Last of the Red Hot Vampires - Recap

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A beautiful woman is sleeping on her bed when a bat hovers at the window. It transforms into a vampire who stalks into the room, bares his fangs... and his teeth fall out. The director, Steven Schmielman, calls cut, and accuses the elderly actor, Vincent Lagarski, of ruining his shot. Schmielman fires him and calls his assistant Zeff over to throw Lagarski off the set. Zeff apologizes and tries to escort him out, but Lagarski insists on making his exit alone. He walks off into the sunlight, pausing only for a moment to consider his actor's chair.

Lagarski passes away later that day, and Hammer and Doreau watch the news broadcast from a bar. Hammer doesn't believe in superstitions or the supernatural. While they talk, Schmielman sleeps at home with a copy of the film's script, Touch of the Vampire, on his nightstand. A shadowy figure hovers over him and a bat attacks Schmielman, latching onto his next. The next day, the police arrive and Coroner Norman Blates confirms that every last drop of blood was drained from Schmielman's body. They identify Schmielman as a director but haven't found any family. Officer Daley shows the partners the movie script and Doreau recognizes it as the movie Lagarski was working on when he died. They go to the studio and talk to Zeff, who has just learned Schmielman is dead. The crew is already taking down the set as the movie has been cancelled because of the director's death. He tells them that Schmielman fired Lagarski and directs them to the leading lady, Jessica Novak. Novak mistakes them for press photographers and bursts into fake tears. Once she learns who they really are, she slaps Hammer and storms off.

The partners return to the station to discover that people are reporting sightings of Vincent Lagarski on the streets, after his death. Hammer insists it's impossible but Doreau is more open to the possibility of a supernatural occurrence. Hammer claims he's not afraid of anything... until Trunk tells him his ex-wife wants her overdue alimony. That night, Hammer is at his apartment watching news on the increased number of Lagarski sightings and dozes off as they show Lagarski's old films. Meanwhile, Jessica Novak is at home taking a bath when a figure enters the room and a winged creature attacks her.

The next morning, Hammer gets the call about Novak's death and heads to the crime scene. Novak is dead, drained of blood, and the paparazzi have gathered. Witnesses have reported a man in a cape running away from the crime scene. They go to Trunk to get an exhumation order for Lagarski's coffin and he reluctantly agree, but tells Hammer to be subtle about it. Hammer ends up wheeling the coffin into the station. They open it up and find nothing. Hammer decides to speak with Lagarski's daughter, Malovia, who Vincent lived with before his death. They talk to Malovia who says the coffin was a formality and she spread her father's ashes over the freeway. She takes them to her father's vault containing his movie memorabilia. Hammer demands answers about the murders but Malovia claims ignorance and explains that Vincent died quietly while watching TV. She talks of how her father suffered, unforgotten and unappreciated. Hammer believes that establishes a motive and prepares to arrest her. The wax statue of Lagarski comes to life and the partners realize he's still alive. Lagarski admits he faked his death as a promotional stunt but didn't want to incriminate his daughter. Lagarski denies killing Schielman and Novak but Hammer insists on taking him in.

Later that night, Hammer assures Doreau over the phone that the case is closed. He goes to sleep but a shadowy figure enters the room: Zeff Campbell, wearing a cape and fangs. He explains that he's learned Lagarski's death was a fraud and he killed Schmielman and Novak because they were lovers and mocked him. Killing Schmielman just before the film finished assured that he'd collect the insurance, and he killed Novak for the publicity to make sure the movie is a hit. Now he has to kill Hammer, who is unimpressed. Zeff reveals his murder weapon: a vampire bat. He unleashes it on Hammer, and after an epic struggle Hammer pries it from his neck and shoots it in the wing. The police take the bat and Zeff away, and Hammer figures that Lagarski will live forever in the memories of his fans.