Soul Train

Season 35

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Season 35

1102 :35x01 - The Pussycat Dolls/ Chris Brown/ Na'sha

-The Pussycat Dolls - "Don't Cha" and "Beep"
-Chris Brown - "Run It" and "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)"
-Na'sha - "Fire"
Guest Stars: Pussycat Dolls as Themselves | Chris Brown (2) as Himself
Director: Michael Simon

1103 :35x02 - Mary Mary/ Ginuwine/ Nivea

-Mary Mary - "Heaven" and "The Real Party"
-Ginuwine - "When We Make Love"
-Nivea - "Okay" and "Complicated"
Guest Stars: Ginuwine as Himself | Nivea as Herself | Mary Mary as Themselves
Director: Michael Simon

1104 :35x03 - Ray J/ Ebony Eyez

-Ray J - "One Wish" and "Quit Actin'"
-Ebony Eyez - "In Ya Face" and "Take Me Back"

Music Video: Mariah Carey "Shake It Off"
Guest Stars: Ray J as Himself
Director: Michael Simon
Songs: Ray J -- One Wish, Mariah Carey -- Shake it off

1105 :35x04 - Trey Songz/ Dwele/ Keke Wyatt

-Trey Songz "Gotta Make it" and "Gotta Go"
-Dwele "I Think I Love U" and "Weekend Love"
-Keke Wyatt "Put Your Hands on Me"
Guest Stars: Trey Songz as Himself | Keke Wyatt as Herself
Director: Michael Simon

1106 :35x05 - Floetry/ Pretty Ricky

-Floetry "Supastar" and "Lay Down"
-Pretty Ricky "Your Body" and "Nothing But A Number"

Music Video: Mary J. Blige "Be Without You"
Guest Stars: Pretty Ricky as Themselves | Floetry as Themselves
Director: Michael Simon

1107 :35x06 - Eric Benet/ Dem Franchize Boyz

-Eric Benet "I Wanna Be Loved" and "Pretty Baby"
-Dem Franchize Boyz "I Think They Like Me" and "Lean with it, Rock with It"

Music Video: Black Eyed Peas "My Humps"
Guest Stars: Eric Benet as Himself | Dem Franchize Boyz as Themselves
Director: Michael Simon

1108 :35x07 - Jazze Pha and Cee-Lo Green/ Kindred the Family Soul/ Taurus

-Jazze Pha and Cee-Lo Green "Happy Hour" and "Choose Me"
-Kindred the Family Soul "Where Would I Be (The Question)" and "Thru Love"
-Taurus "Taurus Here"
Guest Stars: Jazze Pha as Himself | Kindred The Family Soul as Themselves
Director: Michael Simon

1109 :35x08 - Heather Headley/ Chamillionaire

Heather Headley - "In My Mind" and "Am I Worth It?"
Chamillionaire - "Turn it Up" and Ridin"
Music Video: 50 Cent - "Window Shopper"
Guest Stars: Heather Headley as Herself | Chamillionaire as Himself
Director: Michael Simon

1110 :35x09 - Kirk Franklin/ T-Pain

Kirk Franklin - "Looking for You" and "Imagine Me."
T-Pain - "I'm Sprung" and "I'm in Love Wit a Stripper."
Music Video: Beyonce - "Check on it."
Guest Stars: T-Pain as Himself | Kirk Franklin as Himself
Director: Michael Simon

1111 :35x10 - Donell Jones/ LeToya Luckett

Donell Jones "Better Start Talking" and "I'm Gonna Be"
LeToya Luckett "Torn" and "Gangsta Grill"
Music Video: The Black Eyed Peas "My Hump"
Guest Stars: Donell Jones (1) as Himself | Letoya Luckett as Herself
Director: Michael Simon

1112 :35x11 - Charlie Wilson/ YoungBloodZ

-Charlie Wilson with "Charlie, Last Name Wilson" and "Magic"
-Youngbloodz with "Presidential (Remix)" and "Chop Chop"

Music Video: Mary J Blige "Be Without You
Guest Stars: Charlie Wilson (1) as Himself | Youngbloodz as Themselves
Director: Michael Simon

1113 :35x12 - Karen Clark-Sheard/ Urban Mystic/ Marcos Hernandez

-Karen Clark-Sheard with "Be Blessed" and "A Living Testimony"
-Urban Mystic with "It's You" and "Bounce With Me"
-Marcos Hernandez with "If You Were Mine"
Guest Stars: Marcos Hernandez as Himself | Urban Mystic as Himself | Karen Clark-Sheard (1) as Herself
Director: Michael Simon
Songs: Karen Clark-Sheard -- Be Blessed, Nelly featuring Paul Wall, Gipp and Ali -- Grillz, Marcos Hernandez -- If You were mine, D4L -- Laffy Taffy

1114 :35x13 - Final Draft / Flipsyde / Cruna

-Final Draft "What Is Love?" and "Don't stop 'till you feel the beat"
-Flipsyde "Someday" and "Train"
-Cruna "Take Me Higher"
Guest Stars: Flipsyde as Themselves | Cruna as Herself
Director: Michael Simon

1115 :35x14 - T.I./ Sammie

-T.I. "What You Know" and "Front Back"
-Sammie "You Should Be My Girl" and "Please Forgive Me"

Music Video: Chris Brown "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)''
Guest Stars: T.I. as Himself | Sammie as Himself
Director: Michael Simon
Songs: T.I. -- Front Back, Sammie -- Please Forgive Me, T.I. -- What You Know, Sammie -- You Should Be My Girl

1116 :35x15 - Javier / D4L

-Javier "Indecent Proposal" and "Dance for Me"
-D4L "Laffy Taffy" and "Betcha Can't Do It Like Me"

Music Video: Beyonce "Check on It"
Guest Stars: D4L as Themselves
Director: Michael Simon
Songs: D4L -- Betcha Can't Do It Like Me, D4L -- Laffy Taffy

1117 :35x16 - Goapele / Lorenzo Owens

-Goapele "First Love" and "Different"
-Lorenzo Owens "Inseparable" and "Wanna See You Smile"

Music Video: The Pussycat Dolls "Stickwitu"
Guest Stars: Lorenzo Owens as Himself | Goapele as Herself
Director: Michael Simon
Songs: Goapele -- Different, Goapele -- First Love, Lorenzo Owens -- Inseparable, Lorenzo Owens -- Wanna See You Smile