Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is a series about Spider-Man as he teams up with ex-X-Men members Iceman and Firestar.
They have a secret hideout, which inside of Peter's apartment that can transform from their secret H.Q., back to his normal bachelor pad, which was funded by Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man), as a gift to Spider-Man for saving his life.
Peter is currently attending ESU, along with Bobby (Iceman) and Angelica (Firestar).

This series features Spider-Man villains, such as the Sandman, the Green Goblin, and the Shocker, as well as X-Men villains, such as Juggernaut and Magneto. There was also an appearance of the X-Men themselves more than once!
The gang has an adorable, yet reliable dog, named Ms. Lion. There are also occasional visits by Aunt May, as well.

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends was originally supposed to be composed of Spider-Man, Iceman, and the Human Torch, but due to legal rights, and a fear that children may attempt to light themselves on fire to imitate Torch, he was removed and replaced by a brand-new character, Firestar. Since this series, Firestar has made her way into the mainstream of comics, and has remained there ever since.

Episode Info

Final: 3x08 -- Mission: Save the Guardstar (Nov/05/1983)

The Spider-Friends aid S.H.I.E.L.D. in their quest to capture a mutant named "Lightwave."
June ForayJune Foray
voiced Aunt May
June ForayJune Foray
voiced Aunt May
Kathy GarverKathy Garver
voiced Angelica Jones / Firestar
Kathy GarverKathy Garver
voiced Angelica Jones / Firestar
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Bobby Drake / Ice-Man, Flash Thompson, Ms. Lion
Dick TufeldDick Tufeld
voiced Narrator (S01)
Dick TufeldDick Tufeld
voiced Narrator (S01)
Stan LeeStan Lee
voiced Narrator (S02)
Stan LeeStan Lee
voiced Narrator (S02)
Dan GilvezanDan Gilvezan
voiced Peter Parker / Spider-Man


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2x3: A Firestar Is Born recap: Iceman disturbs Angelica while she's studying, asking her if she remembers what "today" is. She remembers, and they change into their superhero guises.
Meanwhile, Spider-Man is stopping some thugs from escaping a heist by putting them in a webbed net.
Firestar and Iceman are on their way to the X-Men anniversary, when they come across Spider-Man putting the finishing touches on the thugs. Spider-Man asks if he can come, but Angelica and Bobby say that it's X-Men only.
Spider-Man is feeling lonely when he is suddenly attacked by Juggernaut! Spider-Man notices Juggernaut's awesome strength, and knows that he can't take him in a fist fight, so he stands between an opening in a fence, and connects them with web. He then stretches the web back with a pole, and releases -- smashing fast and hard into Juggernaut -- and not leaving Juggernaut with a scratch!
Juggernaut explains how a jewel turned him into his guise he is currently. Spider-Man tries to stop him with cement, but Juggernaut breaks through it. Spider-Man goes off to warn the X-Men.
Meanwhile, Professor Charles Xavier is expecting the X-Men, and sends Storm to greet them.
Storm wonders how Angelica became Firestar, and Firestar explains.
She tells them that when she was a little girl, she would accidentally melt snowmen, dollhouses, and more, which made her a jinx to her peers.
Angelica then tells them that she practiced until she could heat up water in a cup.
Later on in Angelica's school years, at her prom, Bonnie insults Angelica, and pours punch on her. Angelica gets so angry that she makes the water evaporate on her, and turn into steam, thus setting off the sprinklers.
Days later, Firestar explains when she first learned she could fly -- thanks to Bonnie. Bonnie had taken Angelica's papers, and thrown them into the wind. Without noticing, Angelica flew into the air to get them.
Firestar tells them that her first superhero deed that she ever did happened when she saved her dad, a construction worker, who had slipped off of the tall site, and is about to fall, holding on by his belt.
Angelica felt helpless, but she realizes that she has her fire powers. So she puts on a wielder's suit, and flies up to save him. Angelica learned from then on that she should use her powers to benefit mankind.
At school, the dean is in charge of locking up the trophy, and since Angelica is working for him, he gives her the responsibility of locking it up.
Bonnie decides to frame Angelica by having her boyfriend ask out Angelica, and steal the trophy while her boyfriend is preoccupying him.
Angelica is now known as a thief among classmates by the next day. She decides that the only way to clear her name is to prove that Bonnie did it.
Angelica knew that she'd need a suit to wear, so she makes her Firestar suit and mask.
Firestar frightens Bonnie into confessing, but she needs proof. She then gets Bonnie's boyfriend, who is carrying the trophy. They are both suspended.
Firestar quickly changes back to Angelica, then walks across the football field, where the dean apologizes for being mistaken.
Angelica then meets the X-Men on the football field later, and they ask her to join them. Firestar accepts her offer, and is now a member of the X-Men.
While describing some of her adventures as an X-Man, Juggernaut breaks into Professor X's mansion, and attacks.
All of the X-Men give it everything they've got, but it's no use. Professor X tells them that his helmet is the source of his powers, and that they must remove it.
The X-Men fail to do so, and Juggernaut goes after Professor X. Spider-Man saves Professor X in the nick of time, and he explains to Spider-Man to remove Juggernaut's helmet.
Iceman freezes Juggernaut, while Spider-Man pulls it off. Juggernaut still has his strength, but his mind is defenseless to Professor X's mind powers, who paralyzes Juggernaut, making him harmless... read more.

