Season 2

23 :02x01 - A Clockwork Hammer

When a long-time good cop breaks down on the stand, and is unable to testify against a big time criminal, everyone is shocked. Although Hammer first suspects bribery, he soon comes to realize there may be other outside forces involved in that sudden memory lapse. Hammer then decides to let it be known that he will take the stand with some new damaging evidence, so as to set himself up as bait.
Guest Stars: Nicholas Guest as Landon Smartikoff | Sal Viscuso as Marc Rinsler | Dan Lauria as Chris Raker | Ken Letner as Myles Theiss | Eugene Robert Glazer as Johnny "Red Shoes" Haggis | Leslie Morris as Officer Mayjoy |
Co-Guest Stars: Dorothy Dells as Judge | John Zenda as VVC Technician | Beverly Leech as Amy Porter | Gary Owens as Announcer
Director: Reza Badiyi
Story: Alan Spencer | Teleplay: Chris Ruppenthal

24 :02x02 - Big Nazi on Campus

A student at a local university is found dead in her dorm and there's a small competition to see whose policing methods work. It's gut instinct vs. standard police work, or in other words Hammer vs. Doreau.
Guest Stars: Ray Walston as Professor McCoy | Aubrey Morris as Jimmy Beggs | Larry Poindexter as Teddy

25 :02x03 - Play It Again, Sledge

Sledge and Doreau are put on six months suspension for one of Sledge's blunders, and so they hit the boozer. Then Sledge sees an apparition: a Humphrey Bogart like figure that advises Sledge to go into business for himself as a private dick. So Sledge takes the advices and goes into business, film noir style.
Guest Stars: Maria Richwine as Rosa | Robert Sacchi as Bogie | Sarah Douglas as Mrs. Carstairs
Director: Bill Bixby

26 :02x04 - Wild About Hammer

There's a new cop in the precinct and she has the hots for Hammer. When he rejects her advances . . . well, let's just say you've never seen fury like a woman scorned.
Guest Stars: Beverly Leech as Elizabeth Jenkins
Director: Gary Walkow
Writer: Alan Spencer

27 :02x05 - The Death of a Few Salesmen

When a used car salesman drops dead immediately after Hammer had wished he would, he starts to wonder about his own power! To dispel this idea, Doreau does some research on recent car salesmen deaths, which leads to an odd discovery: all of them were married to women named something "Jo" and died within 48 hrs of their wedding.
Guest Stars: John Homa as Mike Richards | Victoria Carroll as Mrs. Cody | Joanne Baron as Miss Hobbs | Dale Harimoto as Newscaster
Director: Bill Bixby

28 :02x06 - Vertical

In a take on Hitchcock's Vertigo, this episode deals with Hammer's vertigo after a near death experience hanging from a rooftop. Hammer is brought back on assignment to act as bodyguard for a witness who will soon testify, but will his vertigo get in the way of his duty?
Guest Stars: Leslie Norris as Dr. Fall | Deborah Harmon as Angelica Delmonte | Al Israel as Hit man | Mario Roccuzzo as Crook
Director: Reza Badiyi

29 :02x07 - Dressed to Call

A local radio station psychiatrist is receiving threatening phone calls from a deep, gravelly-voiced man. The woman has recently moved to the area from N.Y. – where she had the same stalker – and has no clue what to do next. Looks like it's up to Sledge to put an end to this dirt-bag once and for all!
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Hart as Sheila Newman | Christine Healy (1) as Dr. Dorothy Stone | Phil Diskin as Bartender | Bill Zuckert as Guard
Director: Jackie Cooper

30 :02x08 - Hammer Hits the Rock (a.k.a. Sledge on the Rock)

The FBI has asked Trunk for special permission to use Sledge in an undercover operation. There's word that a major villain is about to break out of prison, and it's up to Hammer to enter the prison, befriend the man, and break out with him, thus leading the FBI to more well-known thugs.
Guest Stars: Richard Bakalyan as Clive Winston (as Dick Bakalyan) | Leslie Ray as Warden | Kurt Fuller as Agent Bunion | David Leisure as Chester |
Co-Guest Stars: Mike Tino as Unknown | Michael Torphy as Unknown | Carl Ciarfalio as Unknown | Doc Duhame as Unknown | Manuel Perry as Unknown | Branscombe Richmond as Rico | Tino Santhon as Unknown | Joe Barton (3) as Unknown | Tally Chanel as Unknown |
Uncredited: Hope North as Bimbo | Bill Bixby as Zeke
Director: Bill Bixby

31 :02x09 - Last of the Red Hot Vampires

A movie director and a starlet die at the hands of what may be a resurrected film vampire.
Guest Stars: Bernie Kopell as Vincent Lagarski | Deborah Wakeham as Malovia Lagarski | Leslie Morris as Officer Mayjoy | Kurt Paul as Coroner Norman Blates | Patti Tippo as Officer Daley | Robert Fieldsteel as Steven Shmielman | Greta Blackburn as Jessica Novak | Bud Cort as Zeff Campbell |
Co-Guest Stars: James Cavan as Drunk | Diane Sainte-Marie as Lisa Ellerblurb | Mernalyn as Wanda Lubeck
Director: Bill Bixby
Writer: Alan Spencer

