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Sliders: The Exodus (1)

The Sliders arrive on an Earth threatened by lethal radiation Pulsars that are slowly eating away at Earth, the only chance the population has for survival is to make use of the Sliding technology developed by their military. With Quinn and Arturo's help, preparations begin for an evacuation, but a more chilling mystery begins to unfold when a large body count of coma victims begins piling up...

Episode Info  

Episode number: 3x16
Production Number: K1824
Airdate: Friday February 21st, 1997

Alternate Airdates:

United Kingdom Dec 03, 1998
France Dec 03, 1998
Ireland Dec 03, 1998

Special Guest Stars
Roger DaltreyRoger Daltrey
As Colonel Angus Rickman

Guest Stars
Kari WuhrerKari Wuhrer
As Captain Maggie Beckett
Mark KielyMark Kiely
As Dr. Steven Jensen
Wes Charles, Jr.Wes Charles, Jr.
As Malcolm
Linda HenningLinda Henning
As Mrs. Mallory
Steve LarsonSteve Larson
As Street Person

Co-Guest Stars
J. Karen ThomasJ. Karen Thomas
As Lt. Teri Eastman
Krzysztof PieczynskiKrzysztof Pieczynski
As Dr. Jariabek
Main Cast
Jerry OJerry O'Connell
As Quinn Mallory
Cleavant DerricksCleavant Derricks
As Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown
Sabrina LloydSabrina Lloyd
As Wade Welles
John Rhys-DaviesJohn Rhys-Davies
As Professor Maximillian Arturo
Kari WuhrerKari Wuhrer
As Maggie Beckett
Episode Notes
Although John Rhys-Davies is credited with this episode's story, his idea is remarkably different than what made it to screen. Davies's treatment would have been about a world where the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9's impact with Jupiter would have altered its orbit, the result being gravitational shifts that send Earth to slowly drift away from the Sun. The issues of the timer revolved around Quinn and Arturo discovering that with some modification with parts from a Motorola factory they could fix the timer to take them home since the story would feature Quinn's original timer and not the new Egyptian one. But it could also be modified further to transport what remains of the Earth's population to a new world. If they did, the timer would burn out from the stress and resume its random sliding status. The moral dilemma set in the story is that some people want to leave others behind so that they can take more of their own possessions.

The establishing shot of a building referenced as Caltech by the Sliders is acutally the Valley Life Sciences building at UC Berkeley.

Episode Quotes
Rickman: (referring to sliding) I never spoke with the President.
Wade: What?
Rickman: All we'd end up doing would be taking his friends, politicians; people with no usable skills, no value to anyone.

Quinn: Nothing like an air raid to bring out the looters.

Quinn: (to Maggie) Sorry, he was bleeding too loud.

Wade: (referring to Maggie) There's something about that girl that I don't like. No. Make that everything about that girl I don't like.

Quinn: (referring to Maggie) Ah, yes. The big, tough fighter pilot. I can hear your brass clinging.

Quinn: (quietly; to Professor Arturo about travelling with Maggie) It's like sliding with Patton.

Episode Goofs
The physics of the pulsars depicted in this episode (and its second half) are incredibly unrealistic. For starters, a pulsar is, as Arturo describes at one point, a star that has collapsed in on itself. Not only would it be spherical in shape, but its density would cause so much gravitational havoc before it even entered the solar system, that it would knock planets out of their orbits.

The gun Wade points at Maggie appears to actually be aimed just to the left of Maggie.

What did the sliders do with the guards that accompany Maggie after they lock her in the trunk of the car? And why are they walking away from the scene so calmly afterwards?

Why would an Englishman be in charge of the United States military?

After Rembrandt is shocked by the force field at the archway, his foot remains in the archway.

Jensen explains to Quinn that he is parapalegic because he severed a neurotransmitter. That is physically impossible since a neurotransmitter is a chemical.

Arturo says that they will slide out on the world they transport the endangered world's people to. However, it's been established in the show's mythology that a gateway can only be opened on the same world they slide into because the timer is counting down to the next accessible window on the world it has brought them to. While a castrophe of enormous proportions could quite possibly make sliding out on the same world difficult, nothing is made of this.

With coffee cup in hand, Rembrandt points to Rickman before dropping it out of frame, but in the next shot, Rembrandt's same hand is still being held up to Rickman.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorRobert K. Weiss  |  Tracy Tormé
Executive ProducerDavid E. Peckinpah  |  Alan Barnette  |  Tracy Tormé
Co-Executive ProducerTony Blake  |  Paul Jackson (1)
ProducerMychelle Deschamps  |  Richard Compton
Co-ProducerBruce Golin
Consulting ProducerJosef Anderson
Production DesignerJeffrey L. Goldstein
CastingJohn A. Aiello
Unit Production ManagerJan DeWitt
Second Assistant DirectorSuzanne Geiger
Music EditorBradley Segal
Costume DesignerKaren Patch
Set DecoratorNatalie Pope
Post Production SupervisorPaul M. Leonard
Supervising Sound EditorKyle Wright
Director of PhotographyRobert A. Hudecek
Story EditorScott Smith Miller  |  Nan Hagan
Stunt CoordinatorGary Baxley
Art DirectorBeala B Neel
Executive ConsultantJohn Landis  |  Robert K. Weiss  |  Leslie Belzberg
Sound MixerKenn Michael Fuller
Visual Effects CoordinatorMark Ellis (3)
Main Title ThemeDanny Lux
Visual Effects SupervisorMark Kochinski
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