Sonic Boom - Recap

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A spy bot loads up its operating system and moves over the city of Robotropolis, making sure to report any suspicious activity. As it moves over an overpass, a swat bot goes by and makes its way to an elevator that allows access to the building’s internal facilities. It rides to the 51st floor, where it reports to a yellow swat bot and continues along its route. The scene pans left as the yellow swat bot exits through another gate, though a rushing sound is heard as the scene continues to pan left. It zooms inside of a nearby ventilation shaft, where Sonic the hedgehog is seen moving through the tubes; he stops at an opening and looks back on his comrades, Antoine and Cat, and encourages them to hurry up. However, after they arrive, Sonic notices a swat bot is approaching and the three of them nervously press against the wall, hoping that the swat bot’s sensors won’t detect them. It opens up the shaft and uses its flashlight to look for any intruders, but it suddenly stops and its visor opens up, revealing Princess Sally to be in charge of the swat bot all along. Princess Sally jumps out of the swat bot while Sonic tells Antoine and Cat that they should stand guard and give them a sign if they see any swat bots. Antoine attempts to ask a question, but Sonic ignores him and jumps out of the ventilation shaft, so that he and Princess Sally can sabotage the stealth bots.

The two of them make their way to one of the stealth bots; Sonic helps Princess Sally get into its maintenance panel and she begins to hack into the system. She explains to Sonic that she needs to break the access code, get into Robotnik’s mainframe computer, and reprogram the launch data for the stealth bots. She inserts Nicole into the stealth bot’s terminal and instructs her to run program “x”, which decrypts the code as “METEOR”. Sonic laments about the situation, as he feels that it’s taking too long; Princess Sally encourages him to have a little patience, but he reminds her that they’re deep in Robotropolis and that their enemies could appear at any minute. Just as Sonic mentions this fact, two swat bots begin to approach their location, though after he informs Princess Sally, Nicole finishes processing the information. She reveals a new message, “BEAN”, which confuses Sonic, though Princess Sally believes that the message came from her father, as he used to call her bean. She instructs Nicole to track the message’s origin, though Sonic believes that her safety is more important and that the two of them should get going before the swat bots arrive. Princess Sally refuses, as she believes this may be her best chance to learn the whereabouts of her father. Nicole processes the information and reveals to the group that the message came from area twelve, sector nine, quadrant thirty-two; Princess Sally recognizes the location as the dark swamp.

Meanwhile, back in the ventilation shaft, Antoine is nervous because Princess Sally and Sonic have taken so long to sabotage the stealth bots. Cat encourages him to relax and stop worrying so much, as computers can be tricky. Antoine agrees with him and attempts to lean against the tube in order to calm his nerves, though he inadvertently opens the hatch and falls down to the ground alerting the swat bots of the group’s presence. He jumps and dodges in order to avoid its laser attacks, ultimately grabbing Cat’s tail in order to climb back into the ventilation shaft to hide from the swat bots. Back in the stealth bot’s maintenance panel, Sonic informs Princess Sally about the situation and instructs her to make a run for the ventilation shaft after he distracts the swat bots. She agrees to his plan, but requests that he be careful in order to avoid being captured by the guards. Sonic jumps down to the ground and blasts off into the distance, luring the nearby swat bots and clearing the area for Princess Sally. She jumps down as well and makes her way to the opening, where Antoine and Cat help her get inside. The three of them proceed to move through the tubes, while Sonic maneuvers around the swat bots outside, easily confusing them and causing them to stumble around. Sonic stops on a pile of rubble and mocks the swat bots one last time, causing them to shoot a laser at him as he back-flips into another opening of the ventilation shaft. Sonic blasts off through the tubes, though the scene changes to show Antoine, Cat and Princess Sally attempting to get out of the facility as well. However, when Cat notices that a swat bot is coming, he allows Antoine and Princess Sally to keep running while he lures the swat bots in the wrong direction, effectively sacrificing himself so that they could escape.

