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Series 3

15 :03x01 - The More Things Change

Spender is dating a new girlfriend, called Sandy.

Whilst in the park with Laura and Kate, Spender comes across a dangerous rapist, he gives chase but loses him.

Keith reveals to Spender that he is being bootlegged by a guy at the train station. Spender promises to investigate for him.

Later, whilst in the same place that the rapes have been taking place, an undercover officer is about to be attacked, however, Spender intervenes and gives chase. He ends up chasing a train down the track!

Meanwhile, Frances tells Spender that she's going to marry Eric and they both agree to sign the divorce papers.

Stick takes Eileen to dinner to celebrate his deal. He also invites Spender and Sandy and Keith and Emily. Sandy's Husband turns up and informs Spender that he's dating his wife!
Guest Stars: Lena Headey as Emily | Mickey Hutton as Spud Tate | Brendan P. Healy as Eric | Elizabeth Edmonds as Eileen | Philippa Wilson as Sandy | Ewan Stewart as Man From The Dene | Eli Woods as Fat Syd | Struan Rodger as Peter The Hair | Dallas Campbell as Young College Type | Pauline Melville as Judge | Robert McAulay as Victor | Sharon Consterdine as Middle-Aged Woman | Hazel Day as Waitress | Karen Banning as WPC | Maxie as Sandy's Husband
Director: Ian Knox
Writer: Jimmy Nail

16 :03x02 - Kid

Dan isn't getting much sleep as he is wanting to win first prize for his flowers, so he and his friend are doing shifts on keeping guard!

Spender takes Laura and Kate out for the day. Whilst out on the hills Kate witnesses an attempted murder. A young boy called Jason Bamford is pushed off a cliff.

Spender sends Stick out looking for the boy's attackers. He comes across a doss-house where free meals are being handed out. However, nobody will reveal anything about Jason Bamford, who has run away from home.
Guest Stars: Colin McCormack as Bob Bamford | Belinda Chapman as Irene Bamford | Rodney Bewes as Norman Ellerson | Garry Cooper as Terry Armstrong | Jack Deam as Willie | Bobby Pattinson as Frank Nesbitt | Ian Redford as Aiden McCoy | Hywel Berry as Jason Bamford | Rachel Shannon as Pick | Lucy Parker as Penny | Paul Robert Coyle as Nipper Knox (as Robert Coyle) | Pat Healy (1) as Albert (as Patrick Healy) | Malcolm Terris as Lord Mayor | Kay Wright as Peggy | Dale Meeks as Kid #1 | David Oliver (2) as Kid#2 | McKenzie Fraser as Concert Chairman | Mike Rossi as Eddie Jobes | Jennifer Brewis as Ward Sister
Director: Paul Raphael
Writer: Val McLane

17 :03x03 - Puck

Spender digs up some dirt on Tommy Thornton.
Special Guest Stars: Tom Bell (3) as Tommy Thornton |
Guest Stars: Laurie Killing as Janet Thornton | Michael Vartan as Paul Ducheyne | John Benfield as Ernie Peters | Thomas Craig as Jim Harris | David Hartley (1) as Don Campbell | Paul Palance as Bryson (as Paul Pallance) | Bill Fellows as Eddie | Denny Ferguson as Gordon Hewlett | Brian Walsh as Reivers Fan | Gary Black as Paul Thornton | Steven Black as Bobby Spence | Lee Davis as Bobby Downes | Lyn Douglas as Middle-Aged Woman
Director: Suri Krishnamma
Writer: Jimmy Nail

18 :03x04 - Bad Company

Spender's affair with Janet Thornton deepens.
Special Guest Stars: Ian McElhinney as Flynn |
Guest Stars: Brendan P. Healy as Eric | Laurie Killing as Janet Thornton | Elizabeth Edmonds as Eileen | Peter Jonfield as Chief Inspector Greaves | Glyn Grain as Terry Gifford | Nigel Anthony as Chief Constable | Elizabeth Kelly (1) as Elderly Lady | Dennis McIntosh as Survelliance Officer | David McEwan as Assistant Registrar
Director: Suri Krishnamma
Writer: Stan Hey

