Season 4

40 :04x01 - Future Shock

After stopping a criminal Timecode, with the help of Batman and Robin, they take his time-machine back to the Bat Cave. But when it malfunctions, Static is pulled into it, and taken to the future, in the Batman Beyond time period. There is when he must relunctantly work with Terry McGinnis (a.k.a. Batman II) to save Static's future-self from the Kobra Organization.
Guest Stars: Dorian Harewood as Warden | Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis / Batman II | Kevin Conroy as Batman/Old Bruce Wayne | Eli Marienthal as Robin, Tim Drake | Lance Henriksen as Leader | Marc Worden as Jokerz Gang Member
Director: Vic Dal Chele

41 :04x02 - She-Back!

Shebang returns, and the Madelyn teams up with Ebon,Hotstreak,and Talon to take Static out once and for all.
Guest Stars: Kimberly Brooks as Madelyn | Rosslynn Taylor Jordan as Shenice/Shebang | Danny Cooksey as Hotstreak | Gary Sturgis as Ebon | Tia Texada as Talon
Director: Mark J. Howard
Writer: Len Uhley

42 :04x03 - Out of Africa

Anansi comes to Dakota, and is looking for a magic spider that is the source of his powers, but his enemy Osebo is also after the magical spider. Static and Gear have to help Anansi get the spider or he may lose his powers.
Guest Stars: Carl Lumbly as Anansi | Michael Jai White as Osebo | Roscoe Lee Browne as Dr. Anakye
Director: Vic Dal Chele

43 :04x04 - Fallen Hero

The Green Lantern becomes public enemy #1 after he robs a bank. Virgil doesn't believe he went bad, so he tries to talk some sense into Green Lantern. But when he attacks Virgil, he gives up hope. But is there more to it than meets the eye?
Guest Stars: Phil LaMarr as Green Lantern | Ted Levine as Sinestro
Director: Chuck Drost

44 :04x05 - Army of Darkness

Static runs into a group of Bang Baby's robbing a bank. They defeat him, and go back to their lair. It is then revealed that they are working for Ebon. Once they are robbing another bank, Gale stops Ebon from finishing Static off. So she runs away and works with Static and Gear. But once she reveals Ebon's plan, they really are going to need her help.
Guest Stars: Dawnn Lewis as Brickhouse | Freddy Rodriguez as Fade/Tech | Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Nightingale | Gary Sturgis as Ebon
Director: Mark J. Howard
Writer: John Semper

45 :04x06 - No Man's an Island

When Static stops Hotstreak from stealing a car, a mysterious group kidnaps them. Can Static and Hotstreak work together to escape?
Guest Stars: Danica McKellar as Frieda | Danny Cooksey as Hotstreak | Kerrigan Mahan as Edwin Alva | Kadeem Hardison as Rubberband Man | Tia Texada as Talon | Nell Wade as Nurse
Director: Mark J. Howard
Writer: Ralph Soll

46 :04x07 - Hoop Squad

Static works with "The Hoop Squad", a team of superheroes composed of NBA players, to stop a mad scientist, who has captured Gear.
Guest Stars: Kath Soucie as El Gata | Phil LaMarr as Tracy McGrady/Spin Drive | David Ogden Stiers as Odium | David Paymer as Mason Andrews | Karl Malone as Himself/Pulverizer | Jen Sung Outerbridge as Yao Ming/Center Force | Chris Cox as Steve Nash/Point Man
Director: Vic Dal Chele

47 :04x08 - Now You See Him ...

Static and Gear have to stop a villain called Speedwarp he has super speed.Mean while Virgil ask daisy out to on a date to B2K concert. Speedwrap may have other plans in mind. Can Static and Gear stop him?
Guest Stars: Alan Young as Dr. McDonald | James Arnold Taylor as Speedwarp/Eddie | Paula Tiso as Counter Girl | Richard Tatum as Omar
Director: Chuck Drost

48 :04x09 - Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Rubberband Man has dyslexia and it is effecting his super hero career. He failed to stop Tarmack, as he got away with a very dangerous fusion engine of Alva. Static finds out he tries to give are friend so encouragement. Will that be enough when Rubberband Man has to stop the fusion engine before it explodes?
Guest Stars: Patton Oswalt as Specs | John DiMaggio as Tarmack | Kerrigan Mahan as Edwin Alva | Kadeem Hardison as Rubberband Man/Adam Evans | Michael Rosenbaum as Trapper
Director: Chuck Drost
Writer: Matt Wayne

49 :04x10 - Linked

Dule Jones a college football star who was drafted into the NFL. Chainlink, a bang baby, black mails him. Looks like Static and Gear will have to help out Dule.
Guest Stars: Bumper Robinson as Chainlink | Sean Donnellan as Reporter | Michael Clarke Duncan as Rashid The Rocket Randall | Marshall Jones as Dule
Director: Vic Dal Chele

50 :04x11 - Wet and Wild

Static and Gear stop Hotstreak and Aqua-Marie in their latest crime. Hotstreak abandons her, so a scientist, Dr. Todd, offers her a chance to be normal again. When Hotstreak ruins her chances to be normal, Aqua-Marie becomes angry and could flood all of Dakota. Static and Gear have to help her return to normal or the city is history.
Guest Stars: Cree Summer as Candide | Kevin Michael Richardson as Bernie Rast | Danny Cooksey as Hotstreak | Ed Begley, Jr. as Dr.Donald Todd | Yeni Alvarez as Aquamaria
Director: Mark J. Howard
Writer: Len Uhley

51 :04x12 - Kidnapped

When an ex-employee of Alva Industries wants her project, that's locked away there, back, she finds out Static's secret identity. She then kidnaps his dad, and forcing him to steal the equipment back.
Guest Stars: Kerrigan Mahan as Edwin Alva | Kimberly Brooks as Puff | Wendie Malick as Dr.Roberts/Omnara |
Uncredited: Kevin Michael Richardson as Onyx
Director: Vic Dal Chele
Writer: John Semper

52 :04x13 - Power Outage

Dr. Todd has been spraying a bang baby cure all over town. Now every bang baby in Dakota, including Static and Gear, are being turned back to normal. It looks like everything will return to how it was before the Big Bang. Ebon isn't happy about it, so he and Hotstreak are planing to steal the last of the bang baby gas to restore their powers. Static and Gear have to stop him before they create a second Big Bang.
Guest Stars: Chick Vennera as Ferrett | Gary Sturgis as Ebon | Danny Cooksey as Hotstreak | Tia Texada as Talon | Brian Tochi as Shiv | Ed Begley, Jr. as Dr.Todd | Crystal Scales as Daisy | Kevin Michael Richardson as Kangor
Director: Chuck Drost
Writer: John Semper
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 2000
Ended: May 22, 2004
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