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Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Boom

The Freedom Fighters have ventured into Robotropolis in hopes of sabotaging the stealth bots, as doing such would make their future missions much easier. However, when Princess Sally makes a surprising discovery, she changes her goal and will stop at nothing to determine whether or not her theory is correct. Unfortunately, a member of the Freedom Fighters is captured during the mission, forcing Sonic to leave Antoine and Princess Sally to fend for themselves as they venture into the depths of the dark swamp.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: 201
Airdate: Saturday September 18th, 1993

Director: Dick Sebast
Writer: Len Janson

Guest Stars
William WindomWilliam Windom
voiced Cat


A spy bot loads up its operating system and moves over the city of Robotropolis, making sure to report any suspicious activity. As it moves over an overpass, a swat bot goes by and makes its way to an elevator that allows access to the building’s internal facilities. It rides to the 51st floor, where it reports to a yellow swat bot and continues along its route. The scene pans left as the yellow swat bot exits through another gate, though a rushing sound is heard as the scene continues to pan left. It zooms inside of a nearby ventilation shaft, where Sonic the hedgehog is seen moving through the tubes; he stops at an opening and looks back on his comrades, Antoine and Cat, and encourages them to hurry up. However, after they arrive, Sonic notices a swat bot is approaching and the three of them nervously press against the wall, hoping that the swat bot’s sensors won’t detect them. It opens up the shaft and uses its flashlight to look for any intruders, but it suddenly stops and its visor opens up, revealing Princess Sally to be in charge of the swat bot all along. Princess Sally jumps out of the swat bot while Sonic tells Antoine and Cat that they should stand guard and give them a sign if they see any swat bots. Antoine attempts to ask a question, but Sonic ignores him and jumps out of the ventilation shaft, so that he and Princess Sally can sabotage the stealth bots...

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Episode Notes
Character Debuts:
  • Antoine
  • Cat
  • Cluck
  • Dr. Robotnik
  • Princess Sally
  • Snively
  • Sonic the Hedgehog

  • It is uncertain what happened to Cat. While it is likely that he was roboticized, Dr. Robotnik mentioned a wide array of torture devices and it’s possible that he lost his life while protecting his secrets.

    It is shown through this episode that the SATAM show as a whole, takes a much more serious approach than say, its counterpart "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog", which aired at the same time as this show.

    Episode Quotes
    Sonic: Okay, guys, let’s do-to it. Cat, Antoine, you guys cover our backs. Any bots show up, give us the signal. Any questions?
    Antoine: Yes, I’m having a question. What if…
    Sonic: (interrupting) Cool. I’m out of here. Let’s lock and load, Sal.
    (Princess Sally and Sonic head off to complete their objective)
    Antoine: Bon voyage!
    Cat: Good luck!

    (Princess Sally and Sonic have crawled into a stealth bot’s maintenance shaft)
    Sonic: Man, what is all this stuff?
    Princess Sally: It’s the brains of the plane.
    Sonic: And you’re gonna do a little brain surgery, right?
    Princess Sally: More or less. First I break the access code, get into Robotnik’s mainframe computer, and reprogram the launch data.
    Sonic: Then kaboom! These stealth butt’s are luncheon, yes?
    Princess Sally: They’re luncheon, yes.
    (Princess Sally places Nicole in the terminal’s data slot)
    Princess Sally: Nicole.
    Nicole: Ready, Sally.
    Princess Sally: Access main database.
    Nicole: Password, Sally.
    Princess Sally: Run decoding program for “x”.
    (Nicole runs the program and a grid loads up, decrypting the password as “METEOR”, while Sonic taps his fingers impatiently)
    Princess Sally: Sonic, do you mind?!
    Sonic: Not very well. Dogs mind, not hedgehogs.
    Princess Sally: Well, show a little patience.
    Sonic: Hey, hey, hey! Patients are for hospitals! We’re in robo-country, and that makes me itchy!

    Nicole: Incoming message.
    (The word “BEAN” appears in Nicole’s holographic display field)
    Sonic: (confused) Bean?!
    Princess Sally: Oh my gosh, Sonic, my father called me bean when I was little. Nicole, give me message origin.
    (Sonic notices that a swat bot is approaching their location)
    Sonic: Sal, we gotta put the pedal to the metal!
    Princess Sally: I have to check this out! It may be from my father!
    Nicole: Message origin: area twelve, sector nine, quadrant thirty-two.
    Princess Sally: (surprised) The dark swamp?!

