Season 3

23 :03x01 - Rules of the Game

The Sliders arrive in an airplane, which begins to crash land. However, they learn that it is just a simulation and the beginning of deadly game show in which the losers die.
Guest Stars: Laurie Fortier as Nicky | Joshua Malina as Egghead |
Uncredited: Georgia Packard as Camera Operator
Director: Oscar Costo

24 :03x02 - Double Cross

The Sliders meet a scientist attempting to develop sliding technology and offers to help them get home if they help her. However, they soon learn that she has an ulterior motive.
Guest Stars: Zoe McLellan as Logan St. Clair | Mari Morrow as Monique | Lester Barrie as Elston Diggs | Michael Bryan French as Adrian Fayne | Diana Castle as Mrs. Arturo |
Co-Guest Stars: Charles Noland as Desk Clerk | Skip Stellrecht as Guard #1 | Michael Marich as Guard #2 | David Nelson (2) as Michael (as David L. Nelson) | Warren Sweeney as Vendor | Michael Krawic as Hobo (as Michael A. Krawic) | Kris Iyer as Maitre D' | Gerry Del Sol as Passenger | Monte Perlin as Motorcycle Guard
Director: Richard Compton
Songs: Cleavant Derricks -- I'd Pawn My Gold Crown For You

25 :03x03 - Electric Twister Acid Test

On a world suffering from electric tornadoes, the Sliders find safety in a protected village. However, because electrical devices attract the tornadoes, the leader takes away their timer.
Guest Stars: Corey Feldman as Reed Michener | Julie Benz as Jenny Michener | Tim Griffin as Jacob | Josh Coxx as Martin | Jordan Warkol as Caleb (as Jordan Blake Warkol) | Bill Bolender as Franklin Michener
Director: Oscar Costo

26 :03x04 - The Guardian

The Sliders find a world in which time moves slightly slower, resulting in a twelve-year difference. Quinn then meets his younger self and tries to alter a traumatic event he had with bullies.
Guest Stars: Phillip Van Dyke as Young Quinn Mallory | Linda Henning as Mrs. Mallory | Leslie Horan as Heather Hanley | Meadow Sisto as Ambrosia |
Co-Guest Stars: Marty York as Brady Oaks | Tim Wiley as Rex Crandell | Robert Winley as Bull | John Kendall as Bartender | John Colton as Priest
Director: Adam Nimoy
Writer: Tracy Tormé

27 :03x05 - The Dream Masters

Wade is targeted by a group of people with the ability to enter the dreams of others.
Guest Stars: Zack Ward as Gerald Thomas | Katherine LaNasa as Dr. Olivia Lujan | Rodney Eastman as Byron | Lester Barrie as Elston Diggs | Jeffrey Steven Smith as Henry (as J. Steven Smith) | Michael Des Barres as Vincent Cardoza |
Co-Guest Stars: Symba Smith as Officer Weber | Kenny Johnson as Skater
Director: Jefery Levy

28 :03x06 - Desert Storm

On a desert world with little water, the Sliders rescue a girl who had been kidnapped because of her ability to locate water.
Guest Stars: Gina Philips as Devin | Kristofer Lindquist as Jeremy | Ken Steadman as Cutter | Lester Barrie as Elston Diggs | Michael Lee Gogin as Master Healer |
Co-Guest Stars: Christopher Maleki as Wolf | Constance Forslund as Fiona | Judson Mills as Davy |
Uncredited: Gabriel Christy as Devin's Father

29 :03x07 - Dragonslide

The Sliders arrive on a world where physics seemingly doesn't apply, allowing magic to exist. Quinn is thought to be part of a line of wizards, prompting an evil warlock to kidnap him.
Guest Stars: Michelle René Thomas as Melinda | Gregory Paul Martin as Gareth (as Gregory Martin) | Max Grodénchik as Skuldar | Francis Guinan as Sean Nuinn | Lester Barrie as Elston Diggs | Francoise Robertson as Alesha Avo |
Co-Guest Stars: Charlie O'Connell as O'Hara | Saxon Trainor as Kelley | Sean Moynihan as Phillip Mallory | Mansell Rivers-Bland as Chief Druid

