Reckoning - Recap

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The scene opens with Metlitta going down to the wine cellar. Gannicus is there and she asks how he got past the gates and he tells that nothing can hold him back. They start kissing and getting “busy”. Suddenly a knife goes through Gannicus. It is Oenamaus. He is about to stab her when Metlitta wakes up. Navea is there and tells that Lucretia summons her. Lucretia is holding Gaia’s hair and remembers her being beat to death. Metlitta comes in and she tells her to gather Gaia’s things. Lucretia tells that Gaia was more than a friend. She tells that Titus wants Gaia’s memory to be swept away and Metlitta tells that they will say that they did the ceremony and not really.

Meanwhile, Batiatus and Solonius walk the streets and Batiatus tells that the games are stupid because Tullius is running them. He tells that his father wants him to divorce Lucretia and Batiatus doesn’t want to. Solonius suggest that he let Lucretia take up a new husband so that Batiatus will be able to run Titus’s home. At the house, Barca trains with Crixus and Crixus is getting better. Asur and Dega are sparing and Dega is upset with Asur because he sold him out to a man who had sex with him. Asur is knocked down and Dega tells that the men are right and that he is better then Asur. He tells him that he won’t need him anymore once he can speak the language. Titus walks around with Oenomaus and tells that he is going to have the men fight for position and those who do not make it, will be sent to the mines.

Inside, Navea and the other slave are cleaning up and Titus asks if they performed the ceremony. She tells that they have and that everything is taken care of. Navea goes up to Deona and she asks what is going on with her. She tells that she is not worthy of Navea’s friendship and for her to leave her alone. Meanwhile the test begins and each gladiator is paired up to their equal to determine who the better gladiator is and to find a new champion. Batiatus asks what is going on. Titus tells that he is going to have a new champion soon and that he is going to have to make up his mind to whether or not he is going to stay with Lucretia or not. He tells that he has two days to do it. Later in the bedroom, Batiatus gives Lucretia the news and she asks why he didn’t tell him no right away. He lets it slip that Lucretia has not given him a son yet. She sees the truth now.

Metlitta prays to let the image of Gannicus and her go out of her mind. Oenomaus tells that he will pray with her about the fact that they have to do what they are told to better elevate the House of Batiatus. The competition continues and Batiatus tells that he has picked nice gladiators in his father’s absence. Lucretia tries to come up and console Titus, but he wants nothing to do with her. Crixus fights another gladiator and wins the fight. Batiatus tells that Titus’s mind won’t be persuaded. Lucretia tells that he needs to make sure that he will be persuaded even if it means by “drastic” measures. Titus meets with Tullius and demands why he had to kill Gaia and Tullius gives wine as an apology and position in the games. All he asks is that he gets to buy Gannicus. Titus tells that Batiatus reveres Gannicus as a champion. Tullius tells that he has to make up his mind soon if he is to gain favor in the games. Navea finds Deaona crying. She talks to her and Deanona tells that she prays that the next man she is forced to lie with takes her life.

Back on the competition, Gannicus is fighting Barca and he looks up at Metlitta. He loses focus for a second and Barca almost gets him. Gannicus regains focus and defeats Barca in the competition. Barca laughs and tells that he almost had him. Meanwhile, Asur asks Dega to take it easy on him, but in the competition, they are to fight. Deca tells that it is his turn to be hurt. Dega overpowers Asur and tells Asur tricks him by telling him to let him stand. Dega allows Asur to stand and Asur blinds Dega by hitting him in the eye with his shield. Batiatus tells Titus that he needs to talk to him and Titus tells that he has words to speak to Batiatus as well. Lucretia tells Metlitta to do something for her. Gannicus meets Metlitta later down in the cellars and tells that he wants to forget about her, but he can’t. She tells that she is in love with her husband only. Crixus is lead inside and Metlitta takes him upstairs. Oenomaus sees Gannicus and wonders why he let Barca get the better of him. He tells that he was lost in a dream and Oenomaus tells him to wake up.

Crixus is brought before Lucretia and she tells that she has heard that he could produce a child by having sex with only once. He tells that his father had 5 children and also his grandfather. She tells that she will not look at him and he is to have sex with her. He does and Lucretia is disgusted at what she is doing. Meanwhile, Titus and Batiatus are in the old arena and he tells that he loves Batiatus as Batiatus is reaching for a beam to hit Titus with. He tells that whatever his choice is, he has to make it right. Batiatus gives Titus the beam and calls it a memento. He leaves. Later he goes to Lucretia, who is in the bath, and tells her that they need to make preparations to leave the house. She tells that there has to be something that has to be done and he tells that there is nothing. Oenamaus tells Titus that only Gannicus and Crixus are in contending for the championship. He tells that if Gannicus loses to Crixus, then he will be sold to Tullius.

The championship round begins and Oenomaus tells Gannicus the news. They fight and Gannicus realizes that Metlitta cannot be his and gives up the fight to Crixus. Meanwhile, Navea gives money to Deaoma and tells her to go free. She accepts and tells her thank you. After the fight, Titus tells that he has business to attend, but suddenly collapses to the ground. The medical advisor tells that Titus is old and that it is hard to get the medicine for him. Batiatus runs off with Oenamaus to get the only medicine that might work. Metlitta asks Lucretia if she can go see Gannicus one last time before he is sold to Tullius. She obliges. Metlitta arrives at Gannicus’s cell and she has some wine with her that Tullius gave. She takes some and tells that she doesn’t want to fight her urges anymore. She kisses him. Inside, Titus tells Lucretia to tell him that she is not a serpent. Lucretia tells that she is much worse and tells that she poisoned the wine that Tullius brought. Titus and Metlitta start coughing at the same time and cough up blood. They both die. Lucretia smiles while Gannicus screams. They bring Metlitta’s body and she tells Gannicus that Metlitta wasn’t in his cell and tells him to leave. Later, Batiatus and Oenomaus come home and both find that their loved ones are dead. Batiatus smiles at the sight of his dead father.