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Series 1

1 :01x01 - The Prisoner

Drake saves the life of a smokin' hot Spanish senorita when he sinks the ship on which she is sailing but then she begins formulating a plan to sink the Golden Hind.
Guest Stars: Milton Reid as Diego | Natasha Parry as Countess Inez | Warren Mitchell as Roberto | Clifford Elkin as Don Antonio

2 :01x02 - The Lost Colony of Virginia

Drake rushes to get supplies to an English colony in Virginia that is running out of time.
Guest Stars: Olive McFarland (1) as Jenny | Barry Foster as Tom Brewster | John Welsh (2) as Governor | Milton Reid as Diego | Roger Delgado as Mendoza

3 :01x03 - Mary, Queen of Scots

Drake foils a plot to trick Queen Elizabeth into signing the imprisoned Queen Mary's death warrant.
Guest Stars: Noelle Middleton as Queen Mary | Harvey Hall as Thomas Phillips | Richard Warner as Walsingham | Alfred Burke as Sir Amyas Paulet | Ewan Roberts as Munro | Grazina Frame as Bess Pierpoint | Reginald Jessup as Sergeant | Howard Greene as Sentry

4 :01x04 - Doctor Dee

Drake must wait upon the Queen's alchemist to draw up a horoscope for the proper time before embarking upon a raid.
Guest Stars: Raymond Huntley as Doctor Dee | Ewan Roberts as Munro | Patrick Troughton as Gazio | Roger Delgado as Mendoza | Alex Scott (1) as Don Pedro | Michael Golden (1) as Rafe | Edward Cast as Guard Captain | Milton Reid as Diego | Eve Lucett as Katherine
Director: Clive Donner

5 :01x05 - Bold Enterprise

A greedy merchant finances an expedition by Drake to the Spanish Indies so that he can recover stashed gold.
Guest Stars: Roger Delgado as Mendoza | Peter Diamond as Bosun | Richard Pearson (1) as Sir Richard Bosanquet | Patrick Holt as Lord Westbrook | Michael Peake as Spanish Governor | Ewan Roberts as Munro | Patricia Dainton as Laura
Director: Anthony Bushell
Writer: John Roddick

6 :01x06 - The English Dragon

When a Court favorite falls for a French countess he unwittingly puts Drake's life in jeopardy.
Guest Stars: David McCallum as Lord Oakshott | Delphi Lawrence as Countess | Roger Delgado as Mendoza | Alex Scott (1) as Don Pedro | Henry Vidon as Prefect | Howard Lang as Grenville | Milton Reid as Diego | Eve Lucett as Lady-in-Waiting
Director: Clive Donner

7 :01x07 - Boy Jack

Queen Elizabeth insists that Drake take her young and inexperienced godson with him on a mission to Portugal.
Guest Stars: Michael Anderson, Jr. as John Harrington | Peter Diamond as Bosun | Ewan Roberts as Munro | Clive Morton as English Ambassador | John Moffatt (1) as Spanish Officer
Director: Clive Donner

8 :01x08 - The Garrison

A member of the Queen's privy council accuses Drake of cowardice after he fails to lift a Spanish siege on a Dutch fort.
Guest Stars: Michael Bell (1) as Captain-of-the-Guard | Laurence Naismith as Sir Miles Burns | Patrick Wymark as Captain Williams | Peter Diamond as Bosun | Bill Dancy as Master Gunner | Brian Cant as Corporal | Gordon Gardner as Lacey | Gabriella Licudi as Lady-in-Waiting

9 :01x09 - Visit to Spain

Drake is sent to Spain as the Queen's representative to a wedding involving Spanish royalty only to discover that the bride doesn't want to go through with the nuptuals.
Guest Stars: Francesca Annis as Mariella | Katherine Woodville as Anne Wentham | Zia Mohyeddin as King Phillip | Bryan Coleman as Sir Thomas Wentham | Jon Arnett as Duke of Cordova | John Hatton as Spanish Soldier | Carlos Douglas (1) as Spanish Officer | Emrys Leyshon as Major Domo | Nancy Beckh as Duenna | Howard Lang as Grenville
Director: Terry Bishop

10 :01x10 - The Flame Thrower

The inventor of a flame throwing weapon doesn't want his invention being used in warfare by the Spaniards have other ideas.
Guest Stars: William Lucas as Count Julio | Neil McCallum as Sir Martin | William Peacock as Lambert | Helen Christie as Lady Amyas | Howard Lang as Grenville | Roger Delgado as Mendoza | Reginald Hearne as Gomez | Ewan Roberts as Munro | Richard Huggett as Alonzo
Director: Harry Booth

11 :01x11 - The Governor's Revenge

Drake pulls into a Spanish port for provisions and finds that the governor there is seeking revenge against him for the death of the governor's brother.
Guest Stars: Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Hawkins | Roy Purcell as Governor | Marie Burke as Dona Inez | Maureen Moore as Isabel | Pauline Letts as Dona Clara | John Bennett as Tomas | Will Stampe as Don Gonzalo | Milton Reid as Diego
Director: Clive Donner
Writer: John Baines

12 :01x12 - The Slaves of Spain

Drake takes the Golden Hind to the island of Tobago looking for supplies and discovers that the Spaniards are using the natives as slave labor.
Guest Stars: Michael Ripper as Almighty Jones | Nanette Newman as Yana | Mark Eden as Agila | Derek Sydney as Governor | Catherine Finn as Governor's Wife | Marshall Jones as Garrett | Dallas Cavell as Lieutenant | Colin Rix as Prisoner | Howard Lang as Grenville | Milton Reid as Diego
Director: Anthony Bushell

