State of Sledge - Recap

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3:35 P.M.

Captain Trunk is nervously watching IA Inspector Perkins go over the station's records. Trunk admits to Doreau that he's hidden all of Hammer's files in a closet and sent Sledge home early. Hammer is heading home when he drives by a police raid on a house. Hammer stops in and the commanding officer informs him that a Satan worshiper has holed up. They want to avoid a shootout because the Queen is in town. Hammer takes the bullhorn and goes inside, then emerges a few seconds later with the naked suspect, Slag, which he's brought out of the shower.

5:01 P.M.

Perkins congratulates Trunk on the spotless reputation of his officers. He's preparing to leave when Hammer comes in yanking Slag on a chain. Perkins asks to see Hammer's files and insists that Hammer give Slag his one phone call and lock him away safely. Slag calls his wife Angel and tells her to come down and get him out. She summons the rest of Slag's misfit army of worshipers and they head down to the police station.

5:30 P.M.

Hammer is cleaning his gun when Doreau brings in Ricky, a new cadet who has never fired a gun before and was sent to fill in while most of the police are handling the Queen's protection. Perkins confronts Hammer over his violent record and goes to see Slag to see if he wants to file a complaint against Hammer. The inspector forces Hammer to remove Slag's shackles. Slag starts choking Perkins, who finally manages to ask for help. Hammer draws his gun and Slag releases Perkins.

6:10 P.M.

Slag's cultists are heading for the police station while Hammer brings Perkins upstairs. Doreau calls for a medic but discovers the line is dead and everyone reports that the radio is out. Trunk and Officer Grace go downstairs to check the fuses and a cultist attacks them with hedge trimmers. Grace and Trunk subdue him and bring him upstairs, where he warns that there are others outside. They hear chanting and go out to find hundreds of Satan worshipers outside. Hammer heads down to the arsenal but the cultists have already cut them off.

6:30 P.M.

Hammer suggests that they get to the generator through the ventilator shafts. Hammer climbs in but ends up circling back to the room. A frustrated Trunk goes into the shafts to turn on the generator while Hammer takes command. Perkins is less than thrilled until the cultists start shooting flaming arrows. Hammer tosses the prisoner in with Slag and suggests releasing two other criminals to help: a call girl and a flasher. Neither one seems helpful and Hammer locks them back up.

7:45 P.M.

Perkins suggests they let Slag go but Hammer refuses to negotiate with terrorists. Trunk gets the generator back on but when they check the ventilator shaft, Angel emerges and attacks Hammer with a machete. When Ricky can't bring himself to hit a woman, Doreau knocks her out and Trunk returns, but is stuck in the shaft. They realize the elevator is unguarded and Hammer unleashes a few rounds... just missing the janitor.

9:29 P.M.

Ricky starts to panic as the cultists get up on the roof. Perkins slaps some sense into him and Ricky responds by punching him out. They've only got three bullets left but they hear the police helicopter pass overhead on its nightly patrol. Trunk directs them to a flare gun in his desk and Hammer takes it to the roof and fires it. Unfortunately he shoots down the helicopter and has to retreat back inside. They discover that Perkins has freed Slag and taken him up to the roof. Hammer is unconcerned but Doreau and the others go to help him.

The cultists are preparing to throw Perkins off the roof when Doreau, Grace, and Ricky arrive. Slag is unimpressed and calls Doreau's bluff, taking her gun. He prepares to sacrifice Ricky and Grace and take Doreau as his bride. However, Hammer makes his entrance, explosives from the arsenal strapped to his body.

He holds a lighter to the fuse and orders Slag to surrender. When Slag refuses, Hammer lights the fuse and after a few seconds Slag surrenders. Doreau reminds Hammer to put out the fuse and he ends up rolling on the ground trying to put it out. Perkins takes Ricky's chewing gum and uses it to put out the fuse. Slag has slipped away to the edge of the roof and opens fire with a machine gun... and the recoil knocks him over the edge.

The next morning, an injured Slag is escorted in while Perkins informs Hammer that he saved his life so he could put him on report. He bids them farewell and leaves, and Hammer and Doreau take off. The janitor starts to clean up... and Trunk, still stuck in the grate, points out the spot he missed.