but he promises to submit once she helps him touch the Stone. Tiger realizes that she has no choice but hopes that Taryn has something painful in mind for him.

Azdi and Riff enter the maze and Tiger jams the door behind them.

The crew knocks out three temple guards, don their robes, and go to the maze.

Azdi leads Riff through the maze and past the traps.

Rina opens the lock on the maze and Anwar tries to navigate a path through based on the writings. He finally realizes that the letters are symbols that give directions.

Riff and Azdi reach the chamber containing the Stone.

Tiger steps on one of the pressure plates and Sinbad stops her just in time. He asks for her sword so he can deflect the poison darts but she refuses. Sinbad starts to walk away but finally turns back, runs, and tackles Tiger out of the path of the darts. When she points out that she could have let her die, Sinbad says that they're not enemies and helps her up. Rina and the others find them

Riff looks at the Stone and tells his father that he often hears it calling to him, promising him visions of the future. He prepares to touch the Stone despite Azdi's warning that he's not ready and never will be. Azdi dismisses him as pathetic and orders him to respect his decision. Sinbad and the others arrive and a shocked Azdi wonders how the thief can be alive. Riff promises to protect his father but Sinbad insists that he's not a killer. When Riff tries to touch the Stone, Azdi grabs him and his son drives his sword into his father's chest.

Sinbad grabs the sword while Gunnar pulls Riff away, and Azdi realizes that his vision of the future has come true exactly as he saw as he dies. Riff blames his father and tries to get to the Stone, but Sinbad says that it wasn't worth it and smashes the Stone. Pieces fly everywhere and Sinbad catches glimpses of different future versions of himself. He tells the others that it's time to go while Riff tries to collect the shards and reassemble them, sobbing.

Later at the shore, Sinbad asks Tiger what happens now. She releases the collar to pay off her debt for his saving her life and walks away. He asks her if it will cause problems and Tiger says that she concentrates on the present, not the future. Sinbad considers and then asks if she needs a lift.

Later, the Providence sets sail and Cook asks Sinbad what he saw. Sinbad claims that he saw nothing at first, but Cook persists and Sinbad admits that he saw versions of himself as a king and a fool... and as a heartbroken lover. The one that shown most clearly where he stood above a vast decaying city with brother Jamil, alive and in his arms. Cook tells him that he saw the Land of the Dead and tells Sinbad that all of the futures are his, and it's up to him which one he chooses.