The scene changes to later that day, in which Antoine and Princess Sally have arrived at their group’s usual meeting point. They’re both tired due to their escape and sit down to catch their breath, but it’s not long until Sonic runs by and yells at Antoine for putting them all in danger. Antoine attempts to pass the blame to Cat, as he insisted that he was merely fallowing his advice and that he never meant to cause the gate to come open. However, upon hearing this, Sonic realizes that Cat is missing; Princess Sally tells him that they were running in the ventilation shaft and that they lost track of him at some point, which causes Sonic to believe that he was captured by the swat bots. Sonic tells them that he’s going to go back into Robotropolis in order to rescue him, though Princess Sally tells him that the message she received was definitely from her father and that she was going to the dark swamp in order to rescue him, and that she was going to take Antoine with him. This confuses Sonic, as Antoine is weak, though it also makes him jealous to some extent. Sonic attempts to convince Princess Sally that Antoine is no good, and that she must be joking, though Princess Sally remains adamant in her decision and she grabs Antoine and begins to walk towards the dark swamp. Antoine triumphantly smiles at Sonic as the two of them leave, which causes Sonic to express his disgust of the situation, though he runs over to Princess Sally and lets her know that he’ll meet up with her at the dark swamp as soon as he busts Cat out of jail. The two of them exchange their concerns and encourage one another to be careful, though they then split up to complete their individual objectives.

Back in Robotropolis, Snively approaches Dr. Robotnik, in which he is asked how Sonic managed to get through all of their security systems. Snively informs his boss that he used an air duct, which frustrates Dr. Robotnik, as all of the air ducts should have been sealed a long time ago. He orders Snively to make sure that they get sealed this time, but before Snively leaves, he expresses that they manages to capture one of the Freedom Fighters. This pleases Dr. Robotnik and he requests to see the prisoner, so Snively orders two swat bots to bring him in. The door opens and a bound Cat is brought in, who is struggling to be free. Cat is placed in a chair and Dr. Robotnik begins his interrogation; he informs Cat that if he cooperates and reveals the location of Knothole Village, he would be willing to spare him from being roboticized. Cat refuses to tell him anything, though Dr. Robotnik reminds him that he has many machines that can do many things, which causes Cat to realize his inevitable fate. Meanwhile, Sonic has made his way to Robotropolis and decides to follow a swat bot in order to sneak into the facility. There, he learns that the swat bot he was following was actually transporting Cat, as he is being transported to his cell. Cat is taken into an elevator and brought up to the prison block, so Sonic follows by using his speed to ride the wall of the elevator shaft. As he is climbing, he realizes that another elevator is moving downwards and is about to crush him, though he manages to get to the prison block just in time. Sonic approaches Cat’s cell and attempts to free him, though Cat informs him that Dr. Robotnik is aware of Princess Sally’s location, and that he should forget about him and run to the dark swamp in order to ensure her protection. Sonic reluctantly agrees with him, as saving Princess Sally is a higher priority, but he insists that he will be back to rescue Cat once he finishes up in the dark swamp.

At the dark swamp, Antoine and Princess Sally are making their way through the muck, unaware that they’re being watched by a spy bot. Antoine asks Princess Sally how much farther they have to go, which frustrates Princess Sally, as they can only find out once they know where exactly they’re going. The two of them continue to move forward, but Antoine accidentally bumps into the princess when he is too busy looking around, which scares the both of them. Antoine ultimately lands in a tree, which causes Princess Sally to question his behavior, as she has noticed that he’s trembling. Antoine attempts to hide his fear by claiming that he’s merely shivering, as he must have caught a cold, and he requests that the two of them turn back and go home to Knothole Village. Princess Sally tells him that she knows that her father is alive and that she will find him, but when Antoine reminds her that they don’t even know where he is inside of the dark swamp, she takes out Nicole and instructs her to scan for any known structures in the swamp’s vicinity. Nicole reveals that Iron Lock Prison is the only known structure inside of the swamp, which shocks Princess Sally and encourages her to speed up her search. Antoine attempts to talk her out of it, but the tree he was sitting on breaks and he falls down into the muck.