    (Antoine and Cat are waiting for Princess Sally and Sonic to return to the ventilation shaft)
    Antoine: Huh, what is taking them from so long?!
    Cat: Those computers can be tricky. Relax, Antoine.
    Antoine: Relax? Yes. Yes. A very good idea-ah!
    (Antoine leans against the shaft’s opening and falls down to the ground, alerting the swat bots)

    Sonic: (angrily) What happened, Antoine?!
    Antoine: It was not my fault! Cat said I should relax and I leaned against the…
    Sonic: (interrupting) Yo! Where’s Cat?!
    Princess Sally: He was right behind us in the tunnel, and then we lost him!
    Sonic: Swat bots must have busted him; I’m juicin’ back!
    Princess Sally: Sonic, I’m sure that message was from my father. I’m going to the dark swamp and find him. Antoine can come with me.
    Sonic: (confused) Antoine?!
    Princess Sally: Yes, Antoine!
    (Antoine triumphantly smirks at Sonic)
    Sonic: You’re kiddin’, right?!
    Princess Sally: I’m kiddin’, wrong!
    Sonic: Wrong?!
    Princess Sally: Right!
    Sonic: Right or wrong?!
    Princess Sally: You’re wrong, I’m right, as usual.

    Dr. Robotnik: Tell me, Snively. How did the hedgehog get past all my security?
    Snively: Through an air duct, Dr. Robotnik.
    Dr. Robotnik: An air duct?
    Snively: Yes, sir.
    Dr. Robotnik: (angrily) Then seal it off!
    Snively: (nervously) Yes, sir! One more thing, sir! We’ve captured a Freedom Fighter!
    Dr. Robotnik: Oh, that’s good! That’s very, very good, Snively. Where is he?
    Snively: Bring in the prisoner!
    (Two swat bots carry in Cat, who is struggling to break free from his shackles)

    Dr. Robotnik: Tell me where Knothole is, old boy, and you have my word that you will not be roboticized.
    Cat: (angrily) I’m telling you nothing about nothing, Robotnik!
    Dr. Robotnik: Ooh, I wouldn’t be so sure about that, old boy. I have machines of all kinds, marvelous machines, that can do things you would not believe.

    Sonic: You alright?!
    Cat: Robotnik’s surveillance picked up Sally; he knows she’s headed for the dark swamp. You gotta save her!
    Sonic: But what about you?!
    Cat: Doesn’t matter. Go, Sonic, go!
    Sonic: Not to worry, Cat, I’ll be back!

    Antoine: (nervously) Uh, how much more farther, my princess? Hmm?
    Princess Sally: We’ll know when we get there, Antoine.
    (Antoine accidentally bumps into Princess Sally, scaring them both; Antoine jumps up into a tree)
    Princess Sally: Uh! Antoine, what’s wrong?!
    Antoine: (shaking) A-a th-th-thousand pardons, my princess!
    Princess Sally: Are you alright? You’re trembling!
    Antoine: (shaking) Uh, not trembling, my princess! Um, uh, sh-sh-shivering! Oh, yes! I must have catched um, how you say, a-a-achoo! Uh, ah, a terrible cold! I think we should return to Knothole!
    Sally: No, Antoine! My father is alive! I know it, and I’m going to find him!

    Snively: Dr. Robotnik! We have the hedgehog! He’s in the dark swamp!
    Dr. Robotnik: (petting Cluck) He’s looking for the princess; a possible double header. Launch the stealth bots!
    Snively: Yes, sir!

    Princess Sally: Nicole, give me all data on Iron Lock.
    Nicole: Searching, Sally. Built in 1543. Abandoned one-hundred years ago. No other data.

    (Antoine and Princess Sally are crossing an old drawbridge)
    Antoine: My princess, I am thinking this is not safe.
    Princess Sally: Don’t be such a worrywart, Antoine!
    (The bridge begins to buckle and falter)
    Antoine: No! No! Are you alright, my princess?!

    Antoine: Princess, I am hating to be such a, um, oh, how you say, um, a, oh, such a worryworm, heh, but this, terrible place, it is not so good for our health. I am thinking this is so. (Antoine grabs a hold of Princess Sally’s hand and kisses it several times) We go home, yes?!
    Princess Sally: We go home, no, Antoine! If my father is in there, I’m going to find him. Is that clear?!
    (Antoine attempts to disagree with her, but realizes that she is in command)
    Antoine: Oui-oui, my princess, very clear, very clear. But…
    Princess Sally: (interrupting) No buts, Antoine. Now, let’s go!
    (Antoine nervously hesitates to follow Princess Sally)
    Princess Sally: (angrily) Antoine!
    Antoine: Oui-oui, princess! Here I am! I’m right behind you, princess!
    Princess Sally: (sarcastically) That’s comforting.

    (Antoine and Princess Sally come across a red piece of cloth)
    Antoine: What is it?
    Princess Sally: (sadly) It’s from my father’s cloak! I recognize the design! He was here!
    (Antoine places his hand on Princess Sally’s shoulder, in hopes of comforting her)

    (A gust of wind blows a cell door shut, scaring Antoine and causing him to jump into Princess Sally’s arms)
    Antoine: (nervously) Heh-heh-heh! ‘Allo! It was just a clever way to get in your arms, my princess!

