Space: 1999

Space: 1999

In the year 1999, the Moon has broken away from the Earth in a catastrophe beyond all imagination. The crew stationed at Moonbase Alpha find themselves struggling to survive as their only refuge hurtles through space, getting further and further from the blue planet which may not even still exist.

Episode Info

Final: 2x24 -- The Dorcons (May/01/1978)

An expedition of Dorcons have searched the universe for the cure to their ailing Archon leader. Unfortunately, the cure requires Maya's death.
Available Episodes

The Dorcons
May 01, 1978
Season 2 episode 24

The Immunity Syndrom..
Sep 08, 1977
Season 2 episode 23

Devil's Planet
Sep 01, 1977
Season 2 episode 22

Aug 25, 1977
Season 2 episode 21

The Seance Spectre
Aug 18, 1977
Season 2 episode 20

The Bringers of Wond..
Aug 11, 1977
Season 2 episode 19

The Bringers of Wond..
Aug 04, 1977
Season 2 episode 18

Martin LandauMartin Landau
As Commander John Koenig
Barbara BainBarbara Bain
As Dr. Helena Russell
Barry MorseBarry Morse
As Professor Victor Bergman (S01)
Catherine SchellCatherine Schell
As Maya (S02)


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1x14: Earthbound recap: Koenig is finishing a staff meeting and Commissioner Simmonds speaks up, complaining that they're more focused on adapting to their existing circumstances then finding a way to return to Earth. Koenig points out that it's impossible and Dr. Russell doesn't want to encourage false hope. Simmonds insists they should focus on going home to boost morale, but Koenig refuses to entertain his suggestions. Sandra calls in to report they've detected a manned spacecraft approaching the Moon. Koenig orders Alan to intercept the object and two Eagles depart... read more.

1x18: Ring Around the Moon recap: In the main control room, technician Ted Clifford is working at one of the portals when a glowing red object appears on the horizon. Clifford sees the light and is taken over, and then walks to the control panel and starts adjusting the computer at lighting speed, transmitting classified information. When Kano tries to stop him, Clifford grabs him with superhuman strength and tosses him casually away. Paul attacks him but is equally helpless. Sandra calls Koenig and Russell to the control room but they're equally unable to stop him. Clifford finally snaps out of it and begs them for help before collapsing, dead... read more.

1x16: Another Time, Another Place recap: As the Moon travels through space, technician Regina Kesslann is the first to notice a sudden disturbance around them. They enter a space warp and everyone is sent flying. Equipment malfunctions as they accelerate through the vacuum of space. Regina goes berserk, trying to find a way out, and Dr. Russell tries to calm her down. The Moon and all of its occupants suddenly split in two. Their duplicates slide away as the second Moon moves away from them... read more.

1x13: Matter of Life and Death recap: The Moonbase command centre gets a reading from Eagle One as it departs a planet that lies ahead of them. They get the initial telemetry on the planet, Terra Nova, and it confirms that it has more than enough resources to support human life. The lead pilot, Parks, inform them that the planet is just like Earth but there's no signs of intelligent life. Suddenly the Eagle is enveloped in energy beams and Alpha loses contact with them. Eagle One continues on course and the crew's life signs show normal. As the Eagle comes in, Koenig sounds a yellow alert and Dr. Russell takes a med team out to the landing bay. The Eagle lands and the med team enter to find both pilots unconscious but alive. However, Professor Bergman finds something startling: another unconscious man in the passenger pod. Dr. Russell identifies him as her husband, Lee Russell... read more.

1x10: Black Sun recap: As the Moon streaks through space, Sandra monitors a passing asteroid. Paul orders Kano to determine the damage potential if it collide with the Moon. The asteroid suddenly changes course and Kano confirms it will slam into Alpha in less than a minute. At the last minute it changes course, just missing the base and heading off into space before exploding. The personnel determine that they're changing course toward some unexplained black spherical phenomena... read more.
Recurring Guests

Nick Tate as alan carter (12 eps)
Zienia Merton as sandra benes (10 eps)
Prentis Hancock as paul morrow (8 eps)
Anton Phillips as dr mathias (8 eps)
Clifton Jones as david kano (7 eps)
Suzanne Roquette as Tanya Aleksandr (6 eps)
Tony Allyn as security guard (6 eps)
Barbara Kelly as computer voice (5 eps)
Loftus Burton as main mission operative (5 eps)
Quentin Pierre as security guard (5 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 17, 1975
Ended: May 01, 1978
• Cosmos 1999 (Used In Colombia)
• Mondbasis Alpha 1 (Used In Germany)
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