Meanwhile, Sonic has made his way to the exterior of the swamp and begins to look for Princess Sally, but his attempts to call out to her are met with silence. He examines the area more thoroughly and discovers their tracks, so he sets out to follow them, hoping that his speed would allow him to catch up before it’s too late. However, little did he know that he was being monitored by a spy bot, and that Snively has informed his boss that Sonic was in the dark swamp, which amuses him. Dr. Robotnik believes that he will now be able to take care of two pests at once, so he orders Snively to launch one of the stealth bots, which he proceeds to do so. Once it’s launched the stealth bot makes its way to the dark swamp, though the scene changes to show Antoine and Princess Sally’s journey through the muck. Antoine asks Princess Sally how much farther they have to go, though Princess Sally insists that it’s not too much farther. The two of them take a few more steps and pass through some more foliage, in which they discover that the structure they’re looking for is right ahead of them. Princess Sally takes out Nicole and attempts to learn more information about it, but aside from some historical dates, no data exists that would help them with their endeavors. The scene changes back to Sonic, who is running through the dark swamp in order to catch up with Antoine and Princess Sally. However, when he notices that the stealth bot is following him, he picks up speed, only to have it launch a missile at him. Sonic goes even faster in order to avoid being hit by the missile, but when the stealth bot hovers over a hallow tree, Sonic decides to run inside of the hallow tree in order to divert the missile into the stealth bot. His plan works and the stealth bot is destroyed.

Back at Iron Lock Princess, Antoine and Princess Sally slowly make their way across the drawbridge. Antoine attempts to convince Princess Sally that it’s too dangerous, but just as he dismisses his fears, the bridge begins to buckle and collapse. Antoine asks Princess Sally if she’s alright, and when she insists that she is, the two of them continue across the bridge. After a few more steps, the bridge completely gives way and begins to crash into the cliff, so Antoine grabs Princess Sally’s hand and runs towards Iron Lock Prison, hoping that the two of them will be able to make it before it’s too late. The two fail to reach the other side in time, but manage to grab a hold of the cliff; Antoine climbs up and then helps Princess Sally climb up as well, but once he looks into the darkness of Iron Lock Prison, his fears are renewed yet again. He tells Princess Sally that he believes that the place isn’t good for their health, and that they should return to Knothole Village; he kisses her hand in hopes of proving his sincerity, but Princess Sally refuses to listen to him because she wishes to rescue her father. She makes her way inside, but when Antoine hesitates, she angrily yells at him and forces him to come with her. Antoine attempts to hide his fear yet again, by ensuring her that he is right behind her, though his remark only yields a sarcastic reply from the princess.

As the two of them enter Iron Lock Prison, Sonic is still making his way through the dark swamp in hopes of finding them. He lost their tracks due to the stealth bot, but after some running, he found them again and begins to head towards Iron Lock Prison. Meanwhile, Antoine and Princess Sally make their way through one of the cell blocks within the prison, in which they ultimately discover a piece of red cloth that was torn from King Acorn’s cloak. Princess Sally embraces the cloak while Antoine puts his hand on her shoulder, attempting to comfort her, though she soon regains her composure and the two of them continue to look for the cell that King Acorn was held in. However, a gust of wind blows by and shuts one of the cell doors, which frightens Antoine and causes him to jump into Princess Sally’s arms. He attempts to hide his fear by telling her that it was nothing more than a clever ploy to get into her arms, though Princess Sally isn’t amused and merely looks at him with an angry expression on her face. Outside, Sonic has finally arrived at Iron Lock Prison and takes note of how spooky the place looks, though he easily jumps the cliff where the bridge used to be and he makes his way inside. Antoine and Princess Sally, on the other hand, have finally found the cell where King Acorn was help captive; this pleases Antoine, who triumphantly walks towards the princess, though Sonic sneaks up on him and causes him to jump up to the top of the cell door in fear.

