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Spencer's Pilots: The Drone

This time Spencer Parish and his pilots are involved in a case of industrial spying. A drone (a radio-controlled airplane) which was developed by Cat Atkins, an old friend of Spencer’s, falls in the hands of two employees of Atkins’ who have stolen the airplane and put it for the highest bidding as a deadly weapon. This situation endangers the lives of Spencer’s pilots.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x1
Production Number: 67831
Airdate: Friday September 17th, 1976

Guest Stars
John McLiamJohn McLiam
As Cal Atkins
Bill MacDonaldBill MacDonald
As Security Guard
Eldon QuickEldon Quick
As Cliff Russell
Gordon JumpGordon Jump
As Doctor Quinton
Kurt AndonKurt Andon
As Sheriff
Michael McGuireMichael McGuire
As Dr. Parker
Sam GroomSam Groom
As Buckner
Main Cast
Christopher Stone (1)Christopher Stone (1)
As Cass Garrett
Todd SusmanTodd Susman
As Stan Lewis
Gene EvansGene Evans
As Spencer Parish
Margaret ImpertMargaret Impert
As Linda Dann
Britt LeachBritt Leach
As Mickey Wiggins


The story is called "Drone." A drone is an unmanned aircraft, in this case an experimental one invented by Cal Atkins, a paraplegic aircraft industrialist, who still yearns to fly but must be content to do it from the ground via remote control.
A couple of his employes are less than honest, and when he finds out they intend to sell his drone to the competition for $10-million, he lays his cards on the table — only to get smacked on the head.
Garrett and Lewis have to fly him in a twin-engine air ambulance to a hospital on the other side of a mountain range. The two villains, however. try to finish off the injured man by slicing a fuel line in one of the plane's engines.
You can expect to see one hairy landing in the mountains, an even hairier take-off again and — to top it all off — Spencer has to intercept the drone which the villains have homed in on the air ambulance.
The episode concerns efforts by two evil fliers to steal from Atkins, a crippled old inventor, the plans of a pilotless, radio-controlled plane he has designed for border patrolling, pipeline-watching and the like. They work tor him. At show's start, they are aloft in their plane, putting the R-C plane through its paces as the inventor, Spencer, his long-time friend and his friend's fliers watch. Iniquity is afoot when an aerial baddie murmurs, "Don't think the old man suspects anything, do you?"
But we soon learn the old man is hip to their caper. He confronts one of them and gets his head battered, his neck broken and is left for dead. Old friend Spencer finds him and calls a doctor.
Immediate surgery is prescribed. Spence summons his aerial ambulance, played by a twin-engine Beechcraft, and his two employes .
They're told to whisk the victim to a hospital miles away. Unbeknownst to them, a baddie has cut a fuel line on one engine and fixed the radios so they can't call the producer for help.
But the take off is safe and copilot Sussman tells the doc, "We'll be there In 55 minutes." The doc, tending the patient in flight, snaps back "Can you do It In 40?"
No way. They hit bad turbulence, then the tampered engine catches fire. They make one of the most Incredible emergency landings ever seen a twin-Beech make on a short, short bluff surrounded by hills on all sides.
The takeoff is even more hairy. The affair is over when Cass tells the grateful sawbones, "Forget it, Doc, comes with the territory."..

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