Stage 13: The Battle Girls - Recap

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Kyoko and Kanae glare at Erika and Erika is surprised that Kanae is standing up to her for the very first time!

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The episode opens with the director scoffing at the efforts of Erika’s stooges to bribe him. He tells the three to take the ‘scrap paper’ away.

They call Erika on her cell phone and she’s pissed. Kanae remarks how her usual efforts didn’t work. Erika will have to rely on talent alone.

Meanwhile Kyoko fears drawing a paper from the box fearing the paper she draws will tell her she’s out. All of the other girls have already pulled and Kanae draws the last two papers in disgust and hands on to Kyoko. Kanae’s paper says ‘3-A’ while Kyoko’s says ‘3-B’.

It is then that the director arrives in the room with the other girls and sees Kyoko and Kanae dressed in their hot pink ‘Love Me’ uniforms. He can’t help but laugh out loud. They really are attention grabbing.

The director is introduced and he announces that his commercials are works of art. He then explains the significance of the papers. The numbers are to separate the girls into teams of two and the letter is the name of the character they will adlib, ‘A-Ko’ and ‘B-Ko”. Kyoko and Kanae are a pair. The task for the first part of the audition is that each pair will fight for 60 seconds. ‘A-Ko’ is to start the fight. The pairs are told they have 20 minutes to prepare.

It is here when Erika speaks out. She singles out Kanae and Kyoko as having an unfair advantage because they work together, that they don’t need the time to prepare like the others. Kyoko says that it isn’t so, Kanae can barely stand her, and the director is about to have a new drawing to select when Kanae says that they can do it without preparing.

So the girls are separated. Kyoko is alone and worried that she might not be able to make Kanae look good. The director is watching her from the door. He thinks to himself that in show business you can only make it through with talent and luck.

Erika and her partner have done well, and it’s time for Kanae and Kyoko to go. Kanae’s instructions are simple, “Just react to what I do.”

Their time starts and Kanae glares at Kyoko, then Kanae slaps her. Kyoko is about to slap her back when Kanae starts to cry. Kyoko apologizes instead.

Their segment is over and is shorter than 60 seconds, but the director drops his pen. The ‘Love Me’ pair has created the most emotional atmosphere out of all the other girls.

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Kanae is reflecting about their performance and wondering why she trusted Kyoko so much and her reaction to her acting when Erika approaches again. She congratulates Kanae and her fluke and wonders if she will fair as well with Kyoko as the instigator.

Meanwhile Kyoko is alone again and wondering how she will act out a make-up.

Erika questions Kyoko skills and is picking on Kyoko when Kanae snaps. Kanae is worried she can’t keep up with Kyoko. Erika remarks how Kanae never defends herself, but she’ll defend this other girl?

Kyoko is running through weird scenarios with a chair while Erika spies on her. Erika isn’t impressed. Kyoko wonders how she’ll coax the reaction she wants out of her partner. She thinks if the characters are true friends they wouldn’t need to apologize.

The executives are trying to coax the director into choosing Erika as they walk down the hall. The director is wondering about Kanae and most especially Kyoko when the group encounters Erika spying.

The director enters the room and overhears Kyoko say to herself how she doesn’t like soda. The director remarks how that is bad, since they are trying to sell soda. Kyoko then blurts out how she will drink the soda in the second part of the audition. Erika overhears this and leaves.

Erika tells her partner about drinking the soda and states, that the first one to do it is the winner with a glance to Kanae.
Kyoko is worried and acting out when she calms down for Kanae’s sake. That is until Erika asks for a bottle of the soda. She and her partner perform their make up with the soda and it has a good impact with the judges.

Kyoko is devastated. Erika has stolen her idea! Kyoko mumbles to Kanae that it was the same. It’s their turn and they have no routine. Kanae realizes what Erika has done at the same time as the director. But there are no excuses they can make.