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Which Slider meets a opposite gender double of themselves in "Double Cross" Easy msd85
What cable network did the show move to at the beginning of season 4 Easy msd85
In what year did the show air it's final episode Medium msd85• 1997
• 1998
• 1999
• 2000
Who was the only original cast member to be a regular in the final season Medium msd85• Jerry O'Connell
• John Rhys-Davies
• Cleavant Derricks
• Sabrina Lloyd
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 1994
• 1995
• 1996
How many episodes were in the series total Medium msd85• 85
• 86
• 87
• 88
How many episodes were in the fifth season Medium msd85• 18
• 19
• 20
• 21
How many episodes were in the third season Medium msd85• 22
• 24
• 25
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 11
• 12
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 7
• 8
• 9
• 10
How many seasons did Sliders run Medium msd85• 3
• 5
• 6
What was the last line spoken on the series finale of Sliders Medium msd85• What do we do now?
• Where do we go from here?
• How long until we slide?
What was Maggie's double's occupation in "The Return Of Maggie Beckett" Medium msd85• Scientist
• Politician
In what season 5 episode does long-lost Slider Wade make an appearance Medium msd85• Map Of The Mind
• To Catch A Slider
• Requiem
What happens to Quinn as a result of a botched experiment at the beginning of "The Unstuck Man" Easy msd85• He was merged with his double into one being
• He died
• He went into a coma
• He can slide at will
What main cast member directed several episodes during season 4 Easy msd85• Kari Wuhrer
• Charlie O'Connell
• Jerry O'Connell
What main cast member didn't return for season 4 Easy msd85• Rembrandt
• Wade
• Maggie
What shocking truth does Quinn learn about himself in "Genesis" Medium msd85• He's not originally from Earth Prime
• He's part-Kromagg
• He's Arturo's son
What broadcast network did Sliders originally air on Easy msd85• NBC
"This Slide Of Paradise" is a clear homage to what classic sci-fi film Easy msd85• The Island Of Dr. Moreau
• Planet Of The Apes
• The Time Machine
• Forbidden Planet
In "Dinoslide", the group returns to the world they visited in what previous episode Easy msd85• The Last Of Eden
• Paradise Lost
• The Exodus
Sliders regular Kari Wuhrer battled snakes in both the season 3 episode "Slither" and what theatrical film Easy msd85• Snakes On A Plane
• Anaconda
• Venom
The plot and characters of "Stoker" are pretty clearly inspired by what 80's vampire film Medium msd85• The Hunger
• The Lost Boys
• Near Dark
• Fright Night
The plot of "The Breeder" is an obvious ripoff of what sci-fi film Easy msd85• Species
• Lifeforce
• Breeders
• The Hidden
What type of apocalypse does the group face during "Sole Survivors" Easy msd85• Asteroid
• Vampire
• Zombie
• Alien
Which of the four original Sliders gets killed in "The Exodus, Part 2" Easy msd85• Quinn
• Arturo
• Rembrandt
In what season 3 episode does Maggie Beckett join the cast Easy msd85• The Exodus, Part 2
• Sole Survivors
• The Breeder
What giant creature do the natives of the small town in "Paradise Lost" sacrifice strangers to Medium msd85• Spider
• Scorpion
• Slug
Who dies briefly, but is resurrected in "Slide Like An Egyptian" Easy msd85• Wade
• Rembrandt
• Arturo
The characters and plot of "Murder Most Foul" are obvious tributes to what classic literary detective Easy msd85• Philip Marlowe
The world in "Season's Greedings" is so commercialized that people live in what type of places Easy msd85• Department Stores
• Shopping Malls
What modern horror movie legend guest stars in "State Of The Art" Easy msd85• Brad Dourif
• Robert Englund
• Max Von Sydow
What song does Quinn mockingly ask Rembrandt if he wants to sing to the sentient flame in "The Fire Within" Medium msd85• Light My Fire
• Fire In The Sky
• Eternal Flame
• Blaze Of Glory
"The Dream Masters" borrows many ideas, concepts, and even it's title from what popular horror franchise" Easy msd85• Hellraiser
• Candyman
• The Amityville Horror
While it's not technically time travel, how many years behind Earth Prime is the world visited during "The Guardian" Medium msd85• 12
• 10
• 5
What "Stand By Me" co-star reunites with star Jerry O' Connell in "Electric Twister Acid Test" Easy msd85• Wil Wheaton
• Casey Siemaszko
• Corey Feldman
What is the popular court TV game show called on the world where all cases are decided publically in "Dead Man Sliding" Easy msd85• Trial By Fire
• The Justice Game
What phrase means good luck when playing the deadly sport found in "Rules Of The Game" Medium msd85• See You At The Finish Line
• See You On The Other Side
• See You In The Morning
At what age does one become a second class citizen in "The Young And The Relentless" Medium msd85• 20
• 40
• 25
• 30
What constitutional amendment was never ratified on "Gangster World" in Greatfellas Medium msd85• 18th
• 20th
• 21st
• 23rd
What is the name of the evil alien race first introduced in "Invasion" Easy msd85• Kromalls
• Gorjakks
• Kromaggs
What cabinet post holds all the real power on "Psychic World" in Obsession Medium msd85• Prime Seer
• Prime Oracle
• Minister Of Future Events
What state has become it's own independent nation in "The Good, The Bad, And The Wealthy" Easy msd85• Arizona
• California
• New Mexico
• Texas
What is different about San Francisco in "El Sid" Easy msd85• It's A Maximum Security Prison
• It's Under Quarantine
• It's Deserted
What founding American document are the group tasked with making public for the first time in decades in "Time Again and World" Medium msd85• The U.S. Constitution
• Articles Of Confederation
• The Federalist Papers
What b-movie director was a former President on the kooky magic world in "Into The Mystic" Medium msd85• Herschell Gordon Lewis
What is Rembrandt's double's most popular song in "The King Is Back" Medium msd85• Tears In My Fro
• Weeping Wall Of Tears
What do Arturo & Bennish have to invent in order to stop the apocalypse in "Last Days" Medium msd85• Cold Fusion Bomb
• Atomic Bomb
• Tsar Bomba
Who's double was patient zero for the deadly epidemic in "Fever" Easy msd85• Wade
• Quinn
• Rembrandt
• Arturo
What is the group of revolutionaries seeking to overthrow the British crown's rule of the USA known as in "Prince Of Wails" Medium msd85• San Diego Chargers
• Oakland Raiders
• San Francisco 49ers
Who's the current President on "Hippie World" in Summer Of Love Medium msd85• Ronald Reagan
• Barry Goldwater
• Oliver North
America losing what war led to the Soviets taking over America in the pilot episode Medium msd85• Vietnam War
• Korean War
Which of the four original Sliders joined the group by accident Easy msd85• Quinn
• Rembrandt
• Wade
• Arturo