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Sonic the Hedgehog: The Doomsday Project

The Freedom Fighters are feeling good about their recent string of successes. With all of their groups united and set up across the world, they begin to prepare for their ultimate attack on Dr. Robotnik’s forces. However, when Dr. Robotnik starts his Doomsday Project earlier than expected, the Freedom Fighters soon find themselves hopelessly outnumbered, in which Sonic becomes their only hope to succeed.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x13
Production Number: 313
Airdate: Saturday December 03rd, 1994

Director: Ron Myrick
Writer: Ben Hurst

Guest Stars
Robert MuglestonRobert Mugleston
voiced Ari
Shari BelafonteShari Belafonte
voiced Lupe
Episode Notes
This final episode is best rememberd for the cliffhanger involving the infamous red eyes seen at the conclusion of the episode. Had the series continued into a third season, the eyes would have been revealed as belonging to Ixus Nagus, the trecherous sorceror who last appeared in "The Void".

Some of the third seasons episodes would have involved a two part premiere story entitled "Beware of Aftermaths", and an episode revealing more on Sonics origins "The Journal", these storylines were later adapted as fan comics amongst the SATAM fan community.

After the second season ended with the last episode, a third season was actually planned directly after the second, as shown by the SATAM DVD Box Set. To this day if SATAM was renewed for a third season, Writer Ben Hurst would redeem his role as Writer for the show.

Episode Quotes
Sonic: You and me, babe, show me some pictures.
Nicole: No prob, blue streak my man.
(Nicole loads up a schematic map of the facility)
Sonic: Man, that’s no help. Where are we?
Nicole: You are here, my main hedgehog.
Sonic: Cool!

Sally: Sonic, I want to help.
Sonic: This is power time, Sal, you’ll slow me down.
Bunnie: He’s right, Sally girl, come on.
Sally: (giving Sonic Nicole) Here, you’ll need Nicole. Good luck Sonic.
Sonic: Later.

Sonic: Let’s do it to it.
(Dr. Robotnik sees the Freedom Fighters on screen)
Dr. Robotnik: I see our guests have arrived. How very appropriate: the dummy diversion. We’ll let them get in; we can’t make it too easy Snively. Alert the ground forces.

Sonic: Alright, way past cool! Robotnik’s gone!
Sally: I don’t believe this! Sonic, we actually did it!
(The two high five one another, causing a bright light)
Sally: Wow, if a high five does that, what happens with a kiss?
(Princess Sally leans in for a kiss with Sonic)
Sonic: Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah! Uh, I don’t wanna find out; outta here!
(Sonic runs off, Sally laughs and chases him)

Snively: Finally! (laughing) The big round guy finally let Sonic defeat him! Well don’t celebrate too soon, hedgehog, now it’s my turn and I’m not alone!
(A mysterious pair of red eyes are visible in the midst of the darkness)

Dr. Robotnik: An object of beauty. Don’t you agree, Snively?
Snively: Very lovely, sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Within twenty four hours, I will control every inch of this planet. Every inch!

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