30 :03x08 - The Fire Within

The Sliders arrive on a world in which Los Angeles is rich with oil. However, when they previously slid, they unknowingly brought along a sentient flame.
Guest Stars: Anthony Tyler Quinn as J.C. Ashton | Brigitta Dau as Amanda | Lynn Clark as Diana Sylvius | Terry Markwell as Reporter | Ferdinand Carangelo as Foreman |
Co-Guest Stars: Veronica Cartwright as The Flame
Director: Jefery Levy

31 :03x09 - The Prince Of Slides

The Sliders arrive on a world in which the United States is a monarchy, and Rembrandt is Duke of Hemmingshire. When Rembrandt sees Danielle, a woman he recognizes and who in actuality is the Duchess of this world, apparently about to give birth, he goes to help. However, what he doesn't know is that the husbands give birth on this world.
Guest Stars: Hallie Foote as Lady Mary | Victoria Mahoney as Duchess Danielle | Dan Gauthier as George Stellos | Clinton Derricks-Carroll as Alternate Rembrandt Brown |
Co-Guest Stars: Collin Bernsen as Captain of the Guards | Tom Astor as Guard | Paul Goodman (1) as Guard #2 | Terry Markwell as Reporter | Gabrielle Beimforde as Nurse | Kristopher Logan as Assassin | Marian E. Green as Mother | Brooke Elizabeth Crocker as Little Winged Girl #1 | Kahlee Elizabeth Barrio as Little Winged Girl #2
Director: Richard Compton

32 :03x10 - Dead Man Sliding

Quinn is arrested for crimes committed by his double, and he is then tried on a game show where his fate will be decided by the audience.
Guest Stars: Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs as The People's Proponent | Perrey Reeves as Taryn | Fredric Lehne as Phil (as Fredric Lane) | Lisa Rieffel as Deanne Bloch | Don Most as Skip Collins |
Co-Guest Stars: Brett Miller (3) as Prison Guard | Robert DiTillio as Emcee | Ed Wasser as Studio Guard
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Nan Hagan

33 :03x11 - State of the Art

After arriving on a world inhabited only by androids, Quinn and Rembrandt are taken captive by the creator of the androids, who plans on transferring their minds into android duplicates.
Guest Stars: Eddie Mills as D.E.R.I.C. | Kathleen McClellan as E.R.I.C.A./Shauna | Jerry Rector as Paul | Jeff Rector as Scarface Paul | Robert Englund as James Aldohn |
Co-Guest Stars: Ted Detwiler as T.E.D.
Director: John Kretchmer
Story: Schuyler Kent | Teleplay: Nan Hagan

34 :03x12 - Season's Greedings

After finding an abandoned child, the Sliders get jobs in a giant mall in the sky in order to find its mother.
Guest Stars: Chase Masterson as Kelly Welles | Neil Roberts as Ted Bernsen | Allen Williams as Don Welles | Stuart Fratkin as Instructor | Jacqueline Obradors as Carol |
Co-Guest Stars: Paul Messinger as Priest | Jody Curtis as Ginny | Sean Flynn as Jason (as Sean Flynn Amir) | Nikolaus Keelaghan as Kid #2
Director: Richard Compton