19 :03x05 - Best Friends

Spender is assigned to investigate a series of car thefts.
Special Guest Stars: John McArdle as Sam Harper |
Guest Stars: Lena Headey as Emily | Jeffrey Knox as Rowley | David Whitaker (2) as D.C. Terry Knowle | Niall Leonard as Grenville | Trevor Fox as Car Hire Attendant | Chris Armstrong as Knoboot | Ralph Ineson as Alex | Richard Bremner as Cov Mick | Elizabeth Edmonds as Eileen | Jeff Sharp as Ed The Ted (as Jeffrey Sharp) | Beth Goddard as Sally Prince | David Quilter as Detective Chief Superintendent Morton | Kevin O'Keefe as Victim | David MacCreedy (1) as Brian the Mechanic | Vito Hind as Reporter No1 | David Marriner as Four Cs | Terrence Halliday as Chippie | Peggy Beck as Elderly Lady | Philip Adroit as Reporter No2 | Antony Byrne as Steve the Car Thief
Director: Ian Knox

20 :03x06 - Retreat

A local businessman and property developer is in Spender's sights.
Special Guest Stars: Timothy Spall as Robert Cunningham |
Guest Stars: Ian Knox as Tony the Monk | Laurie Killing as Janet Thornton | Malcolm Terris as Lord Mayor | Chris Armstrong as Knoboot | Sarah McLane as Book Shop Assistant | John McGlynn (1) as Ken Moran | Elizabeth Edmonds as Eileen | Gary Black as Paul Thornton | Caroline Bliss as Pamela Clive | Antony Carrick as Giles Embleton | Andrew Tansey as Prison Officer Faulk | Tim Kirby as Dexter | Paul Broughton as Cole | Paul Bentall as Brian the Monk | Carl Chase as Dennis the Monk | John Warnaby as Barrister | Dickon Tyrrell as Second Reporter | David Marriner as Four Cs
Director: Ian Knox
Writer: Stan Hey

21 :03x07 - The French Collection

Spender is called to Gillespie's office and is informed that he is to be made responsible for a criminal being escorted from France back to the UK. Spender is disgusted and isn't happy that he is having to abandon the case he is currently working on. However, his mood changes when Gillespie tells him that the criminal is Tommy Thornton.

Spender arrives in Marseille, and heads for the cop shop. He handcuffs himself to Thornton and they head for the airport, driven by Latz and Brocard. Unbeknown to Spender, they are planning an accident so they can fake Thornton's death and he can get away. However, it all goes wrong and Latz is killed and Spender is injured.

Three days later, Spender wakes up and discovers Stick by his bedside, Stick tells him that Thornton is dead. However, Spender is adament that Thornton is alive as he was handcuffed to him when the accident happened. Once he recovers, they head for the airport. But, Spender decides he has to find out what happened, and where Thornton is, so he jumps out of a fire exit and heads back to Marseille, followed by Stick.

They end up in a grotty "B'n'B", and unknown to them that the man who runs it informs Brocard that Spender is there and he sends two men to kill him. Stick comes to the rescue, and saves Spender's live. They decide to make a hasty exit before the French cops arrive.

Spender is annoyed because he can't find out anything about the local villians, because Stick doesn't know anything. However, it turns out he knows a lady and they head for hers. Spender tells them to follow Brocard on the girl's motorbike and see what he's up to. Stick follows him to a mansion where he witnesses Brocard meeting Thornton!
Guest Stars: Tom Bell (3) as Tommy Thornton | Ruth Harford as Stewardess | Phillippe Smolikowski as Brocard | Christian Mulot as Le Valle | Valerie Steffen as Alyette | Pippa Vickers as Check In Lady | Seamus O'Neill as Kenton | Adam Bareham as Tyce | Mike Sarne as Waahl | Malcolm Freeman as Customs Officer | Laurie Killing as Janet Thornton | Jean-Francois Balmer as Inspector Calliere | Jerome Meadows as Plouvier | Michel Julienne as Latz | Anne Schofield as Mrs Hewitt | Sylvain Yadan as Waiter | Marie Odile Fourmont as Nun | Paul Jennings (2) as Stunt Double |
Uncredited: Gary Black as Paul Thornton (Archive Footage)
Director: Matt Forrest
Writer: Jimmy Nail
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:25 pm
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Premiere: January 08, 1991
Ended: December 29, 1993
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