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At the End of the Day - Recap

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At the beginning of the episode we see Spender sat on a park bench, we then see one of his daughter's ru7nning over to him and telling to "come on". He stands up and they walk off.

Next we see a small lake and three people in a glass elevator, the elevtaor stops and the scene cuts to a bald man sat with his lawyer. They are discussing what to put his plea in as, they leave custody and enter the courtroom. We see the members of the jury and they are made to read out the oath on the card, first an elderly man swears, then an older man with glasses, then Frances.

The scene then cuts to Spender and Laura stood in a market place and they are both discussing what Frances is doing on jury service asnd Spender finds it hard to explain to Laura. We hear George, the newspaper seller shooting, Spender goes up to him and buys a newspaper, he goes back to see Laura looking into a jeweller's shop window, however she assures Spender she isn't interested in anythuing in the window, they begin to walk off when suddenly a car appears behind Spender and it ram-raids the jeweller's shop, smashes the windows and shocking the passers by. Spender protects Laura and when she tells him to do something, he assures her it isn't his job, three youths run off, and George challenges one of the robbers and he is hurt by the robber. Then Spender goes to help George while the robbers drive off in a getaway car. The police sirens can be heard in the background and Spender points one of the cars in the direction of the getaway car. A second car screeches to a halt by the smashed up shop. Spender takes off his jacket and puts it around a knocked out, George. Spender catches a glimpse of Laura looking dissapointed in her father for not doing anything.

Then we see Frances leaving the court and going to her car, whilst the bald man from the courtroom is sat in a seperate car and he sets off to follow her.

More to come.