    Princess Sally: Sonic!
    Sonic: What’s up, Sal!
    Princess Sally: Look what I found!
    Sonic: A computer? So?!
    Princess Sally: My father must have sent me those messages from this computer!
    Sonic: Looks real ancient! Does it work?
    Princess Sally: I don’t know. Keep your fingers crossed!
    (Princess Sally presses a few buttons on the computer’s keyboard, causing it to load up)
    Princess Sally: Yes!
    Computer: Access code, please.
    Princess Sally: Try “bean”.
    Computer: Stand by for message. Bean. Check subter file. Imposit. End of message.
    Princess Sally: (crying) That’s definitely from my father. Somehow, he knew I’d find it!
    Antoine: Fantastic! What does it mean?
    Princess Sally: He didn’t finish the message, but at least now I know he’s alive! I just don’t know where!

    (The giant reptilian beast has Antoine, Princess Sally and Sonic cornered)
    Princess Sally: Oh my gosh! What is it?!
    Sonic: Someone you never wanna marry. Plus, he’s in a bad mood.
    Princess Sally: But, that’s our only way out!
    Antoine: (nervously) What… What… What… What…
    (Sonic slaps Antoine)
    Antoine: (nervously) What are we going to do?!
    Sonic: Ask about his mother. Maybe he’s not such a bad guy.

    (Sonic had just used the power ring to destroy the robotic reptilian beast)
    Princess Sally: Sonic, how did you know it was robotic?
    Sonic: The hedgehog knows.
    Antoine: But now, I am thinking we have another problem, hmm? How do we get the hecks out of here?!
    Princess Sally: Nicole, bring up “bean”.
    (Nicole opens up a map of the tunnel system)

    (Antoine, Princess Sally and Sonic have snuck back into Dr. Robotnik’s base to sabotage the stealth bots)
    Princess Sally: Done! That’s the last one! These stealth bots are history!
    Sonic: I got one more thing to do! Meet you guys at the usual! Gotta juice!
    (Sonic runs off in hopes of rescuing Cat)

    Sonic: He’s launching the stealth butts!
    (Sonic pulls out a spy bot so that Dr. Robotnik can see the stealth bots get destroyed)
    Sonic: News at eleven!
    Dr. Robotnik: What is this?! Snively! Recall them!
    Snively: Yes, sir!
    (Snively presses the recall button, but the bots don’t respond; they begin to explode shortly thereafter)
    Sonic: Yo! Robuttnik! That was for Cat! Hah-hah-hah-hah!

    Episode Goofs
    The swat bot at the beginning of the episode enters the elevator at the 36th floor and goes to the 51st floor, which meant that it should have been moving upwards. However, despite this fact, the elevator is shown to be moving downwards.

    When Snively approaches Dr. Robotnik to inform him about the security situation, Dr. Robotnik’s right shoulder pad vanishes for a few seconds, resulting in his skin to be shown when it wasn’t supposed to be.

    Throughout this episode, the backpack that Sonic is wearing constantly appears and disappears. Several scenes show him with the backpack, only to have it suddenly vanish a few seconds later in another scene.

    The bridge to Iron Lock Prison collapses when Princess Sally and Antoine cross it, but when the scene later changes to an overview of the prison, the bridge appears to be fully intact.

    When Antoine and Princess Sally are inside of Iron Lock Prison, a gust of wind blows one of the cell doors shut. However, the two of them were deep inside of the prison, indoors, which meant that a random gust of wind shouldn’t have come by as it did.

    Princess Sally picks up the red piece of cloth that was torn from King Acorn’s cloak and carries it with her as she walks down the hallway. However, when Antoine becomes scared seconds later and jumps into her arms, the red piece of cloth is nowhere to be seen.

    Antoine’s Affections

    Despite the fact that he is a coward, this episode proved that Antoine is willing to overcome his fears due to his love of Princess Sally. When the two of them were on the collapsing bridge, Antoine quickly grabbed Princess Sally’s hand and rushed her to safety; after the two of them grabbed onto the ledge, Antoine quickly climbed up and helped ensure that she didn’t fall down the cliff. While it could be argued that Antoine was merely trying to save his own skin, his spoken lines during the scenes in question had indicated that Princess Sally was the only thing on his mind. However, this didn’t prevent Antoine from attempting to weasel out of Princess Sally’s mission to find her father, as even though he went with her, he felt that it was too dangerous and wanted to go back to Knothole Village.

    Princess Sally’s Leadership

    Princess Sally may be the de facto leader of the Freedom Fighters, but this episode proved that she still has a lot to learn before she can be a proper leader. When Cat was captured, she showed no real sign of remorse and made no offer to help Sonic rescue their comrade; instead, all she cared about was finding her father. While it could be argued that finding King Acorn would do more to help their cause than rescuing a normal member of the group, her spoken lines during the scenes in question had indicated that her reasons were rather personal and selfish. Princess Sally also neglected to ask Sonic about Cat’s safety when he returned and rejoined her, as she was still only focused on trying to find the location of her father.

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