13 :01x13 - The Doughty Plot

Queen Elizabeth decides to conceal the true goals of an expedition from Drake in order to keep him from starting a war with Spain.
Guest Stars: Anthony Bushell as Tom Doughty | Frederick Jaeger as Vicary | Victor Maddern as Brewer | Howard Lang as Grenville | Milton Reid as Diego

14 :01x14 - King of America

An English sailor sets out for the New World with the intent of proclaiming himself King of America. Things don't go exactly as planned.
Guest Stars: Kieron Moore as Thomas Stukely | Andrew Keir as Flavel | Susan Hampshire as Celia | Howard Lang as Grenville | Charles Hill as Spanish Admiral | Walter Randall as Spanish Captain | Frederick Rawlings as Native American Chief

15 :01x15 - The Irish Pirate

Drake goes up against a female pirate while trying to capture a rebellious Irish earl.
Guest Stars: Liam Gaffney as Lord O'Neill | Elspeth March as Grace O'Malley | Gordon Phillott as Abbott | Peter Halliday as Theobold Burke | John McCarthy (2) as Richard Burke | Patrick McAlinney as Staunton | Howard Lang as Grenville | Milton Reid as Diego | Wesley Murphy as Sergeant

16 :01x16 - Beggars of the Sea

Dutch freedom fighters enable Drake to win yet another victory over the Spaniards.
Guest Stars: William Lucas as Count Julio | Michael Forrest as Jan | Robert Rietty as Captain Riccardo | George Little as Lieutenant | David Grahame as Banker | Howard Lang as Grenville | Milton Reid as Diego | Gerard Heinz (1) as Alan
Director: Terry Bishop

17 :01x17 - Drake on Trial

The Spanish use a lookalike pirate to discredit Francis Drake and the Golden Hind.
Guest Stars: Roger Delgado as Mendoza | Howard Lang as Grenville | Patrick Troughton as Gazio | Peter Stephens as Counselor | Arnold Diamond as Governor | Richard Shaw as Vanderhof | David Davies (1) as Sykes | Tom Bowman as Mate | Terence Morgan (1) as Graveney
Director: John Lemont
Writer: Tudor Gates

18 :01x18 - The Bridge

Drake's latest assignment: rescue a Portuguese hero being held by the Spanish in a supposedly impregnable fort.
Guest Stars: Zena Marshall as Maria | Patrick Troughton as Gazio | Dennis Edwards as De Vazim
Director: Terry Bishop

19 :01x19 - Johnnie Factotum

A young actor warns Drake that a band of robbers are planning to steal the treasure he just brought to England on the Golden Hind.
Guest Stars: Philip Guard as Johnny Factotum | Katharine Blake as Dark Lady | Lawrence Davidson as Lord Marmont

20 :01x20 - Mission to Paris

Queen Elizabeth sends Drake on a delicate mission to Paris to find out why a young Frenchman, of whom she had become fond, has not returned to England.
Guest Stars: Pamela Brown as Catherine de Medici | Leon Peters as Aleneon | Patrick Allen as Navarre | Richard Warner as Walsingham | Ewan Roberts as Munro | Michael Ripper as Calyus | Peter Diamond as De Luc | Desmond Newling as Rietti | Ryan Jeffs as Martier | Yvonne Buckingham as Heloise

21 :01x21 - The Reluctant Duchess

Our hero's mission this time is to save the Duchess of Ravenstein from the clutches of the Spaniards.
Guest Stars: Ferdy Mayne as Joos | Mary Merrall as Duchess of Ravenstein | Basil Dignam as Duke of Ravenstein
Director: Terry Bishop

22 :01x22 - The Gypsies

Drake rescues four gypsies at sea only to have the crew of the Golden Hind come to believe that their new passengers are casting an evil influence upon the ship.
Guest Stars: Sarah Branch as Sara | Eileen Way as Pastora | Glynn Edwards as Will Martin | Harry Lockhart as Rafael | Christopher Carlos as Balthazar | Larry Burns as Obadiah | William Abney as Don Pedro | Howard Lang as Grenville | Milton Reid as Diego
Director: John Lemont
Writer: John Baines

23 :01x23 - Court Intrigue

The Spanish come up with a scheme to keep Drake in England until one of their treasure ships from the New World arrives home safely in Seville.
Guest Stars: John Arnatt as Spanish Ambassador | Bernard Archard as Sir Christopher | Ewan Roberts as Munro | Robin Hughes as Adam Forester
Director: Terry Bishop

24 :01x24 - Gentleman of Spain

A kinsman of the Queen gets kidnapped by Barbary pirates and it's Francis Drake to the rescue.
Guest Stars: Nigel Davenport as Don Miguel | Paul Stassino as Hassan Bey | Marne Maitland as Ulrich Ali | Jack Melford as Sir Owen
Director: John Lemont

25 :01x25 - The Fountain of Youth

Drake pulls into Florida where he hears tell about a legendary Fountain of Youth.
Guest Stars: Milton Reid as Diego | Howard Lang as Grenville | Reginald Beckwith as Sir Henry Rainsford | Katherine Woodville as Little Dove | Endre Muller as Black Eagle
Director: Terry Bishop

26 :01x26 - Escape

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Guest Stars: Barry Morse as Governor | Charles Heslop as Withers | Brian Bedford as Esteban | Barry Keegan as Gomez | Howard Lang as Grenville | Martin Boddey as Colonel
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 12, 1961
Ended: May 20, 1962
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