2x1: The Origin Of Iceman recap: The episode starts with a dumpster truck carrying a "Video Man" game system in it. It is a thunderstorm occurring, with heavy rain. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes the system and Video Man comes out of the screen. Video Man is way bigger than before, and growing larger every time he drains the energy from nearby power lines.
Meanwhile, the Spider-Friends (as their secret identities) are walking around ESU, and Peter is explaining to Angelica and Bobby about a machine that portrays your thoughts on a screen. Soon, they hear word of a fire happening down town.
They head down there, and get right to work. Iceman tries to conjure up a blizzard, but his powers aren't working, leaving Firestar and Spider-Man quickly put out the fire.
Iceman fears that he may lose his powers altogether, and wonders what's going on. Peter suggests that he use the machine that he was talking about earlier, to show Angelica and him how he became Iceman.
The Spider-Friends go to a lab in ESU, and Iceman lies down on a bed, with a helmet on that is connected to a machine by wires.
Peter tells Bobby to think of his earliest memory as Iceman. The screen shows Iceman, as a baby, freezing his milk bottle. The screen zooms out, revealing his whole room covered in ice.
Bobby tells Peter how he couldn't control his powers, which got him into trouble while dancing at the school prom with a girl. He explains how he creates snow when he becomes nervous, which happened to him while dancing with his dream date.
Later on in Bobby's life, while at a house party, Bobby is trying to make ice cubes, but accidentally makes the whole house full of ice cubes.
A while later, Bobby is walking down a street, when he sees a house on fire and a woman screaming for her life. He hesitates on whether or not to act, but in a minute or so, he decides to rescue the woman. Bobby turns himself into Iceman for the first time, and saves the woman, just before the house collapses.
When returning from the house, an angry mob runs after Iceman, thinking he's a freak that's come to terrorize them. Iceman tells the rescued woman to explain to the mob that he saved her, and she does.
Iceman then tells them that he joined the X-Men shortly after, and learned to master his powers.
Bobby then sees an ad on the Daily Bugle saying that they'll give a reward to anyone who captures Spider-Man. Iceman attempts to catch Spider-Man, but fails. Spider-Man lets Iceman pretend to "catch" him, so he can prove that J. Jonah Jameson won't really give him the prize he's expecting. Sure enough, J. J. J. tries to give Iceman an autographed picture of himself and the latest copy of the Daily Bugle. Iceman leaves, throwing a snowball at J. J. J.
Peter remembers that a mutant's powers are controlled by their mind, so the same thing could happen to Firestar.
While out on patrol, the Spider-Friends run into Video Man, who is draining more electricity from power lines. Even though the Spider-Friends are scared of his gigantic size, they still attempt to defeat him, but lose miserably. Bobby is shot by Video Man's rays, and is turned back to his normal-self, with all of his powers gone.
Bobby still wants to help Firestar and Spider-Man, so he uses his intelligence -- and his computer -- to determine where Video Man will strike next. When he learns the location, he heads down there.
Meanwhile, Firestar and Spider-Man are already there, and are losing against the steadily-growing Video Man. Video Man creates two video game characters to help him defeat Spider-Man and Firestar.
Peter realizes that Video Man can control electricity -- including the electric brainwaves that give mutants their powers!
Firestar is slowly losing her powers, which is making Spider-Man have to primarily fight against the three monsters. Spider-Man comes up with a plan that requires Firestar's assistance. Spider-Man and Firestar make all three monsters attack each other until they all die.
With Video Man gone, Firestar and Iceman get their powers back... read more.