35 :03x13 - Murder Most Foul

The Sliders arrive on a world where the government forces everyone to work at maximum efficiency, and sends "fractures" who break from the stress to theme parks where they are brainwashed into role-playing fictional characters. When a grumpy Arturo is diagnosed as a fracture, he is sent to one such park and brainwashed to play a 19th century detective on the trail of Jack the Ripper.
Guest Stars: Brian McNamara (2) as Inspector Reed | Brigid Brannagh as Erin | David Purdham as Dr. Bolivar | Adam Wylie as Trevor | Lester Barrie as Elston Diggs | Suzanne Mara as Dr. Punch |
Co-Guest Stars: Taylor Leigh as Mrs. Taylor | Holly Claman as Anne | Frank Castrina as Wonk | Derik Van Derbeken as Security Man | Carmen Nogales as Young Woman | Brandon Michael as Boy
Director: Jeff Woolnough

36 :03x14 - Slide Like An Egyptian

In a world descended from Egyptian culture, the Sliders end up breaking a cultural more and Wade and Quinn are respectively sentenced to death at the pincers of a scarab and medical experimentation.
Guest Stars: Shaun Toub as Kheri-Heb | Claudette Mink as Sheilah | Rocco Vienhage as Dr. Achtbit | Jim Turner (2) as Mike Mallory | Armando Valdes-Kennedy as Seyn Jebid, Royal Architect | Steven Meek as R.D.I. Agent | Apollonia Kotero as Dr. Deera Mubaric |
Co-Guest Stars: Justin Gorence as Priest | Terry Markwell as Reporter
Director: Adam Nimoy

37 :03x15 - Paradise Lost

The Sliders arrive in a small community that is distrustful of outsiders. When they hook up with a geologist looking for her missing assistant, they stumble upon the town's sinister secret.
Guest Stars: Lara Steinick as Laurie Miller | Rob Youngblood as Sheriff Burke | Will Schaub as Parker Whitmore | Patricia Gebhard as Trudy Whitmore | Kristi McDaniel as Alice |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Markey as Bud | J. Gordon Noice as Fred | Todd Babcock as Michael

38 :03x16 - The Exodus (1)

The Sliders arrive on an Earth threatened by lethal radiation Pulsars that are slowly eating away at Earth, the only chance the population has for survival is to make use of the Sliding technology developed by their military. With Quinn and Arturo's help, preparations begin for an evacuation, but a more chilling mystery begins to unfold when a large body count of coma victims begins piling up...
Special Guest Stars: Roger Daltrey as Colonel Angus Rickman |
Guest Stars: Kari Wuhrer as Captain Maggie Beckett | Mark Kiely as Dr. Steven Jensen | Wes Charles, Jr. as Malcolm | Linda Henning as Mrs. Mallory | Steve Larson as Street Person |
Co-Guest Stars: J. Karen Thomas as Lt. Teri Eastman | Michael Houston King as Dr. Baker | Krzysztof Pieczynski as Dr. Jariabek
Director: Jim Charleston

39 :03x17 - The Exodus (2)

At long last, Quinn has the coordinates to Earth Prime, but its atmosphere is deadly to Maggie and her people. While Quinn and Maggie continue to search for a hospitable world, Wade works to perfect the Slide list to Rickman's specifications and Arturo tries to modify the timer to save more people.
Special Guest Stars: Roger Daltrey as Colonel Angus Rickman |
Guest Stars: Kari Wuhrer as Captain Maggie Beckett | Mark Kiely as Dr. Steven Jensen | Wes Charles, Jr. as Malcolm |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrew A. Rolfes as Sergeant | Sandy Laufer-Blake as Nurse | Lisa Galiana as Woman | Reba Shaw Alexander as Secretary
Director: Jefery Levy

40 :03x18 - Sole Survivors

The Sliders arrive on a world where civilization has fallen to a bacteria that creates flesh-eating zombies. Shortly after arriving, Quinn is bitten, and starts turning into a zombie as well!
Guest Stars: Stephanie Niznik as Debra Carbol | Jay Acovone as Dr. Tassler |
Co-Guest Stars: Lorin McCraley as Fenris

