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Space Ghost and Dino Boy: The Molten Monsters of Moltar

Moltar has trapped Space Ghost in one of his ovens and begins to pour in 300,000 degree molten material! But Space Ghost's freeze field protects him. He blasts an escape tunnel, but Moltar sends molten fire rockets after him. Space Ghost deals with them using his Scatter Ray and his Destructo Ray, then returns to deal with Moltar. As he does, Moltar sends synthothermal robots to capture Jan and Jace - their sensors can pierce the twins' inviso-power! Space Ghost must surrender lest Moltar vaporize Jan and Jace. Moltar then puts Space Ghost on a ship and sends him to Amzot. Unfortunately for Moltar, Amzot hosts the Herculoids, who easily free Space Ghost. Space Ghost returns and overloads Moltar's furnaces with his Heat Force, forcing Moltar to flee. But Brak has an arsenal of rays, and he's up next...

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x4
Airdate: Saturday September 16th, 1967

Guest Stars
Ginny TylerGinny Tyler
voiced Spider Woman
Mike RoadMike Road
As Zandor, Igoo, Zok, Tundro

Keye LukeKeye Luke
voiced Brak
Ted EcclesTed Eccles
voiced Dorno
Episode Quotes
Moltar: (noticing Space Ghost has survived his oven trap) What?!? Something went wrong!
Space Ghost: You forget, Moltar, my power bands are equipped with a freeze field!

Moltar: Take Space Ghost to the planet Amzot. And remember, Space Ghost: if my ship is not back within the hour, your friends are finished!

Cultural References
Moltar orders Space Ghost exiled to the distant planet Amzot. This proves a poor choice, for it is the home of The Herculoids who quickly destroy Moltar's Molten Men and free Space Ghost!

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