Sonic mockingly asks Antoine what he’s doing on the door, though Princess Sally quickly gets his attention and points him towards an old computer. Sonic doesn’t care too much about it, as he doesn’t know why it’s so special, though she reveals to him that it was the computer that King Acorn used to send her the message. Sonic asks her if it still works, though Princess Sally isn’t sure and she attempts to boot it up. Fortunately for them, it is still operational, and Princess Sally enters “bean” as the password that it requested. It works, though all she receives is an incomplete recording that mentions checking the subter file. Antoine expresses that he doesn’t know what it meant, though Princess Sally expresses that what really matters is that she now knows that her father is alive. She then uses the computer to access the mentioned subter file, which loads up a map that displays all of the subterranean routes that exist underneath Robotropolis. She takes out Nicole and instructs her to access the database and record a copy of the subter file, though Sonic grows impatient when Nicole takes too long and he leans against the wall, which triggers a booby trap that destroys the computer and sends the group falling down into the tunnels underneath Iron Lock Prison.

The three of them stand up, covered in muck, and attempt to figure out just where they are. Sonic notices a strange light in the distance and tells his friends that he’s going to go check it out; he runs off into the distance, but when he doesn’t immediately return, Princess Sally grows concerned that something may have happened. However, Sonic runs back as soon as she says that and informs them that they can’t exit the tunnels through that passage. Antoine asks him why they can’t, but just as he finishes his sentence, a giant reptilian beast stomps its way towards them and glares at them with its glowing red eye. The group realizes that the giant reptilian beast is blocking their only way out, so Sonic comes up with a plan involving the power ring. He instructs Princess Sally to grab the ring and place it in his hand when he reaches for it, in which Antoine and Princess Sally grab a hold of Sonic and the three of them run towards the giant reptilian beast. Sonic extends his hand and Princess Sally gives him the power ring, which permits them to go even faster and they run inside of the giant reptilian beast’s mouth, bursting through the other side of it. When they come to a stop, they discover that the giant reptilian beast was robotic; Princess Sally asks Sonic how he knew that fact all along, though Sonic smugly tells her that the hedgehog always knows these things. Antoine reminds them that they still aren’t out of danger, as they don’t know how to get out of the tunnels, but Princess Sally instructs Nicole to run “bean” and she loads up a map of the tunnel system, permitting them to find their way out.

The three of them make their way out of the tunnel system, though Princess Sally hasn’t revealed to her friends that they’re not yet returning to Knothole Village. The scene changes to show the three of them sneaking into Robotropolis, in which they continue to sabotage the stealth bots in order to complete the task that they had attempted to complete earlier that day. They quickly finish and Sonic tells Princess Sally that he still has one thing to do before he meets up with them at their usual meeting place, as he needs to rescue Cat. He blasts off and heads for the prison block, though he’s dismayed to learn that Cat is no longer being held in his cell. Distraught, Sonic realizes that all he can do is return home, though Dr. Robotnik has caught him with one of the spy bots and orders Snively to launch the stealth bots in order to destroy the hedgehog once and for all. Little did he know, however, that such is exactly what the Freedom Fighters wanted him to do. Once he launched them, Sonic pulled out a spy bot and recorded the stealth bots so that Dr. Robotnik could see what was happening; Dr. Robotnik ordered Snively to recall them, but when they ignored Snively’s command, they began to explore shortly thereafter. Sonic turned the spy bot around and triumphantly spoke in to it, dedicating the victory to Cat, whom had apparently been roboticized or killed. All Dr. Robotnik could do was look on as his personal nemesis enjoyed a lasting victory.