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Paterfamilias - Recap

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The scene opens with the gladiators hearing from Batiatus. He tells them that Aemaous is the new Doctore and that Gannicus is going to be fighting in the Primus. Gannicus and Oenomaus walk off and Gannicus tells that Oenomaus deserves the position and Oenomaus tells that Gannicus does too. He walks off and Oenomaus tells Metlitta that Gannicus doesn’t see him as Doctore as much as the others. She tells that they will and that they all have to have some consequence done to them that puts others above them. Oenomaus comes out onto the field and tells Barca to spar with Crixus. Meanwhile, Batiatus is happy that Gannicus is going to be playing in the Primus and he has another threesome with Gaia and his wife, Lecretia. However, they are interrupted by a man. It is Titus, Batiatus’s father.

Batiatus visits his father in his chambers and he tells that Batiatus has shamed his household even more than he has and has heard word that he and Tullius are at sorts. He tells that they are. Batiatus offers to show the new stock of Gladiators and he tells that he needs to. Batiatus tells that Gannicus is a tough man and Titus laughs. He tells that he will judge for himself. Gaia and Lucretia get the house ready and Lucretia tells that they have to be silent. Titus walks up and can tell Lucretia’s falsehood. Gaia tries to introduce herself and Titus tells that the memory of her is not yet faded. The Syrians eat their breakfast and Barka tells that they are brothers and eat like kings. However, they have peed on it again. They get upset and Barca tells that they bare the mark without the test. Gannicus stops them from fighting and Ashur tells his friend that they will get their day. Titus comes in and Oenomaus stands up. Titus tells him to gather up his things so that they can talk.

Later in his new chambers, Batiatus tells that he is upset that his bed is taken and that Titus is controlling. Lucretia tells him not to worry too much over it. The next day, Titus watches the Gladiators and Oenomaus tells Barca to spar with Crixus again. He tells that he wants someone better. Titus tells Barca to listen to his new Doctore. Titus and Batiatus go into town for a meeting. When they arrive, Batiatus finds out that it is with Tullius and Vettius. Tullius tells that Vargas was ripped from Vettius’s grasps and Vettius tells that it was Batiatus’s men. However, he did not see his mark nor a face. Titus tells him to leave to let him talk to Tullius alone. Meanwhile back at Batiatus’s house, Bacra fights Crixus and beats him up. He tells him to go hit a pole. Gannicus walks up to Oenomaus and asks if Barca is giving orders now. He tells Gannicus to give some words of wisdom to Crixus. Gannicus walks up to him and tells that he needs to fight like he did against him all the time. Gannicus then tells Barca that he will spar with him.

Back inside, Vargas comes by unannounced and has brought a “friend” along. He tells that they have been great hosts before and demands that they are again or they won’t feel that Gannicus is a good match for the Primus. He gestures to Metlitta again, but Lecretia tells that the virgins are the ones he wants. In the city, Batiatus runs into Solonius and demands why he told his father about the fact that he was in sorts with Tullius. Solonius tells that he was worried for Batiatus. Titus walks up to Solonius and tells that time has not done Solonius good. Vettius comes out and glares at Batiatus. Titus tells Batiatus that Gannicus is not to appear in the games and that the agreement that he met with Tullius is that Batiatus apologize to him. Titus tells that Barca and Crixus are going to fight. Back at Batiatus’s home, Varga’s “friend” tests the “freshness” of the virgins and picks his favorite. He takes her to a room where he watches another slave have sex with her. She is crying and the man gets behind her and takes some “liberties” as well. He comes out and is satisfied. Vargas tells that they need to get home and tells that they have business to attend to. The other slave watches as the girl comes out violated.

In the cells beneath, Barca and his lover walk off and sees one of their pet birds is out. They walk outside and see that Ashur and his friend are eating them. They get into a fight and Titus comes in and breaks it up. He tells Gannicus that he is not going to fight in the games. Batiatus tells that a few will be choosen. Gannicus is not happy after the sacrifice he has to me. The Gladiators are stipped naked and Barca is to fight another gladiator besides Crixus and it is Barca’s lover, Octus, who is going to fight. Crixus is happy to fight in the games to see if he can get the mark. Gannicus tells that he needs to be happy. Gannicus goes out to see Oenamaus thinking to himself. The next day, Octus, Barca and Crixus get ready and Gannicus wishes good luck. Lucretia tells that after all they have done, the Primus is ripped from them. Titus demands that they leave as to not be late. Titus tells that Crixus looks ragged and tells that Octus is going to show if Crixus is worth anything.

At the games, Barca fights the other Gladiator and Tullius relishes in it when blood is spilt. Oenamaus tells Crixus to fight or die with honor. Batiatus gives him words that will hopefully puff him up to get his blood boiling and tells him that he can win. The fight goes on outside and it is Barca who wins the fight. Vargas stands and grants life. Titus introduces Octus and Crixus. They fight and after much blood, Crixus is the one who stabs Octus and kills him. Barca watches in shock. Later that night, Batiatus gives Crixus the mark of the brotherhood and Gannicus and the rest congratulates him. Barca comes up and tells that he welcomes him to the brotherhood too and tells that he fought well. Titus tells that he underestimated Batiatus and tells that he will be staying by his side until death becomes him. Batiatus looks at him as he walks away with a plan in his eyes.