Sirens (US)

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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
14 02x01 30/Sep/1994 Gun Play (1)
16 02x03 07/Oct/1994 Crossing the Line
17 02x04 14/Oct/1994 Farewell to Arms
18 02x05 21/Oct/1994 A Cop First
19 02x06 28/Oct/1994 Chasing a Ghost
20 02x07 04/Nov/1994 The Needle and the Damage Done
22 02x09 18/Nov/1994 Guns, Bombs and Fantasies
23 02x10 25/Nov/1994 Family Secrets
25 02x12 22/Jan/1995 Missing
26 02x13 29/Jan/1995 The Witness
28 02x15 12/Feb/1995 Gambling on Love
30 02x17 26/Feb/1995 The Aftermath
31 02x18 05/Mar/1995 Redemption
32 02x19 30/Apr/1995 The Passenger
33 02x20 07/May/1995 The Obsession
34 02x21 14/May/1995 Color Blind
35 02x22 21/May/1995 The Sound of One Hand Clapping

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