Season 1

Spencer's Pilots (The Air Show)

Drama depicting the adventures of charter pilots who fight forest fires, fly medical emergency cases, handle special police assignments and act as flight instructors.
Philo McGrew challenges Stan and Cass to perform some risky air tricks during an air show in Arizona.
(This movie was the pilot for the series)
Guest Stars: Bill Bixby as Philo McGrew | Linda Kelsey as Cynthia McGrew | Erik Estrada as Manuel
Director: Bob Sweeney

1 :01x01 - The Drone

This time Spencer Parish and his pilots are involved in a case of industrial spying. A drone (a radio-controlled airplane) which was developed by Cat Atkins, an old friend of Spencer’s, falls in the hands of two employees of Atkins’ who have stolen the airplane and put it for the highest bidding as a deadly weapon. This situation endangers the lives of Spencer’s pilots.
Guest Stars: Sam Groom as Buckner | Eldon Quick as Cliff Russell | Michael McGuire as Dr. Parker | Kurt Andon as Sheriff | Bill MacDonald as Security Guard | Gordon Jump as Doctor Quinton
Director: Bill Bixby

2 :01x02 - The Prisoner

Cass and Stan are hired to transport a deputy and a condemned murderer named Gordon en route to another prison. Once aboard, the deputy shows his true intentions, he’s not a lawman but Gordon’s accomplice and wants to set him free. A scrap ensues and a gunshot punctures the fuselage, the airplane totters down to doom.

A seemingly routine flight carrying convicted murderer Gordon Locke and the deputy sheriff escorting him from northern California to imprisonment becomes a hazardous one for Cass and Stan when the 'deputy" proves to be Locke's confederate who has engineered an escape plot that unfolds after takeoff. When the plane crash lands, Stan finds himself stranded and with a sprained ankle.
Guest Stars: Ed Walsh as Gordon Locke | Chuck McCann as Sarge | Wayne Storm as Sam Peters | Logan Field as Deputy | Wayne Grace as Rob | Gary Vinson as Sergeant | Edward Cross (1) as Ken | Janet Wood as Nurse Dawson | Ralph Manza as Man in camper | David Buchanan as CAP Pilot
Director: Marc Daniels

4 :01x04 - The Crop Duster

Steve Raker runs a pest control service. He hires Cass Garret unknowing that Cass is working undercover for the FBI since Rake is suspect of transporting illegal aliens into the country. All goes according to plan until one of Rake’s mechanics blows Cass’ cover.
Guest Stars: Cameron Mitchell (1) as Steve Raker | Charles Aidman as Morley | Andrew Bloch as Boone | Arthur Roberts as Stark | René Enríquez as Harris | Joshua Bryant as Kelly
Director: Don Weis

5 :01x05 - The Matchbook

Cass, Stan and a friend discover that a mountain lake is the haunt of a gang of spies. These enemy agents are planning to blow up a secret facility of experimental fuel endangering the lives of local people. Aided by federal agent Jason Babcock, the pilots begin a race against time to locate the bomb and defuse it in time ...
Guest Stars: Mills Watson as Sheriff Scruggs | Sydney Chaplin as Pike | Richard Mulligan as Babcock | Bridget Hanley as Maribeth | Steve Benedict as Jimmy | Kirk Mee as Mike McNeil | William Bogert as Bill Fraser | John Davis Chandler as Sam Largo
Director: Ernest Pintoff
Teleplay: Tim Maschler

6 :01x06 - The Hitchhiker

Stan and Cass manage to convince Spencer to work with them in the acquisition of a "bargain": an old twin-engine propeller. But when the two friends see his new purchase, they suffer another disappointment: the old airplane is in a deplorable state. Fearing Spencer's reaction, Stan and Cass decided to take the plane to the mechanic Wig Wiggins, even at the cost of interrupting his vacation, to tidy it up a bit. En route to Spencer Aviation, Cass and Stan help Susan, an expectant hitchhiker, search for her husband, who is looking for work in the oil fields.
Guest Stars: Pamela Reed as Susan | Robert Hays as Jack | Keith Walker (1) as Doctor | Ken Lynch as Larry | Helen Craig as Roundtree
Director: Harry Harris

7 :01x07 - The Search

Spencer is flying an old WW II boat that crashes in the desert with his proteges, Cass and Stan, and their client, Maggie Newcomb. They struggle for survival until rescuers, headed by Cozens, arrive.
Maggie Newcomb is the brave survivor of the desert plane crash that tests her mettle as well as that of Spencer, Cass and Stan when the burning heat and their injuries combine to jeopardize their lives.
Spencer is indebted to Maggie, he knows her from the war when she saved his life after a plane crash. Therefore, he relinquishes his drinking water to leave a little bit more for the weaker hurt woman. However, the glowing heat and the bad injuries undergone by the survivors in the accident become their worst nightmares.
Guest Stars: Bob Crane as Cozens | Barbara Bel Geddes as Maggie Newcomb | Roger Aaron Brown as Jerry | Conrad Bachmann as Major Knox
Director: Bruce Bilson

8 :01x08 - The Hunted

Cass, accompanied by Stan, subtitutes temporarily for a friend as a helicopter pilot for tourists at San Pedro port. One day, Marie, a young woman climbs aboard as passenger and once in flight she beseeches that Cass and Stan land at sea upon his grandafther's yacht. After their refusal, Marie proceeds to explains her situation. She is Marie del Gardo, the granddaughter of a man sought by hired killers and asks Cass and Stan to get him out of the country.
Guest Stars: Will Kuluva as Thomas | Brenda Benet as Marie del Gardo | Pernell Roberts as Pete/Marshall Dunnell
Director: Bill Bixby

10 :01x10 - The Explosives

Willie Hunt, a destitute pilot suffering from blackouts, defies his doctor's orders and volunteers to help Spence (Gene Evans) transport a shipment of high explosives. Befriending this old pilot who is suffering a serious ailment puts Cass in a precarious position when the older man has a blackout while flying the deadly shipment.
Guest Stars: David Huddleston as Willie Hunt | Katherine Helmond as Elly Hunt | John Randolph as Dick Patterson | Alan Bergmann as Dr. Hanley | Bob Basso as Benson | John Evans as Marty
Director: Gordon Hessler
Writer: Martin Roth
Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1976
Ended: November 19, 1976
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