32 :02x10 - Hammeroid

When an android is used in a crime spree, the police have no idea what to do. Even the mighty Sledge Hammer failed in capturing him, and what's more, he nearly died in an attempt. His situation, however, was perfect for an experiment, Robocop style, and fights fire with fire.
Guest Stars: Richard Moll as Dr. Art Deco | Armin Shimerman as Malcolm Dench | Sid Haig as Gen. Skull Fracture
Director: Gary Walkow
Writer: Ron Friedman

33 :02x11 - Sledge in Toyland

Hammer and Doreau must stop a maniacal killer who uses toys to murder.
Guest Stars: David Clennon as Bell | Michael Ensign as Claude Goldfunger | Michele Marsh as Inez Tieup | Ronan O'Casey as Milo Tieup | Eli Marder as Felicia Gilmore
Director: Gary Walkow

34 :02x12 - Icebreaker

A British operative arrives in the U.S. to thwart the assassination of an archbishop... and becomes involved with Doreau.
Guest Stars: Adam Ant as Lionel Dasham | Fritz Feld as Announcer
Director: Bill Bixby

35 :02x13 - They Call Me Mr. Trunk

The police station is contaminated when Hammer brings in a man who was exposed to germs stolen from a military base.
Guest Stars: William Smithers as Col. Mike Poltz | Edy Williams as Herself | Leslie Morris as Officer Mayjoy | Patti Tippo as Officer Daley | Greg Travis as Roger | Norman Fell as The Doctor |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Bentley as Jack the Bartender | Diane Sainte-Marie as Lisa Ellerblurb | Dallas Cole as Nurse Bambi | Mernalyn as Wanda Lubeck | Dori Arnold as Prostitute #2 | Chris Doyle as Richard Sirod (as Christopher Doyle)
Director: Seymour Robbie

36 :02x14 - Model Dearest

When a model goes missing, Doreau goes undercover at her agency to investigate a white-slavery ring.
Guest Stars: Deborah Wakeham as Jessica Hayden | Jill Jacobson as Sally Vincent | Mort Sertner as Unknown | Joanne Baron as Unknown | Leslie Morris as Officer Mayjoy | Nancy Parker as Unknown | Brion James as Don Merrill |
Co-Guest Stars: Renee Landers as Model
Director: Dick Martin

37 :02x15 - Sledge, Rattle & Roll

A record producer kills off a heavy-metal band and Hammer is on his trail.
Guest Stars: Davy Jones as Jerry Vicuna | Page Moseley as Rocket | Lee Arenberg as Buzzy | Dana Williams as Rak Vulture | B.J. Barie as Zippy | Tommy Swerdlow as Rusty |
Co-Guest Stars: Diane Sainte-Marie as Lisa Ellerblurb | Richard Balin as Unknown | Lisa Long as Unknown | Sara Lee Wade as Unknown | Marlene Casamento as Unknown
Director: Bill Bixby

38 :02x16 - Suppose They Gave a War & Sledge Came?

Hammer and Doreau investigate a murder during a corporate wilderness war game.
Guest Stars: John Paragon as Durward Monroe | Roderick Cook as Edmund Bryce | Anthony De Longis as Arvin Swenson | Lisa Robins as Tina Clanton | Leslie Morris as Officer Mayjoy | Patti Tippo as Officer Daley |
Co-Guest Stars: Glen Chin as Sho Nakamishi
Director: Dick Martin

39 :02x17 - The Secret of My Excess

Hammer searches the city for the governor's missing daughter.
Special Guest Stars: Mark Blankfield as Joey the Slug |
Guest Stars: James Karen as Governor E.J. LaChatte | Ernie Sabella as Al Fresco | Marianne Muellerleile as Big Mabel | Mark Holton as Aide | Leslie Morris as Officer Mayjoy |
Co-Guest Stars: Mary Otis as Angel | Anna Marlowe as Felicity | John A. Debello as Unknown | Susie Loucks as Camille
Director: Dick Martin

40 :02x18 - It Happened What Night?

Hammer and Doreau go undercover as newlyweds as a hotel to bust a next-door drug ring. However, the next morning they wake up in bed, with no memory of what happened.
Guest Stars: Stanley Brock as Roy Talbot | Mike Pniewski as Roy Talbot Jr . | Monte Landis as Hotel Manager | Sandy Kenyon as Chairman | John C. Cooke as Officer Woodfin | Leslie Morris as Officer Mayjoy | Patti Tippo as Officer Daley | Bob Frank as Bellboy
Director: Bill Bixby

41 :02x19 - Here's to You, Mrs. Hammer

Hammer discovers that his best buddy is planning to marry his ex-wife.
Guest Stars: Heather Lupton as Susan Hilton-Hammer | Michael Kaufman as Scott Grable | Chris Jackson (2) as Dominick Tauber | Leslie Morris as Officer Mayjoy | Patti Tippo as Officer Daley |
Co-Guest Stars: Walter Sylvest as Minister
Director: Bill Bixby
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Crime
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 1986
Ended: February 12, 1988
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