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Sorority Girls

Sorority Girls

Sorority Girls is a reality series which sees five of America's finest Sorority Girls travelling to Britain's to create the first ever Sorority, in Leeds. They're looking for just five female students to become the country's first ever fully initiated Sorority Sisters.

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Prev: 1x08 -- Episode 8 (Dec/26/2011)

The selection process is coming to an end and five Sigma Gamma Pledges are finally initiated into the the country's first ever Sorority.



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I just watched this programme on 4oD, and I felt compelled to write a review.

Are these girls serious? Is this what Sorority girls in the USA are like? I mean *gasp* they are so fake and cheesy. They just act like a bunch of cheesy, middle aged, middle class Stepford Wives. Didn't they know anything about UK Uni life? It's all about letting it all hang out, having one too many, doing stupid things, and generally dressing and being inappropriate - you've gotta do it before you get into the real world, then you have the rest of your lives to pretend to be sensible and refined. But to these girls everything which typifies traditional Uni life in Britain, is just plain wrong... Read more

Review posted on Sunday, November 13th 2011 at 2:47 am

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