41 :03x19 - The Breeder

The Sliders narrowly escape from a world filled with parasitic creatures, but not before Maggie becomes infected. On the next world, the parasite searches for a host in order to reproduce.
Guest Stars: Dawnn Lewis as Dr. Sylvius | Christopher Mayer as Man in Bar | Lester Barrie as Elston Diggs | Deborah Kellner as Tami | Spencer Garbett as Roger |
Co-Guest Stars: David Chisum as Paramedic | Alton Butler as Orderly | R. Todd Torok as D Squad Captain | Paris Barclay as Bureaucrat
Director: Paris Barclay

42 :03x20 - The Last Of Eden

Wade and Rembrandt recall a particularly harrowing adventure on a world at the mercy of catastrophic earthquakes. When Wade falls beneath the earth, Quinn embarks on a risky rescue mission while Rembrandt and Arturo fall into the company of the less-than-friendly natives.
Guest Stars: Ron Melendez as Brock | Don Jeffcoat as Keegan
Director: Allan Eastman

43 :03x21 - The Other Slide Of Darkness

The Sliders finally track Rickman down in a town bordered by a sulfurious fog. When Quinn and Maggie are captured, Quinn is forced to confront a familiar face.
Guest Stars: Oona Hart as Adra | Kevin Quigley as Bunt LaCroix | Neil Dickson as Col. Angus Rickman | Franc Ross as Billy T |
Co-Guest Stars: Amy Wheaton as Lucy LaCroix |
Uncredited: Gregory Norman Cruz as Dagan
Director: Jeff Woolnough

44 :03x22 - Slither

Quinn and Rembrandt head down to Mexico to blow off a little steam. Getting back into the United States turns out to be a bit of a problem when they get mixed up in an illegal snake trade and find themselves stuck in the middle of a jungle, surrounded by deadly snakes and the tobacco cartel. Meanwhile, Wade and Maggie run into problems of their own while they search for the other Sliders.
Guest Stars: Julie St. Claire as Kyra | Randy Vasquez as Carlos | Marc Tissot as Don | Danny Mora as Angel | Thomas G. Waites as Randy | David Correia as Customs Official

45 :03x23 - Dinoslide

The Sliders arrive back at the New World they helped Rickman colonise, shortly after the Colonel arrives himself. While the Sliders try to figure out how to stop Rickman, they discover this parallel world's unusual inhabitants: dinosaurs, including a particularly aggressive Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Guest Stars: Rainer Grant as Gretchen | Neil Dickson as Col. Angus Rickman | Wes Charles, Jr. as Malcolm | Michael Woolson as Andrews | Mike Terner as Robert Hinds |
Co-Guest Stars: Robyn Lees as Woman
Director: Richard Compton

46 :03x24 - Stoker

Wade becomes infatuated with Stoker, a rock band whose members are secretly vampires. Meanwhile, the other Sliders try to find clues to Rickman's whereabouts before he escapes them again.
Guest Stars: Ryan Alosio as Morgan | Neil Dickson as Col. Angus Rickman | Duff McKagan as Harker | Danny Masterson as Renfield | Tommy Chong as Van Elsinger |
Co-Guest Stars: Ted Rooney as Technician | Leslie Monique Soule as Mina | Barry Livingston as Eddie Selk | Lauri Pressler as Nurse | Anthony David as Security Guard
Director: Jerry O'Connell

47 :03x25 - This Slide Of Paradise

The Sliders splash down near an island inhabited by humans cross-bred with animals, the results of painful experimentation's by the local scientist. When the timer is taken by a now feral and partially transformed Colonel Rickman,Quinn must bargain with the scientist to escape, but Rembrandt's infatuation with a cross-breed slave puts the alliance at risk...
Guest Stars: Melinda Clarke as Alisandra | Neil Dickson as Col. Angus Rickman | Deron McBee as Ceres | Marc Riffon as Daniel | Michael York as Dr. Vargas |
Co-Guest Stars: Sam Gifaldi as Michael
Writer: Nan Hagan
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 22, 1995
Ended: February 04, 2000
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