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Sliders: Eggheads

The Sliders arrive on a world where brains are admired over brawn, and Quinn and Arturo are treated as celebrities! Quinn discovers that his counterpart is a popular college athlete and must take part in a championship game, while Arturo's counterpart is married to Arturo's late wife. Arturo's joy at learning this is marred when he discovers that his counterpart is about to undergo divorce proceedings.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x7
Production Number: 70405
Airdate: Wednesday April 26th, 1995

Alternate Airdates:

Ireland Nov 01, 1996
United Kingdom Nov 01, 1996
France Nov 01, 1996
NL (Sci-Fi) Jul 21, 2009

Special Guest Stars
Rick GarciaRick Garcia
As Referee
Ron PittsRon Pitts
As Play-by-Play Announcer
Tom Jackson (3)Tom Jackson (3)
As Color Commentator

Guest Stars
Charles CyphersCharles Cyphers
As Coach Almquist
Gabrielle Rose (1)Gabrielle Rose (1)
As Christina Fox-Arturo
Peter SpellosPeter Spellos
As Joey Fountain

Co-Guest Stars
Andrew GuyAndrew Guy
As Wilson
Sheelah MegillSheelah Megill
As Mrs. Dana Bingham
Amanda OAmanda O'Leary
As Librarian
Anthony HarrisonAnthony Harrison
As FBI Agent Bob Cannon
Bentley MitchumBentley Mitchum
As M.I.T. Player
Carl HibbertCarl Hibbert
As Rapper #1
Colin WallaceColin Wallace
As Harvard Captain
Johnny MahJohnny Mah
As Victor Miller
Marc Bauer (1)Marc Bauer (1)
As FBI Special Agent O’Brien
Mark PoyserMark Poyser
As M.C. Poindexter
Michael McMillianMichael McMillian
As Rapper #2
Roman DanyloRoman Danylo
As Boyer
William B. DavisWilliam B. Davis
As Professor Myman
Main Cast
Jerry OJerry O'Connell
As Quinn Mallory
Cleavant DerricksCleavant Derricks
As Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown
Sabrina LloydSabrina Lloyd
As Wade Welles
John Rhys-DaviesJohn Rhys-Davies
As Professor Maximillian Arturo
Episode Notes
We learn that Arturo had a late wife, who died of a brain aneurysm at the age of 27.

"Mindgame" was only devised for this episode. It isn't real, and there is no rulebook. However, many dedicated fans have been trying for years to perfect the game and pitch it as a real sport.

FOX failed to air the episodes in order. In the first season this episode was meant to air 7th, but instead aired 6th.

Episode Quotes
Quinn: Unbelievable. Everyone expects me to be Wayne Gretzky, except I don't know how to skate.

Wade: I don't believe it. We're supposed to be in some elevated super intellectual society, and it's just as twisted as it is back home.
Quinn: Worse.
Arturo: Intellectual refinement's one thing... moral refinement's something different.

Wade: (To Rembrandt) You bet on a game that you don't understand? You're an idiot!

Episode Goofs
Tile 27 was the first tile to be scored on in the game, but towards the end of the game, it is no longer lit.

After Quinn scores for the first time in the finals, they switch to Wade and Rembrandt talking. In the background, however, the scoreboard still says 00 to 00, and the tile on the other board is no longer lit.

If Mindgame is so popular on this world, why does the game take place in such a small arena, instead of a large venue with public seating to charge admission?

If this world is really so caught up on academics, why would the national pasttime be this bizarre mix of trivia and athletic ability? Wouldn't a more likely alternate be a competition similar to our College Bowl, which is simply teams of individuals who buzz in to answer questions, similar to Jeopardy?

The two announcers for Mindgame are former football players on our world. One of them makes a comment suggesting he used to play Mindgame. Not to disparage the intelligence of football players on our world, but does this really seem likely?

Watch carefully, when Quinn jumps, you see him pull his legs up like he's about to sit. This is because they slide down the glass room you see at the bottom. The bottom half of the building is a still image, covering the footage of them sliding down the roof, covered in padding.

When Wade tells Arturo that he's romantic, he puts his hand on her face. We when cut to the next shot, his hand is gone.

Apparently, all the events and facts that have happened on the group's home world, have also happened on this world. Why else would Quinn get so many questions right? (Edit: Since the questions in Mindgame all deal with science facts, it would be easy for a ace science student to get these questions right. It's not as if this is a pop culture trivia game. Also, the first question Quinn is asked during the MIT game [about string theory] he gets wrong, and looks as if he doesn't believe the answer. This is because the string theory was theorized differently on his Earth.)

Cultural References
Sportscaster: But it ain't over until the fat lady closes the book.

Reference to the saying "It isn't over until the fat lady sings."

Weeties: The Breakfast of Geniuses.

Parody of Wheaties, which has the slogan "The Breakfast of Champions."

Nikke: Just Think It

This ad inserted into the "Mindgame" playoffs is a parody of the famous Nike slogan "Just Do it."

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