Sisters follows the lives and loves of four close, but very different, sisters of the Reed family living in Winnetka, Illinois. Alex, the oldest, is a wealthy, slightly snobish, WASP wife of a plastic surgeron. Teddy, is a free-spirited, artist/drifter seeking to find her place in life. Georgie, is a typical suburban housewife trying to keep the family together. Frankie, the youngest, is an overacheiving, businesswoman trying to make it big in the world.

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Final: 6x28 -- War & Peace (2) (May/04/1996)

Swoosie KurtzSwoosie Kurtz
As Alexandra 'Alex' Reed Halsey Barker
Sela WardSela Ward
As Theodora 'Teddy' Reed Margolis Falconer Sorenson
Patricia KalemberPatricia Kalember
As Georgiana "Georgie" Reed Whitsig
Julianne PhillipsJulianne Phillips
As Francesca 'Frankie' Reed Margolis (S01-S05)
Elizabeth HoffmanElizabeth Hoffman
As Beatrice 'Bea' Reed Ventnor
Ed MarinaroEd Marinaro
As Mitchel 'Mitch' Margolis (S01-S04)
Garrett M. BrownGarrett M. Brown
As John Whitsing (S01-S05)
Heather McAdamHeather McAdam
As Catherine "Cat" Anne Margolis
Jo Anderson (1)Jo Anderson (1)
As Dr. Charlotte "Charley" Bennett Hayes #1 (S04-S05)
Sheila Kelley (2)Sheila Kelley (2)
As Dr. Charlotte "Charley" Bennett Hayes #2 (S06)

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2x16: The Four Elements recap: Alex has decided that she just cannot end it with Victor, so the two keep dating one another. However, soon Alex notices something about her daughter and realizes that she is obsessed with Victor. Alex then makes decision that she cannot be with him anymore and she forces them to break up. Reed begins to feel bad about the fact that she might have ended her mother's relationship and tell Alex that she no longer has anymore interest in Victor and that the two should get back together... read more.

2x15: Tippecanoe and Georgie Too recap: Georgie is still upset that Evan's tutor, Jim, was fired because he was HIV positive. She's finally made up her mind to run for the school board. Frankie decides to help her big sister out and brings in a professional media consultant, Jack Hallihern, to help. However, Jack's strategy of staying away from the controversial issues, irriates Georgie because that's the exact opposite of what she wants to do... read more.

2x14: Working Girls recap: Frankie is very shocked when her assistant Jill comes to her upset. After asking her what is wrong, Jill informs her that Max, who happens to represent one of the company's most important clients, has been sexually harassing her. Frankie tells Jill that she should just ignore it and stick to her job. What she fails to tell Jill is that Max has been doing the same things to her. Jill decides to quit because she cannot handle it. Georgie soon finds out that Jill quit and asks Frankie why. When she learns that it's because of sexual harassment, she tells Frankie that she has to do something because she should not let this go on any longer. She then tells Georgie that he has done the same thing to her and Georgie tells her that she needs to file charges against him. Frankie goes to Max and says that he does not find someone to replace him in his job, that she will have to file sexual harassment charges against him. She then decides to reinstate Jill's job. Max decides to leave, but is bitter at Frankie because she never gave him any acknowledgment for getting her the vice president job... read more.

2x10: Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back recap: Teddy ends up getting a job as fixing up window displays at a very chic women's clothing shop. While there, she suddenly has a sharp pain in her stomach and realizes that she is suffering a miscarriage. She goes to the hospital but tells no one of what happened... read more.

2x9: Georgie Through the Looking Glass recap: Thanksgiving arrives and Georgie decides to have the whole Reed family over for the big day. She keeps secret the fact that she and John are waiting the results of Evan's test to see if he his leukemia is in remission. Nervous, Georgie goes to her childhood home and remembers painful memories from her childhood. Meanwhile, Alex and Wade go to the airport to pick up their daughter, Reed who has few surprises for her parents. She has brought her new lover and she got expelled from school. She also decides she will not spend Thanksgiving with her parents. After Georgie arrives back home, John reveals that Evan's test said his leukemia is in remission. Reed decides to join in as the entire family celebrates a wonderful Thanksgiving... read more.
Recurring Guests

Ron Fassler as Barry Gold (4 eps)
Franc Luz as Hank Seawell (4 eps)
Cliff Bemis as Fred Tuttwyler (3 eps)
David Gianopoulos as Victor Runkle (3 eps)
Charlotte Rae as Mrs. Gump (3 eps)
Tuc Watkins as Brad (3 eps)
Isabella Hofmann as Abby Malker (3 eps)
Nancy Linari as Belinda (2 eps)
Kim Johnston Ulrich as Tiffany Blue (2 eps)
Steve Vinovich as Rupert Coates (2 eps)

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