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What if you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same Earth, only different dimension. A world where the Russians rule America, or where your dreams of becoming superstar came true, or where San Francisco was a maximum security prison. My friends and I found the gateway. Now the only problem is...finding a way back home.

In his basement in San Francisco, boy genius Quinn Mallory unlocks the doorway to an infinite number of Earths. During a test run, Quinn invites co-worker Wade Wells and his teacher Professor Maximillian Arturo to see his new invention. But an increase in power and an early departure leave all three, plus a washed-up soul singer named Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown, lost in a parallel world. Now they must "slide" from world to world, not only adapting to their changing surroundings, but also trying to get back to their world. Will they ever make it home?

Over the years, Sliders has become one of the most praised sci-fi shows of the 1990s. The show has gained a cult following that rivals such longer running shows as Stargate SG-1. For years people have been asking for it to return to FOX with the original cast, or at least a major movie made. To this date, there are no plans for a new series or film.

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Final: 5x18 -- The Seer (Feb/04/2000)

The Sliders arrive in the middle of a rally, surprisingly being held in their honor. They learn they are the subjects of a religion called Slidology, founded by a man with psychic abilities. He has been following their adventures and warns that on their next slide, they will all die.
Available Episodes

This Slide Of Paradi..
May 16, 1997
Season 3 episode 25

May 09, 1997
Season 3 episode 24

May 02, 1997
Season 3 episode 23

Apr 25, 1997
Season 3 episode 22

The Other Slide Of D..
Apr 11, 1997
Season 3 episode 21

The Last Of Eden
Mar 28, 1997
Season 3 episode 20

The Breeder
Mar 14, 1997
Season 3 episode 19

Jerry OJerry O'Connell
As Quinn Mallory (1995-1999)
Cleavant DerricksCleavant Derricks
As Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown
Sabrina LloydSabrina Lloyd
As Wade Welles (1995-1997)
John Rhys-DaviesJohn Rhys-Davies
As Professor Maximillian Arturo (1995-1997)
Kari WuhrerKari Wuhrer
As Maggie Beckett (1997-2000)
Charlie OCharlie O'Connell
As Colin Mallory (1998-1999)
Tembi LockeTembi Locke
As Diana Davis (1999-2000)
Robert FloydRobert Floyd
As Quinn "Mallory" Mallory (1999-2000)



Reviews: 11
Inherently conceptually flawedRating: 0 likes, 3 dislikes

One of the biggest flaws with this show is the constant, unexplained meeting of analogues of the show's stars. The real fact is, you go back in the past and introduce a notable change -- say the South wins the Civil War -- you certainly will have an interesting society to examine. What you won't have is a society where things are even vaguely the same unless they were already firmly established by 1860. New York City is likely to be there (although it may not have a Statue of Liberty, and/or it may not be anywhere near as large), but much of the South will certainly have radically changed. Miami may not be there (as a product of the boom of the 1920s, South Florida could easily be changed radically). More importantly, the river of historical events which produced anyone's mother and father in this time frame will certainly have flowed in a different direction. Your mother and father probably never were born, and even if so, lived vastly different lives, and with near-100% certainty never met -- meaning there can be no analogue of you. Only recent alterations -- such as those which took place near the time of your birth or afterwards -- could possibly wind up with a world where any variation of "you" existed. And vast, societally changing ones would change you to the point where you would not recognize yourself. This show, while it had a few good ideas, has at its heart a major technical flaw. And that usually comes from poor writing and conceptualization, which inevitably leads to shoddy storytelling. In order to write even halfway decent SF, you have to pay at least as much attention to the Sci, as you do the Fi. And failing to pay attention to the former usually is a sign you aren't going to be very good at the latter, either. Read more

Review posted on Thursday, April 23rd 2009 at 8:06 pm

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3x4: The Guardian recap: Arturo goes to a hospital and undergoes a MRI scan. Once he’s done, he leaves the hospital and leans against the wall, weakened. Quinn runs up and wonders if he’s okay, and explains that he picked up Arturo’s voicemail from his doctor that morning about his scan. Arturo insists that he had no right to probe into his private affairs, but Quinn points out that his teacher had no right to keep it from them. They sit down and Arturo explains that he has a terminal illness. The doctors give him a month, maybe a year. There’s no pain now, but by the end it will be torturous... read more.
Recurring Guests

Linda Henning as Mrs. Mallory (6 eps)
Lester Barrie as Elston Diggs (6 eps)
Will Sasso as Gomez Calhoun (5 eps)
Jason Gaffney as Conrad Bennish Jr. (5 eps)
Alex Bruhanski as Pavel Kurlienko (4 eps)
Neil Dickson as Col. Angus Rickman (4 eps)
Gary Jones (1) as Captain Michael Hurley (4 eps)
Charlie O'Connell as Dead Quinn (4 eps)
Don MacKay as Artie Field (3 eps)
Peter Jurasik as Dr. Oberon Geiger (3 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 22, 1995
Ended: February 04, 2000
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