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Gatherings - Recap

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Tim wakes up, covered in toys, to find Sarah in the apartment cooking. Then he says he dreamt that she dumped him and he moved in with a girl he hardly knew. Sarah thinks the idea is crazy. All of a sudden his monster costume attacks him, and he wakes up: it was all a dream. Tim rushes out to the kitchen in the real world and is pissed that to confirm it was, indeed, a dream.

After the opening credits, we see Tim working on some drawing and Daisy sitting at the table, behind a typewriter. She says she thinks there should be some ground rules and a rota of cleaning duties. Tim, although suspicious she’s just trying to avoid doing any work (writing), agrees that it would be helpful. She sets out to work on it, then falls asleep at the computer after a couple of minutes. Tim wakes her up and then they clean up and unpack the apartment.

To further delay her work, she decides they need to have a house-warming party. So Daisy sets out to prepare, first going to invite Marsha while Tim goes to invite Brian from downstairs. They meet back up at the apartment and Daisy is still getting ready for the party.

It’s all happening – or not – at Daisy and Tim’s. The guests start arriving, and also for Amber’s party upstairs. Whereas Amber has bumping techno beats blaring, Daisy has some sad ass music. Tim cannot believe the depth to which the party has failed. Everyone is bored. There is a brief path of panic as they let slip that ‘Daisy’s room is the coat room,’ making Brian question why they have separate rooms. At first they try to lie and dodge the question with some really bad answers, but in the end Daisy just spills the beans, just before Marsha arrives. But they should relax, because Brian isn’t about to rat them out.

The party chugs along and after insulting Daisy left, right, and centre – as only Twist can do – she moves on to buddy up next to Brian. Then, just as they start to talk, Timewarp begins, driving Tim over the edge. The party officially sucks. Daisy, meanwhile, is getting closer and closer to the Paperboy. Tim and Mike have a little tussle in the hallway, and it ends up bringing them down memory lane. In the end, they decide to crash Amber’s party.

Back at Daisy’s party, she is snogging the paperboy! Tim walks in and can’t believe his eyes: he can’t believe that the party has sunk even lower and asks Daisy to join him at Amber’s; but she is reluctant since it’s her party, and she thought everyone was having a good time. When they all get together and demand that she go with them to Amber’s, there is no use in her trying to refuse and she goes with them.