1x10: The Vengeance Of Loki recap: Loki, Thor's half brother, controls an iceberg, and sends it toward a ship, which causes the ship to sink. Meanwhile, back at the Spider-Friends HQ, Peter, Angelica, and Bobby are all conversing about how Peter and Angelica have a date, when Bobby (Iceman) receives a call from the government, telling him a ship in the Arctic Ocean sunk (the one Loki caused). The Spider-Friends head over there. Iceman goes underwater to search for the ship, while Spider-Man and Firestar wait on an iceberg (because of the below 0 degrees temperature of the Arctic waters). While under, Iceman sees the ship, with the captain and another sailor banging on the window. Iceman also sees a giant diamond on the front of the ship. He goes above water so see that Thor is there. Iceman explains about the ship and the giant diamond. Thor tells him of special jewels that make the owner of the both of them unstoppable. He also tells him that Loki has the other one. When Iceman goes under water to get the diamond, he is attacked by Loki, as a polar bear, who defeats Iceman momentarily, and seizes the diamond. When Iceman goes back above the surface, Loki traps Iceman and Thor into chambers that have their weaknesses on the walls, preventing them from escaping. Loki then turns himself into Thor with the two jewels, so he can trick Spider-Man and Firestar into believing that he's Thor.
Iceman and Thor manage to escape, but are injured. Iceman sees an Ice Goddess being attacked by a flame monster, and heals himself with her ice-thunder bolts. He then saves her, who is now losing to the flame monster, and then defeats the flame monster. She decides to have him as her king, but he doesn't want to be her king. He then sees her guard, who explains that he would have been the king if had Iceman not come to their country. Iceman makes the guard an ice ring, then tells the Ice Goddess that he is going to leave. She tells him that she'll say he escaped.
Meanwhile, Loki (Thor) is wreaking havoc on New York. Thor finally stops and defeats Loki, and gets the two jewels, and releases Firestar and Spider-Man from their imprisonment inside them.
The only problem is the ship stops flying, and falls out of the sky.
Iceman arrives just in time, so create an ice-ramp, which the ship slides down to safety... read more.

1x7: Video Man recap: Flash Thompson is playing "Video Man," a game in which you must defeat Video Man with another character. Unbeknownst to Flash, Electro is the person who created "Video Man," and is angry at the arrogant Flash, who constantly boasts on how he defeated Video Man.
Flash stops and tells Angelica that she promised to help him study for his test, but she says there's no time left.
The arcade owner tells everyone that the arcade is closing in five minutes. Flash decides to play one last game, where he's triumphant.
Peter, Angelica, and Bobby all leave, but Flash catches up to them, asking Angelica to help him with his upcoming test. She gives in, and decides to help him study.
While on their way to the library, Flash asks Angelica to go with him to play one last game of "Video Man." Angelica refuses, and leaves.
Flash subtly breaks into the arcade to play "Video Man," where he sees the Video Man -- ALIVE!
Video Man shoots flash, sending him through the door, across the street, and into the fence.
Angelica, who's not far away, runs over to the arcade, where Video Man is constantly shooting. She publicly changes into Firestar, right before Flash's eyes.
She then attacks Video Man, who is unaffected by her powers.
Angelica goes to Bobby and Peter, and tells them to change into their hero costumes so they can help her.
They go back to the arcade, where they confront Video Man, who is unaffected by their powers, as well. But his powers sure work on the Spider-Friends.
During the confrontation, Video Man blasts Flash, who is abducted, then sent into a video game called "Pong." Electro explains that once he's hit by the ball 100 times, Electro will shut off the game, and Flash will be wiped from existence. Video Man, then, goes back into the game.
After that, Electro sends Video Man to steal Gold.
Meanwhile, the Spider-Friends are conversing about Flash being taken, when Aunt May tells them the TV is messed up. Peter tells her "You'd need an electrician," when he realizes that Electro is behind Video Man.
Iceman goes out to foil Video Man's attempts at stealing silver, when he is zapped into a video game by Video Man.
Firestar, then, tries to stop him from stealing copper, but she, too, is zapped into a video game.
Spider-Man realizes that the metals he's stolen are the best electrical conductors in the world, and that Electro is planning something big.
When all of the electricity in the city goes out, except one light post, Spider-Man removes it from the ground, to find Electro's lair.
Meanwhile, Firestar and Iceman have discovered that they can go from screen-to-screen so they can save Flash Thompson, but Electro ends up deciding to turn off the game. In one-hundred seconds, the game will shut off, and Firestar, Iceman, and Flash will be erased from existence.
Spider-Man defeats Electro, then sets them free within seconds of the machine going off. After the experience, Flash has forgotten that Angelica is Firestar... read more.

Creator: Stan Lee
Executive Producer: David H. DePatie, Lee Gunther
Producer: Dennis Marks
Music: Johnny Douglas
Supervising Sound Editor: Don Jurwich, Robert T. Gillis (2)
Production Manager: Armand Shaw, Kathy Condon
Based On The Works Of: Stan Lee

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Recurring Guests

Frank Welker as Sam Blockbuster (13 eps)
Neil Ross as Cyclops, Wolverine, Nathan Price, Cyberiad (5 eps)
Anne Lockhart as Storm (4 eps)
John Stephenson as Loki, Eric (4 eps)
Peter Cullen as Mysterio, Bruce / David Banner, The Hulk (4 eps)
Dan Gilvezan as Biker gang leader (3 eps)
Janet Waldo as Shanna the She-Devil (3 eps)
George DiCenzo as Captain America (3 eps)
Stanley Jones (1) as Dracula (3 eps)
William Woodson as J. Jonah Jameson (3 eps)

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